Saturday, December 31, 2011

Live Skull - Cloud One LP / Pusherman EP

Last post for 2011. Here are the two remaining records of Live Skull that I promised to post. 'Cloud One' was the band's second full-length. 'Pusherman' was the last record with the original line-up. 'Pusherman' Originally written by Curtis Mayfield.

Wish you all the best for 2012 although I'm somehow pessimistic about the state of the world. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Capitalism is pushing more people into poverty. Politics are captured by the free market, rating-bureaus and banks. And still no consensus on global warming, pushing the world further into ecological disaster. Luckily there's good music around to soften the pain.

Cloud One LP (Homestead Records-HMS056-1986)
1. Fort Belvedere
2. Cloud One
3. Bootcamp
4. Haircut For Pigs
5. Bell Shaped Heads
6. Sylvester James
7. I'll Break You
8. Great Slave Lake
9. Wallow In It
10. The Loved One

Cloud One

Pusherman 12" (Homestead Records-HMS080-1986)
1. Swingtime
2. Raise The Manifestation
3. Pusherman


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Live Skull - Bringing Home The Bait LP

As the YoungMossTongue blog disappeared, I think it's fair to post some more Live Skull here. On YMT you could find their complete discography but I only own the pre-Thalia Zedek recordings.
'Bringing Home The Bait' is  the band's first full length album, now released on Homestead Records.
So if you missed  the early Live Skull albums, you can grab them here now. 'Cloud One' and the 'Pusherman' EP will follow soon. Still a wonder rhat these records arent officially re-released these days.

Bringing Home The Bait LP (Homestead Records-HMS022-1985)
1. Sparky
2. Brains Big Enough
3. Glee Product
4. Ha Ha Ditch
5. Four
6. Houseboy
7. Wisdom & Gravy
8. Common Cruelty
9. Skin Job
10. Jerking The Light
11. Goodbye To The Uninvited Guests
12. Flake Out

Bringing Home The Bait

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hedone - Sensible / Everything's Going To Be Nice 7"

Posted on Return To The East before but got the WAV's from bX59-cppw and made HQ MP3's of it.
A band I was curious about when a Canadian  ebay seller was offering it and it got sold for quite some money. Could never find a copy for a decent amount of money but was glad that RTTE posted it and I like it very much.
This 7" never came with a picture sleeve. Also not a lot of info on Hedone as well. They seemed to be from Bath as a commenter on Return To The East stated.
Decent, moody postpunk, unfortunately their only release.
Scan of label taken from RTTE.

Hedone 7" (Omgowa Power-HEAD 001-1984)
1. Sensible
2. Everything's Going To Be Nice

Hedone - 320

Hedone - FLAC

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Luddites - Altered States 7"

2nd effort of postpunkers Luddites. Their first 7" 'Strength Of Your Cry' was released on Xcentric Noise and still has some punk influence. The 'Altered States' 7" is much gothier and a pretty great single it is.
Already posted before on blogs but got the WAV's from bX-59cppw and converted those to HQ MP3's. So everyone can enjoy a better rip of this one.
Their Peel Session can be found on Cliff Richard's Neck.

Altered States 7" (Self-Released-84 1-1984)
1. Altered States
2. Dance Your Last Dream


Saturday, November 05, 2011

V/A Torn In Two LP

Second comp. album released on Torment Records. Stand-outs are Party Day with a live recording, The Second Coming, This Colossal Youth and Masque. This Colossal Youth was another band with drummer Dean Ormston of The Second Coming and Silent Scream.

V/A Torn In Two LP (Torment Records-TOR 2-1986)
1. Party Day - Let Us Shine
2. Play The Joker - Last Laugh
3. The Second Coming - More More More
4. The Second Coming - Take Me Away
5. Central Reservation - I Won't Give You My Heart To Throw Away
6. Adrian Davidson - Straight From The Heart
7. This Colossal Youth - Scissors-Stone
8. Phillip Parr - Years And Years
9. Mark Jackson - Girl's Best Friend
10. Seventh Son - Stage Crazy
11. Masque - Seasons Changing

Torn In Two

Sunday, October 23, 2011

V/A Bites & Stabs LP

 First comp. album released on Torment Records, the label of The Second Coming. A collection of bands from Surrey and the area around.
As with all compilations, this one has outstanding stuff and less interesting ones.
Party Day, The Second Coming and Silent Scream are the best ones here and you can find all their other releases in my archives. Monk De Wally De Honk and Fractured Echo (track taken from a 3-track 7") are OK too. Don't care too much for the other bands.
The second comp. "Torn In Two" will follow soon.

V/A Bites & Stabs LP (Torment Records-TOR 1-1985)
1. Party Day - Borderline
2. The Juvies - Breakin' It Up
3. Mr. Pye - Face And Hands
4. Silent Scream - Shimmering
5. Mark Jackson - I'm So Arty
6. The Second Coming - Scarecrows
7. No Picnic - Shipwrecked
8. Swing - I'm Unwilling
9. Fractured Echo - Tunnel
10. Monk De Wally De Honk - D-Day
11. The Second Coming - Thorns

Bites & Stabs

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Metal Doughnut Band - s/t 12"

 Here's one for the Yeah Yeah Noh fans, although Metal Doughnut Band sounds completely different than YYN.
Released on Vuggum, the label that also released the Peel Session LP of Yeah Yeah Noh.
The Metal Doughnut Band has Andy Nicholls in the band and the cover for this 12" was done by Sue Dorey, drummer of YYN.
Two tracks only unfortunately. Quite experimental stuff, rhythmic, with sax and synths and voice samples.
Funny to read the runout groove stating 'Makes Yeh Yeh Noh Sound Like Barry Manilow'. Nice to see that bands/musicians don't take themselves too seriously.
Did find out that maybe they appear on the 'Let's Cut A Rug' comp. album as the Doughnut Metal Band. Maybe that's a typo on Discogs or on the sleeve of the record. Don't own it so I don't know.

Metal Doughnut Band 12" (Vuggum-BAAD 1-1985)
1. Out Damned Spot
2. Laura Norder

Metal Doughnut Band

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Introducing Dragons - The Pooka 7"

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Never heard of this band/record before but it's really interesting. Hard to describe too but it has that early UK postpunk sound we all love.
Released on the obscure Wycombe label Zebre/Zebra sometime in between 1987 and 1989.
The third release is a 7" by indie band Home And Abroad in 1989. The second release is still a mystery.

The Pooka 7" (Zebre/Zebra Records-Z001-198?)
1. Via Media
2. Time Hangs

Introducing Dragons

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pump reissue of the first album

Forced Nostalgia announces the re-release of the debut album of Pump 'The Decoration Of The Duma Continues'. 500 copies on vinyl in gatefold jacket. Remastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin.

Available from Boomkat September 29th / Available elsewhere 1 week after.
Distribution: Boomkat (EU) and Forced Exposure (US).

I've posted this album on November 2006. Link removed. Support Forced Nostalgia and buy a copy! It's really worth it!

Dedicated to Andrew Cox (RIP).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Very Things

Asked by someone a long time ago. Finally got around ripping the early records of The Very Things.
Don't think the band needs any introduction. The Very Things was the follow-up of The Cravats. Shend and R. Dallaway with a new drummer with the nickname Disneytime. Gone is also the sax, as Svor Naan went to play with Pigbros.
'The Gong Man' released on CRASS-offshoot Corpus Christi, the other 2 on Reflex Records (And Also The Trees, Two, Noseflutes). There's one more song from this period 'The Hole' not included here, but you can find that one on the 'Gunfire And Pianos' comp. album posted in the blogosphere.

The Gong Man 7" (Corpus Christi-Christ It's 2-1983)
1. The Gong Man
2. The Colours (Are Speaking To Me)

Mummy You're A Wreck 12" (Reflex Records-12 RE 9-1985)
1. Mummy You're A Wreck
2. When Father Papered The Parlour
3. The Light Pours Out Of Mummy's House

The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes LP (Reflex Records-LEX 3-1984)
1. The Conqueror
2. Down The Final Flight
3. The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes
4. Information
5. Wall Of Fir
6. World Of Difference
7. Message From Disney Time
8. Shearing Machine
9. Phillips World Service

The Very Things

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Paradise Now - I'm So Glad 7"

Pretty obscure 7" from unknown UK band Paradise Now.  They were from South Shields, Tyne + Wear, close to Newcastle.
Indie postpunk tunes here. No info on the band to be find though.

I got this copy from an ebay-seller that sells stuff that isn't listed anywhere else, not even on Discogs (well now it is). I think the seller worked for a zine as the records come with promo or handwritten letter from the band. Paradise Now even claim to be the best thing to come out of the Newcastle area since Brown Ale!

I'm So Glad 7" (Scratch Records-SR1-1985)
1. I'm So Glad I Found You
2. My Tears

Paradise Now

Sunday, September 11, 2011

UV Pop on Bandcamp

I removed all download links for UV Pop records posted here. The reason is that I found out (through bX59-cppw) that John White made a UV Pop bandcamp page where you can download those records for a reasonable price. There are also some recent recordings to be found. The only one missing is the 'Music To Yeah To" 12" and some early tape-only material.
Thanks to Burl Veneer and Eleni for the original rips they provided me back in the days. It seems to have spurred a lot of interest in hearing back those hard-to-find UV Pop records.
There are (were?) plans for reissues but I haven't heard anything from the label involved lately.

UV POP Bandcamp

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Tom Diabo - Dark Star LP

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Don't know anything about German (?) artist Tom Diabo. These songs were recorded between 1980 and 1985. The album was released in 1988. A bit of a mixed affair here but there's good stuff to find here as well.

Dark Star LP (Pigture Disc-PD 010-1988)
1. Suspicious
2. Nothing Is Real
3. Alone On The Top
4. The End Of The Line
5. Heaven
6. Back To The Hearts
7. Dead End Street
8. Life Is No Fun
9. Son Of Thunder
10. Love Is An Nice Dream
11. Girl
12. New Ted In Town
13. Barstool Blues
14. Stage Of Fools
15. So Long

Reissue soon on Body Double Ltd.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yeah Yeah Noh - Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness...Last Rites For The God Of Love LP

Probably posted elsewhere but here's a quality rip from pristine vinyl of the sole full length album of Yeah Yeah Noh.
I think I've read somewhere that John Peel was a bit disappointed with this album, being a big fan of the band. It's a quite long album and maybe Yeah Yeah Noh works better in small doses on 7"/12", but you need to listen a few times to this record to fully appreciate it.
The album has some known songs as 'Temple Of Convenience', a re-recorded 'Prick Up Your Ears' and 'Starling Pillowcase', and 'Home-Ownersexual' which is another version of 'Another Side To Mr. Quill'.
The album contains two covers, 'Susie's Party' and 'She Said She Said'.
The 'Fun On The Lawn Lawn Lawn' album which is a compilation of Peel sessions is the only record I don't have of Yeah Yeah Noh. Hopefully one day...

Cutting The Heavenly Lawn Of Greatness...Last Rites For The God Of Love LP
(In Tape-IT 021-1985)
1. Temple Of Convenience
2. Prick Up Your Ears
3. Married Miss New Jersey
4. Starling Pillowcase
5. Houdini
6. Susie's Party
7. Panacea's Pictures
8. She Said She Said
9. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
10. Home-Ownersexual
11. The Short-Cut Way To Saturday
12. Crimplene Seed Lifestyle
13. See Through Nature
14. Zoological Gardens
15. Blood Soup

Yeah Yeah Noh

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Menticide - Bathroom Ideas Exhibition 7"

Now there are some bands called Menticide but this one is the UK band, actually from Southwell, Nottinghamshire. Already started in 1976/77 but their first and only release was this single released in 1985, after some line-up changes.
I think they are also mentioned in John Robb's 'Death To Trad Rock' book but I'm not sure.
Menticide also appear on 'The Timebox' comp. album posted by Sorrow-Vomit on his great blog Kentucky Fried Wave.

Bathroom Ideas Exhibition 7" (Pink Flag Records-MENT 01-1985)
1. Bathroom Ideas Exhibition
2. The Wedding Jerk


Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Scarecrows - 12"s

Here's both releases of Birmingham indie band The Scarecrows. Formed in 1982 out of the ashes of Bible Belt (with Dave Kusworth).
The original idea was to be a pop band although Jeremy Thirlby was added as guitarplayer as the songs lacked edge.
Sometimes the band got lumped in with the goth stuff much to the disgrace of some of the members while the others didn't mind.
The Scarecrows played with Balaam And The Angel, Gene Loves Jezebel and The Waterboys.
For a complete history of the band, check Jeremy's myspace blog.
The Deep End 12" has an interesting cover of 'Submission' by The Sex Pistols.
Swordfish Records was a local label that also released stuff by Lilac Time, Zodiac Motel, Surf Drums and Dave Kusworth.

Napalm With Silver 12" (Swordfish Records-SWF 001-1984)
1. Napalm With Silver
2. The Birdman Of Alcohol
3. Vaudeville
4. Y'Can't Hold The Light

The Deep End.Jade 12" (Swordfish Records-SWF 002-1984)
1. The Deep End
2. Jade
3. Submission

The Scarecrows

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sardine V - Sabotage / Sudan 7"

Follow-up to the great 12" posted here a while ago. This 7" was released in 1982, prior to the 'I Hate You' 12".
Got the raw wav's from bX-59cppw and transferred them to HQ mp3's for you all.
I know it has been posted on another blog some time ago but I wasn't very happy with the 128 kbps rip of the B-side of this great 7".
For more info, check my previous entry on Sardine V and especially the comments!
Great postpunk with Ian Rilen (RIP) of Rose Tattoo and X, and his wife Stephanie.

Sabotage / Sudan 7" (White Label Records-K8582-1982)
1. Sabotage
2. Sudan

Sardine V

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Beethoven - Him Goolie Goolie Man, Dem 12"

Not the classical composer off course but the follow-up band of Five Go Down To The Sea?. Probably the same line-up of the previous band, just a name change.
Recorded just before singer Connelly's tragic death.
This 12" was the first release on big indie label Setanta who would later release stuff by A House, The Divine Comedy, Richard Hawley and Edwyn Collins.
Dedicated to my Limburg follower who will certainly enjoy this!

Him Goolie Goolie Man, Dem 12" (Setanta-SET 001-1989)
1. Day Tripper
2. Jehovah's Wombles (Yaweh)
3. Two Samies
4. Channel Blocks?
5. Wince...


Friday, July 01, 2011

Forced Nostalgia

Here's a bit of promo for my good friend FDV of Plague Recordings. As Plague is on a hiatus for a while, he now concentrates on releasing mostly vinyl albums of out-of-print/unreleased before recordings. Very diverse stuff but all equally interesting. Check out the Soundcloud player.
The records are available through Boomkat, Forced Exposure and a few others. Follow the link to the FN website for more details.

We are a record label dedicated to releasing archival material from the analogue electronic underground dating from the post-punk heyday of the late 70s to the mid 90s. Our program takes in a wayward selection of often unreleased, mostly unheard and overlooked material from tape music to industrial, from bossa-pop to proto-techno, and from drone to out and out analogue experimentation. The vast majority of the music now being made available on vinyl for the very first time.

Forced Nostalgia

Latest tracks by Forced Nostalgia

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Elanø B - Diane / Too Late 7"

Another one I've never heard of. Elanø B were from Luton and this is the only release I know of.
Great post-punk tunes here.
Good to know that there's more to Luton than UK Decay , Karma Sutra or Click Click.
Another gift from bX-59cppw.

Diane / Too Late 7" (Shark Records-SO1-1981)
1. Diane
2. Too Late

Elanø B

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alex Gibson - Passionnel 12"

Cool wave sound of Alex Gibson, once member of Bpeople. Bpeople was actually called Little Cripples before when Michael Gira was still in the band.
This 12" is the only release using his own name. Alex would later start the band Passionnel that lasted till 1986. Passionnel released one 12" and an album on Enigma.
Alex Gibson also worked on the cult film 'Suburbia'. He currently does music editing for films.
Another contribution by bX-59cppw.

Passionnel 12" (Faulty Products-FEP1200-1981)
1. Grey Turns To Black
2. Guessing
3. Nepenthé
4. P Spell


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Skinner Box link removed

Got a mail from Mediafire (not Blogger) that the link to the Skinner Box album had to be removed due to copyright violation. This is the first time that this has happened to me in the 4,5 years I'm doing this blog.
Thanks to Julianna Towns for contacting the AMPU instead of writing a nice comment to us, music-lovers, that you prefer this out-of-print album not to be shared for whatever reason. I would've removed the link immediately.
If there's some misunderstanding and Julianna has nothing to do with this, I give my sincere apologies.
Luckily there are more ex-band members of different bands I posted here before who have absolutely no problem posting their music for free, and are happy that people still enjoy the music they made 20+ years ago.

edit: the album will be reissued any time soon. If I have more info, I'll share it for all those interested.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gasrattle - Artshit MLP

Some weird skronk stuff of Gasrattle. Don't know anything about them. Screeching sax, loose song structures and a singer that sometimes sounds like Nick Cave in his The Birthday Party days.
Another song 'Beach Party' appears on the 'Imminent 2' comp. as well as on the 'Music From The Deadzone: Europe' comp. on Dead Man's Curve.
Pretty wild stuff. This 12" can be found very easily and quite cheap. Released on Fever Records, known for records by Kill Ugly Pop! and some early My Bloody Valentine.

Artshit MLP (Fever Records-FEV 4-1985)
1. Happiness Is A Strong Stuff
2. Short Fat Baldman's Favorite Song
3. Pale Washroom
4. Blackshirt
5. Holy Cow
6. Kissing Fit


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Back on the map!

Don't know what has gone on here with my old PC, but I can upload again.
New links for Headhunters (both posts) and Cull + 12"s of Marc Riley With The Creepers.
I will upload the other ones this weekend. Also Three Clouds In The Sky needs a new link.
And off course some new stuff as well.
Hope my PC doesn't do some foul tricks on me again.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

No uploads for a while

Trying to upload on Mediafire for some days now and they all fail. Today I tried to upload on Megaupload and this doesn't work as well. So no new uploads until I've figured out what's going on here.
I've re-ripped stuff by Marc Riley, Headhunters, Look Back In Anger, The Fifteenth and Anorexic Dread but these will have to wait until I can upload again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sardine V - I Hate You 12"

Another gift from bX-59cppw. Thanks to him for keeping this blog alive a bit. Don't have a big budget to score rare stuff for the moment.
Sardine V is a very interesting new wave/postpunk band from Australia. Prior to the 'I Hate You' 12" they released a 7" 'Sabotage/Sudan' in 1982.
Can't tell you more as this band is completely unknown to me. But Sardine V has Ian Rilen in the band, best known for being in Rose Tattoo and in one of the world's best punkbands ever, X.
'Stuck On you' was also covered by Hunters & Collectors.

I Hate You 12" (Phantom Records-PH 18-1983)
1 I Hate You
2. Stuck On You
3. Pictures
4. Minutes
5. Disagree

Link removed. Got a complaint from Hunters + Collectors for violation of copyright.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Splassh - Working 7"

French obscurity kindly donated by bX-59cppw.
This is pretty cool new wave from 1982, released on F.L.V.M., a French label that released quite some records from artists ranging from pop to hard rock. And also this little gem. No further info.

Working 7" (F.L.V.M.-FLVM45118-1982)
1. Working
2. Dial


Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Gene Syndrome - Party In The Trees 7"

Always cool to discover a band I've never heard of before. The Gene Syndrome is one of them. The Gene Syndrome were from Croydon and was founded by Neil Faulkner, Roger Smith and Gill Wilkinson. The band had many drummers and occasionally other members involved during their existence.
'Party In The Trees' is the band's first release. Haven't heard any of their later releases. In 1986 they released the '25 Or 6 To 4' 7", actually a song originally written by Chicago. In 1988 they recorded the 'Delicious' album and the 'Royal Voodoo' 7", both produced by Ralph Jezzard, who did the production for Blood And Roses.
The Gene Syndrome did also one gig in 1985 with Blood And Roses.
On this 7", Michal Turtle (Wicked Kitchen Staff) played keyboards on the first song. To my surprise, there's an old but extensive site on The Gene Syndrome. Check it out here.

Party In The Trees 7"
(Gene Records-Gene 001-1984)
1. Party In The Trees
2. The Children Sleep

The Gene Syndrome

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Toilets - Boxjunction 7"

bX-59cppw offers me the first and also rarest release of The Toilets/Toylets. One of the great Top Hole bands like Qua Dance or The Visitor. I posted the Toylets album before and maybe the 2nd 7" will follow soon. Great new wave, a bit like The Cure but much rawer.
Discogs states that the 1st song was made by Subsequent Pleasure, an alter ego of The Toilets. Don't know what the reason could be.
There's only one track that I still didn't hear that appears on a comp. flexi, also release on Top Hole that came with 'Het Bestaan' zine.

Boxjunction 7" (Top Hole-TH 003-1980)
1. Boxjunction
2. Life At The 12th

Boxjunction - 320

Boxjunction - FLAC

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bomb Party - Fish LP

Here's the third album of The Bomb Party, kindly donated by Phil Long again.
Nothing to add as I've posted some stuff of The Bomb Party before (check them out).
'Fish' was released on a German label, Normal Records. The CD version has an extra track 'Nobody's'. This is the vinyl version.

Fish LP (Normal Records-Normal 103-1988)
1. Praise The Lord
2. LSD
3. Some Bodies
4. Venus In Dirt
5. The Last Waltz
6. Do The Right Thing
7. Theme From God Bless America
8. Mephistopheles (A Million Worth Of Pillion)
9. Shakespeare
10. Why Don't We Talk?
11. Love At Any Price
12. The Only Rule (There Is No Rule)
13. Car Crash (On The Highway Of Love)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gothic Girls Update

I've put up a new link for the Gothic Girls. Fresh rip btw, now bitrate 320. Maybe I'll re-rip some older stuff that was ripped at 192. I did this because bandwidth was pretty limited back then.
Also, you can't find Gothic Girls when using the search button so here's a direct link:


I think a lot of the older posts have invalid links. Please let me know.
Also everything of Party Day can be found here but nothing shows up when using the search function. Very odd!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

International Sin - Out MLP

6-track album of French band International Sin. They also appear on the 'Lyon Compilation' which I posted here before.
This album was released on Contorsion (Movement, Strahler, The Bonaparte's, Baroque Bordello, ...). I expected to hear more of that typical French cold wave sound but this one is more poppy/funky. Not bad nor really great. I felt rather disappointed. But it's a pretty rare record nonetheless.
Check it out and decide for yourself.

Out MLP (Contorsion-CNT 013-1986)
1. Black Sun
2. Matin De Paris
3. All Rods Out
4. Hate Night
5. The Gift
6. Reason For Living

International Sin

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Citizen UK - Ubique Daemon 7"

A very early release on the French cult label L'Invitation Au Suicide.
Citizen UK was a UK band who bring us 3 tracks of great synthy new wave sounds. Don't know anything of Citizen UK so anyone who can give us more info is more than welcome.
The 7" came in a 10" sleeve.
WAV's provided by bX-59cppw. Quality MP3's made by me.
PS: bX-59cppw stopped blogging but made an exception and posted a very interesting obscurity from Australia. Check it out!

More info thanks to Rainy Day Sponge on Citizen UK here.

Ubique Daemon 7" (L'Invitation Au Suicide-INV 0200-1981)
1. Apocalypse
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Dining On Expenses

Citizen UK

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kommunity FK - Close One Sad Eye LP

As requested by Sheerinertia. Seems that the rip floating on the net is of pretty low quality so here's my own rip (320).
The second album of Kommunity FK is a more polished affair than 'The Vision And The Voice' album but as good as this one.
The first album has been re-released in 2006 on Mobilization Records. 'Close One Sad Eye' was put on CD in 1993 on Cleopatra Records. Both the vinyl and CD version are way out of print.
Many of you already heard of Kommunity FK and for those who don't; there's a lot of info to be found on them on the net. Official band page here.

Close One Sad Eye LP (Independent Project-IP 015-1985)
1. Something Inside Me Has Died
2. The Other World
3. Debauchery
4. Junkies
5. Trollops
6. The Vision And The Voice
7. Haunt
8. You And Eye
9. They
10. Noob

Close One Sad Eye

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dyslexic Artsehcro - Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes LP

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Here's a quite obscure band from the US who released this pretty weird and diverse album in 1987. No info to be found. The second part of the band name can be read backwards!
In the file you'll find an extra track, the last track (B6), which is 'Inside-Out' played backwards. You can actually play that song backwards on the vinyl album.
Found this review on some mailorder list:
late 80's U.S. privat-press of utterly complex Avant-Pop ripplings w/spacey psychedelic hoverings 'n forlorn Sympho-petaled strayns on moody existential playgrounds w/bent lyrics, femme voice, sequencer, keyboards, guitars, bass 'n drumzz; ...a very interestoxicating release housed in expresslusive bard-coard tackej;

Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes LP (Frozen Sound Studio-706045XA-1987)
1. Above It All (Floating)
2. Nowhere To Run
3. Another World
4. I Killed Mom
5. Feels Good (A.I.D.S.)
6. Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes
7. My Kind
8. Inside-Out
9. The Huntdown
10. Why Don't You Love Me (Anymore)

Dyslexic Artsehcro

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sic - Voltage Control 7"

One out of three 7" singles of this Belgian minimal synth act Sic. Alain Neffe (Pseudo Code, Bene Gesserit, the Insane Music tape label) is in some way involved with this band. On this one he is responsible for the artwork.
Can't tell much more on Sic. Would like to hear the other 2 singles as well.
Another gift from bX-59cppw.

Voltage Control 7" (Artibano-4452 1117-198?)
1. Voltage Control
2. Never Talk About Romance


Saturday, January 08, 2011

Irratics - s/t 12"

Unknown Swiss new wave band Irratics released this 12" in 1987. The band was set up by Blaise Lucianaz of punk band Baramine. The female vocals are delivered by Vicki, originally from the UK.
The band did more than 100 gigs in Switzerland and abroad till 1992. Irratics split up in 1998 and released a CD sometime in the 90's.

Irratics 12" (SR MS 001- 1987)
1. Romance
2. Jazz
3. Tango