Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ministry Of Love - Wide Awake And Dreaming MLP

For those who like Red Temple Spirits: here's the band that came before them.
William Faircloth originally came from England and teams up with Roger Beall and multi-instrumentalist Mark Nine to deliver 5 tracks of postpunk with a strong 60's psyche influence. Early Pink Floyd comes to mind.
Ministry Of Love is a bit more psyche than Red Temple Spirits. They made a perfect mix of both styles on their 2 albums and the 'New Land' 7".

Wide Awake And Dreaming MLP (Underworld Records - R 9002-2 - 1987)
1. Nuclear Stone Age
2. Psychic Nation
3. You're Not On Your Own
4. Living In The Moment
5. This Magic Kingdom

Ministry Of Love

Sunday, May 09, 2010

The Borobudur - Silent In The Empty Room MC

Time for some weird stuff out of Japan. Don't know anything about The Borobudur but I think it's just one person playing all the instruments. Sounds like coming straight from a mental institution.
Quite interesting.
Titles as found on the sleeve.
Trivia: Borobudur is a buddhist temple on Java, Indonesia. Discovered in the 19th century, it's one of the biggest buddhist temples found.

Silent In The Empty Room MC (Emblyo-E 0001-1985)
1. Thy Kingdom Come
2. Paralysed
3. The Dream Has Died
4. Painted Gray Or Black
5. Inspired
6. It's Nice Of You
7. Sitting Silently
8. By All Means I Will
9. Kinds Satiafy
10. Horrible Box & Me
11. A Pat Solution To A Problem
12. If Children Dance

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sepher - City Hunter 12"

Unknown new wave (not cold) band from Marseille, France. Think this is the only release of Sepher.
Last song (and best IMO) is co-written by Patrick Martinez of Martin Dupont. He also produced this 12".

City Hunter 12" (Lice Records-ST 26-1985)
1. Indochis
2. Jenny Bondage
3. Magazine Game