Friday, August 31, 2007

The Eternal - The Far Away Play 12"

Here's another recording from Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso.
I found out about The Eternal not so long ago. I was very curious about this band and now I have the chance to give it a listen. The Eternal were from The Netherlands and this 12" is their only release. Dark sounding postpunk/cold wave recorded in 1985.
Wolfgang who provided the sleeve pictures (thank you once again!) wrote me that there were only 500 copies pressed but most of them were destroyed. There are about 100 copies around in this world! So I gave up the idea to find myself one. It must be a miracle to find a decent copy of the record for a fair price.
So thanks to Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso we can all have a listen to this obscurity.

The Far Away Play 12" (Paladyn-PLD 501-1985)
1. Wait
2. I'll Jump And I'll Go
3. In The Rosegarden
4. The Far-Away Play

The Eternal (320)

The Eternal (FLAC)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mercenary Skank - No More Dancing 12"

This one is for Nuzz at Nuzz Prowling Wolf. I know he requested some Mercenary Skank months ago and finally I got around ripping this one.
This post is a bit different than the last ones as Mercenary Skank is more of a punk band but of the melodic kind. Mercenary Skank were formed in the early 80's in Rhyl, Wales but moved to London. They were inspired by The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers and The Ruts. Here's the rest of what I found on the band on Link2Wales:
Orig line-up; Tudor Parry (gtr/voc), Mark Jordan (gtr), Graham Bevins (bass) (later of Mal de Mer, PSST) and Chris Turner (drums) (later of Frightened By Strangers). When the band moved to London Chris and Tudor split to be replaced by Andrew Tunnicliffe (guitar)- (see also Grids, Vicious Circle), Scratch (vocals) who worked at Kavern Records, Mike Crees (drums), Mark Perkins (sax) (also played in Open Channel D and Mystery Girls). Rel - No More Dancing 12" EP (No More Dancing/The Pull and The Push/Down Among The Deadmen/Dancing Dub)-Criminal Damage Records - CRI12-122. - Work Of Giants 12" EP (Somewhere/Endurance Highway/Willy Tears/Dub) - Backs Records(Norwich)-Storm 1. A CD of the above and another 6-10 tracks may be in the offing. Also billed on the CND benefit festival at the Queens in Rhyl 21.2.1981. Band moved to London to seek fame and fortune and very nearly did it. Managed by Caroline Reed who also managed the Stone Roses who supported Mercenary Skank in 1984. Andrew Tunnicliffe went on to play in Hammersmith based Ironic High Style in mid-80s. Neale Parry (ex Shop and brother of Iwan of Pinhead Recs) the band’s roadie/photographer/artwork designer who moved to London with them in the early 80's still lives in Surrey.

Here's the band's first release. The 'Work Of Giants' 12" is much harder to find.

No More Dancing 12" (Criminal Damage-CRI 12-122-1984)
1. No More Dancing
2. Dancing Dub
3. Pull & The Push
4. Deadmen

No More Dancing

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Factory - Hold Out 7" & 12"

Here's another contribution by Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso. Great UK mid-80's goth and very rare. No further info, sorry. Here you get both versions as the title track has an extended version on the 12".
You can find cover scans of the 7" on 7"s From The Underground blog. But if anyone could contribute a scan of the 12" sleeve, I would be grateful.

Hold Out 7" (Strike Back Records-SBR 10-1986)
1. Hold Out
2. Burn Me Up

Hold Out 12"
1. Hold Out (Extended Version)
2. Burn Me Up
3. Outcast

Hold Out

Sovjet War - s/t 7"

Another Belgian band I know next to nothing about. Two decent punkwave (or wavepunk?) tunes here. This was their only release although another track appears on the 'No Big Business Vol. 2' comp. album on Anything But Records. Don't have this one (but I have the 1st volume on Kleo Records). This label also released more electronic stuff like The Neon Judgement, Aimless Device and Company Of State.

Sovjet War 7" (Anything But Records-ABR 004-1983)
1. It Became A Problem
2. Guns For Fun

Sovjet War

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day After - Recourse 12"

Got a lot of interesting recordings from Lo Spettro Di Se Stesso which I'm free to share with you all.
First one is from Day After from Belgium. As being from Belgium myself, I've never heard of this band before. Decent cold wave sounds recorded in 1983, similar to De Brassers, The Cultural Decay,...

Thanks to Wolfgang for providing the cover pix. Much appreciated!

Recourse 12" (New Music Records-NMR 001-1983)
1. Ticking Away
2. Inner Voice
3. Civilization
4. Day After
5. The Virgin
6. Desert Of Time

Day After

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Feud - To Load But Once MLP

Fritz Die Spinne once sent me the rip on soulseek of this record and I was immediately impressed. No info on Feud to be found. They were from Bristol and probably listened to UK Decay and it's offshoots In Excelsis and Furyo day in day out. Even the style of the frontsleeve reminds me of Furyo. Although Feud doesn't sound very original at all, the song material is very strong and therefore one can say that this record is a minor classic. Too bad that it's very rare.
Here you have a far superior rip at bitrate 256, without sound drops and the correct track order.
Producer Steve Street seems to be Stephen Street who would later produce The Smiths!

To Load But Once MLP (Feud Records-Feud 1-1984)
1. The Litter
2. Bo Bo Dolly
3. Suffer
4. Buildings
5. Witchtrial


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vex - Live

Got these 2 live recordings of Vex from Keith who's running the great Running Riot In 2007 blog. So go thank him for it.
First one is Vex live in Camden, Electric Ballroom 3.3.84. The quality is quite good on this one.
Tracks are:
1. Pain
2. Shadow Of Beauty
3. World In Action
4. Pressure
5. Relative Sadness
6. It's No Crime

Get it here

Second one is undefined and the quality is so-so but die-hard fans will need to hear it.
Track are:
1. Tonight
2. Shadow Of Beauty
3. Pain
4. Pressure
5. ??
6. ??
7. World In Action
8. Relative Sadness
9. It's No Crime (cut off)

Get it here

Thanks Keith!!

Eton Crop - Yes Please Bob MLP

Ok, here's another Eton Crop post. The 'Yes Please Bob' mini album is a nice follow-up of the 'It's My Dog, Maestro' LP (which I will post later). This one released on UK indie label Ediesta. Front sleeve artwork by Jon Langford.
The song titles have some liner notes by other people.
1. "That's all television is, my dear, nothing but auditions" (George Sanders)
2. "He's playing daffodil from dopeyville" (William Demarest)
3. "Drinking is the joy of the Rus" (The Grand Duke of Kiev-11th century)
4. "Oh I realize it's a penny here and there, but look at me: I've worked myself up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty" (Groucho Marx)
5. "Chessplayers are good blokes" (P.A.M Verschueren)
6. "Where's the rest of me?" (Ronald Reagan)
7. "Leave death to the professionals" (Trevor Howard)

Yes Please Bob MLP (Ediesta Records-CALCMLP 13-1986)
1. Yes Please, Bob
2. Down In The Puzzlehouse
3. When The Bottle Gets Uncorked
4. Poverty Is Not Hip
5. Chessplayers Are Good Blokes
6. Pink Walter Christo
7. A Billy Bobo Funeral

Yes Please Bob

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - Something Came Over Me 12"

Here's the 4th 12" of The Cassandra Complex. This one was released on Belgian label Play It Again Sam which is still around but is a 'big' indie label now.
The Cassandra Complex offer us their version of the Throbbing Gristle song 'Something Came Over Me', which was one of the cover songs in their live sets. The 12" is completed with two longer tracks of their own.
For those who missed the previous posts on The Cassandra Complex; they have been re-uploaded. The 'Feel The Width' live album has already been ripped so it will appear soon.

Something Came Over Me 12" (PIAS-BiaS 64-1987)
1. Something Came Over Me
2. Angels In The Sky
3. Kill Your Children

SCOM (re-up)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

New links update 2

Here's the list of new uploads from the last days:
Cindytalk - Camouflage Heart LP
The Fifteenth - Andelain 12"
Inca Babies - First Four
Stiff Kittens - 7" & 12"s
The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop LP
Elliott - 12"s
Pigbros - 12"s
V/A Nightlands LP
V/A Something Stirs LP

Still about 30 to go. Hope to finish them till the end of August.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Noseflutes - The Ron Johnson 12"s

Another interesting band on Ron Johnson. They remind me a bit of The Nightingales. They add a lot of percussion in some of the tracks and some of these have an African feel.
Prior to the Ron Johnson records, Noseflutes released the 'Girth' 12" and 'Several Young Men Ignite Hardboard Stump' LP on Reflex Records (Very Things, And Also The Trees,...). After Ron Johnson folded, the band released another two albums on their own Rictus label: 'Zib Zob And His Kib Kob' and 'Mellow Throated'.
There was a site on Noseflutes but it's gone but I found an interview for No Class fanzine here.
'The Ravers' 12" is a John Peel session.

The Ravers 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 19-1986)
1. The Ravers
2. Leg Full Of Alcohol
3. Catcheel Maskhole
4. History Of Heart Disease
5. Serving In Paradise

Heartache Is Irresistible 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 28-1987)
1. Heartache Is Irresistible
2. Rotting Honeymoon
3. Hanging A Scarface
4. Thousand Pound Coat
5. Body Hair (Up In The Air)


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Exploiting The Prophets - The Thaw MLP

As promised, here's the second vinyl release of Exploiting The Prophets. In the same vein as the 'Code Of Coincidence' LP.
I do have a little problem with the track listing of this album. There are 7 tracks stated, but I hear only 6. 'Glow Reality Shock' and 'Sigh' are considered seperate tracks but I don't know where 'Sigh' starts or ends. Maybe the track is called 'Glow Reality Shock Sigh' ? So that's the way I tagged the song. If anyone knows how it really is, let me know.

The Thaw MLP (Eksakt Records-Eksakt 016-1985)
1. Short
2. Quiver Circle
3. Words Worth
4. Glow Reality Shock Sigh
5. Ambiguity Scars
6. Flanagan

The Thaw

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Exploiting The Prophets - Code Of Coincidence LP

The 'Code Of Coincidence' LP was the band's first vinyl release. Exploiting The Prophets were from Tilburg, The Netherlands and plays quite exciting wave music. Originally they were called 'Exploiting The Profits' and released the 'The Thin King Man' tape before, also on Eksakt Records. They also appeared on the 'One Hour For Spits' comp. tape which was packaged in a sponge.
A year later they would release their last record, the 'The Thaw' mini album which will be my next post.

Note: some of the tracks ripped as one track to maintain the flow of the album.
Code Of Coincidence LP (Eksakt Records-Eksakt 007-1984)
1. 4X Horizontal
2. Raymond's Room
3. Belly's Drowning
4. All Of It...For Life
5. Wilfred Weasel
6. Laschy, Thin King Man
7. Laschy, Cry Of The Last
8. The Other Side
9. Bob-O-Dub
10. 22, New England

Code Of Coincidence

Monday, August 13, 2007

New links update

Here's a round-up on the new links.
I posted the Zor Gabor 12" completely as the 7" version was posted on Texas Jumblesales that is not around anymore.
I don't know if I will post a new link for the Blood & Roses LP as there is a reissue to be released very soon. Maybe it's out already.

Ausgang - Manipulate LP
Anorexic Dread - Tracey's Burning 12"
Batfish Boys - 12"s
Bogshed - Step On It LP
Executive Slacks - You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP
Five Or Six - Polar Exposure LP
Inca Babies - Rumble LP
The Midnight Choir - Kiss 12"
Release The Bats - Ever Pleasant Smile LP
Saigon - LP & 12"
Salvation - Girlsoul 12"
S-Haters - 7"s
S-Haters - 12"s
S-Haters - Come LP
Shop Assistants - 7" & 12"
Stunt Kites - 7" & 12"
The Deadpan Tractor - Grumble 12"
The Membranes - Crack house MLP
The Membranes - Pulp Beating LP
The Shrubs - 12"s
Vex - Sanctuary 12"
Zor Gabor - Tightrope 12"

Many thanks to Kevin for helping out. IOU!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Mel-O-Tones - Melonheaded 12"

The 'Melonheaded' 12" is the second release of The Mel-O-Tones. First one is the 'Bomb Sutra' mini album.
They were from Liverpool and both records were released on local label Probe Plus.
Here's what reviewer Cleveland wrote on The Mel-O-Tones on Julian Cope's Headheritage site:
Their music was primarily a collision of Beefheart and wracked psychobilly but genuinely stranger again. Singer Frank Martin could growl out the acid lyrics with true Van Vliet abandon, whilst Martin Dempsey's guitar sliced your head off.
After the band split up, some members formed the Walking Seeds.
There are 2 different versions of 'Happy Hour'. The record comes with a small comics booklet which I included in the file.

Melonheaded 12" (Probe Plus-PP 13-1985)
1. Mad Jesus
2. Seedy Lotion
3. Happy Hour
4. Happy Hour
5. Melonhead


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Quicksharing files deleted!!!

It seems that Quicksharing deleted all my files. Have seen that also on the Shards Of Beauty blog. If any new visitor wants me to re-up some of the files, please let me know in the comment section.
I have a limited up/download volume so the more re-ups, the less new posts. Thank you for your understanding.

New links:
In Excelsis - Prey LP
Part 1 - Pictures Of Pain MLP
UK Decay/Pneumania - Split 7"
The Silent Scream - s/t 7"
Carlton B. Morgan - The Devil's Music MLP
V/A Mineral Composition LP
Siglo XX - Re-Released LP
Eton Crop - Six Silhouette Romances 12"
Phantom Limb - Dance Of The Guilty 12"
Ritual - 7" & 12"
Bogshed - Let Them Eat Bogshed 12"
De Brassers - s/t 12"
Struggler - Recrudesce 12"
Wicked Kitchen Staff MLP
God And The State - Ruins LP
V/A Raging Sun LP
The Leather Nun - 12"s
Headhunters - Industrial Warfare LP
Artery - The Second Coming LP
Into A Circle - Assassins LP
The Veil - Surrender LP
Shock Headed Peters - 12"s
The Three Johns - 12"s pt. 1 & 2
Hack Hack - Despite Amputations MLP
Party Day - Glasshouse 12"

And thanks to Kevin for re-uploading the next ones:
Gothic Girls
Twisted Nerve
The Leather Nun - Slow Death MLP
Look Back In Anger
Princess Tinymeat - Herstory LP
Kan Kan
Artery - A Big Machine 12"
Fur Bible 12"
Five Go Down To The Sea ?
Headhunters - 7" & 12"s
Party Day - Glasshouse LP
Shadow Of Fear - 7" & 12"
The Veil 12"s
Into A Circle - s/t & Rise 12"s
Into A Circle - Forever & Evergreen 12"s

Mnemonic Devices - Playing On The Dark Keys 12"

Sole release of this moody postpunk band from Huntington Beach, CA. What makes this band special is the use of a violin.
Best known member is Geofry Kaa on guitar. He was a member of punkband The Klan and, after Mnemonic Devices, started Sextet with members of The Crowd. It seems that he's still busy making music mostly guitar improvisations.
Here's what you can read on the promo sheet:
In the few months since their Los Angeles appearance, Mnemonic Devices have cut through the drone of L.A. ennui and have commanded the attention of both critics and audiences. There is fiery intelligence in this music that mixes passion and intensity with a greater musical sensibility. What Mnemonic Devices create is a dramatic sound driven by insistent rhythm. Mnemonic Devices are not political or rebellious. Their music is a testament of human feelings, thoughts and experiences.
Venturing out of Huntington Beach, California in May 1982, Mnemonic Devices began a barrage of local appearances - debut performances at Al's Bar and the Cathay de Grande moving quickly to bigger venues at the Golden Bear and the Roxy and a live broadcast over KPFK radio. With each show, audience and enthousiasm have grown. Even at first exposure the band's uniqueness is striking.

Playing On The Dark Keys 12" (Bemisbrain-BB-135-1982)
1. Marriage Of Convenience
2. Tracks
3. 27 Crosses
4. Playing On The Dark Keys

Mnemonic Devices

Saturday, August 04, 2007

V/A Anthems LP

An interesting compilation of international experimental bands who were asked to bring a version of their national anthem. Some of them are not the real ones. Spirocheta Pergoli brings a version of Liberia and 001011011100...Cancer one of Naon, although I never heard of that country.
Merzbow is quite different here than their usual noise assaults. Olho Seco is a Brazilian raw punk band and Prhemm brings a mix of the USA hymn and the URSS one. There was still a cold war going on.
The Trax label was run by Vittore Baroni, Piermario Ciani and Massimo Giacon and released besides a few records also some cassettes, audiomagazines and comics, but also organized exhibitions.
Another compilation album can be found on Mutant Sounds here.

PS: forgot to include a cover scan so I posted a larger one as usual.

V/A Anthems LP (Trax-TRAX 0983-1983)
1. Naif Orchestra - Fratelli D'Italia
2. Défecit Des Années Antérieures - La Marseillaise
3. P16. D4. - Aktion: Leer. Korn: Bier
4. Van Kaye & Ignit - Wilhelmus Part 1
5. Van Kaye & Ignit - Wilhelmus Part 2
6. Renaldo And The Loaf - Then At Iona Lanthem
7. No Night Sweats - The Gundagai Coolabah
8. Merzbow - Kimigayo
9. Olho Seco - Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes
10. Spirocheta Pergoli - Munrovia Sunrise
11. 001011011100...Cancer - Hodors Walley
12. Prhemm - UrsSA


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rote Kapelle - It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP

May Highlander enjoy his summer break. Here's another one of noisepop band Rote Kapelle from Edinburgh. Four tracks (1&2, 4&5) were recorded at Maida Vale in 1986 for their John Peel session. Two extra tracks were added.
If you enjoyed the 'San Francisco Again' 12", you'll surely like this one.
More Rote Kapelle in the future.
Anyone who could find a copy of their 'Fire Escape' 7" for me?

It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP (In Tape-IT Forty Four-1987)
1. Marathon Man
2. Jellystone Park
3. Anna
4. Acid Face Baby
5. Sunday
6. You Don't Know

It Moves