Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cat Wax Axe Co.

Final post for 2012. This blog will be updated on a very irregular base 'cos I lost some interest in doing this. It's over 5 years that this blog is running and I lost the initial enthusiasm already for some time.
Back to Cat Wax Axe Co.(also written as Catwax Axe Co.). They were a lot from Derby. Not much info on them I could find.
In the beginning they played some kind of punk with rockabilly influences which you can hear on their first release, the 'Waxwalk' 7" on punk label Rondelet (Anti-Pasti, Special Duties, The Fits, ...).
The '25 Gallons Of Paranoia' 12" is very different. It seems that the band listened a lot to The Birthday Party. Quite cool tunes on this one although the vocals aren't as manic as Nick Cave's one.
This 12" is the second release on Fever Records. (Track titles on side B are switched)

Waxwalk 7" (Rondelet-ROUND 17-1982)
1. Waxwalk
2. Jumbo Jet (Hey! I Want Your Crazy Wild)

25 Gallons Of Paranoia 12" (Fever Records-FEV 2-1984)
1. Down On The Killing Floor
2. Scratch
3. Old Poker Live In Pandemonium
4. Quirky Town

Catwax Axe Co (320)

Catwax Axe Co (FLAC)

Wishing you all the best for 2013!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Barton And Harry - Mulch 12"

First release on this small indie label Fever Records. Already posted the Gasrattle 12" before. Fever Records also released one of the earliest My Bloody Valentine records, the 'Geek' 12".
Never heard Barton And Harry before but got this one in very cheap and was quite surprised. Nothing groundbreaking though but they have a strong The Birthday Party influence.
Contrary to the band's name, there were three members. Barton wrote all the lyrics. Harry is Harry Stafford of the Inca Babies! Third member Daley played drums I guess. This is Barton And Harry's only release.

Mulch 12" (Fever Records-FEV 1-1984)
1. Mulch
2. Beauty
3. A Boy Called Ned

Barton And Harry - 320

Barton And Harry - FLAC

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Astaron - LP / 12"

Long time no post.
Found out about this great dark new wave band from Austria through A Viable Commercial, Goutroy's blog.
Don't know why this hasn't been reissued yet.
Astaron was a female duo Angie Mörth and Martina Aichhorn. Their first release was a cassette 'Das Grauen aus Dem All / As I Start. It was presented as a split tape with Asstart which is Astaron under a different name. Second release was also a cassette 'As Time Joins In / The Slurring'. It seems that the LP is the same as this tape minus some tracks. The 12" was their last release as the band split up in 1989.
Angie Mörth alos appeared on the Angie 'Scheue Treue' 7" (1983) and also played in Viele Bunte Autos. Viele Bunte Autos did a split 7" with Karl Gott in 1982 an also appears on the 'Austreibung' comp. tape (Astaron also appear on this tape). Klanggalerie released a retrospective CD of Viele Bunte Autos in 2007.
WAV provided by bX59-cppw and converted to FLAC by yours truly.

Astaron LP (Ton Um Ton Records-TUT 1187-1987)
1. Black Galley
2. Finale - The Burning
3. Little Girl Crying
4. St. John's Fire
5. As Time Joins In
6. Torch-Light Procession
7. In An Absence
8. Sea-Blue Ladies
9. Collecting Bones
10. The Slurring / Untitled

Astaron 12" (Bugel Records-TUT 760 030-1988)
1. Lance The Ensemble
2. The Icequeen
3. Golden Carriage
4. It

Get the HQ MP3 rips from A Viable Commercial.

Astaron LP

Astaron 12"

Sunday, August 26, 2012

V/A Top Hole 7" Flexi

My eternal gratitude to bX-59cppw for sending me this flexi. Never thought I would find a copy of this one.
This flexi was a freebie that came with 'Het Bestaan' (Existence) magazine. Never seen that magazine but from what I know it was art-orientated.
First band is Social Security. Quite wellknown locally. They released a few albums and singles before on major label Epic and VIP Records. Their contribution was already released as a 7". Maybe it's a different recording?
Next is Toilets, the reason why I was looking for this record. All their records have been posted on the blog before. They deliver an exclusive track.
Third and last is the Op De Koffie Band. They were from Leeuwarden and existed from 1980 and disbanded in 1986. They shortened their name to De Koffie Band later. They play a kind of jazz funk with a weird twist, with Dutch lyrics. Released a 7" and a 12" before. Gerard Groenewoud and Tilly Bui are an arts duo now, working as sculptors.
Tried my best cleaning up the flexi noise but don't expect CD-quality. This is a 1-sided flexi with 7 minutes of music on it.

V/A Top Hole 7" Flexi (Top Hole-TH 10-198?)
1. Social Security - Here I Am
2. Toilets - Words Of  Love & Passion
3. Op De Koffie Band - Braak

Top Hole - 320

Top Hole - FLAC

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

V/A To Sell Kerosene Door To Door 2xLP

Double album compilation on Insight Records. Compiled by Eric Cope of Glorious Din. Two tracks each of the following bands:
World Of Pooh with tracks off their 'The Land Of Thirst' album. With Barbara Manning on vocals who played in 28th Day before. Also with drummer Jay Paget of Glorious Din and later Thinking Fellers Union Local 282. Brandon Kearney also played with Caroliner and Archipelago Brewing Company.
Spahn Ranch offer two tracks off their 'Thickly Settled' album released on Insight.
Dog Food has Eric Cope and Brandon Kearney. Probably a one-off collaboration.
Beetle Leg was a project of producer Matt Walace.
Beatnigs offer two tracks of their album on Alternative Tentacles. It seems that Insight Records was involved with this release as well. Beatnigs evolved to The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy and had Michael Franti in the band.
Stiff Legged Sheep released a 7" on Smudged records before. Their contribution is exclusive.
Next is Glorious Din with two tracks off their 'Closely Watched Trains' album.
Harry's Picket Fence had three members of Glorious Din. Doug Heeschen later in garagerock band The Gargoyles.
Next two bands are Raining House and Barnacle Choir. No other releases.
Enigma was a project with Beatnigs members.
Stickdog offers one track from their first album on Smudged and a track from their second album 'Human' on Alternative Tenctacles.
Systems Collapse are next and the only songs released of them that I know of.
Caroliner Rainbow Throw Up Fantasy is better known these days as Caroliner.
Archipelago Brewing Company closes the album.

My copy doesn't include the inserts unfortunately.

For tracklisting, see Discogs.







Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two - Dreaming Spires LP

The only full-length released by synthduo Two. Has some experimental tracks as well. Side B is onyl one track 'It Won't Work' that last more than 15 minutes.
Don't let the cheesy sleeve fool you. Interesting but quite hard-to-find album on Future Records.
WAV provided by bX59-cppw and converted to MP3 and FLAC by me.

Dreaming Spires LP (Future Records-FL 3-1983)
1. Picture Frame
2. Waiting
3. Regime
4. Architecture
5. Pale Yellow
6. The End
7. It Won't Work

Dreaming Spires - 320

Dreaming Spires - FLAC

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mediafire account suspended

Bringing you the sad news that my account on mediafire has been suspended. Thanks to some LA company that claimed copyright violation on the 'Susan' Story' 12" of Cry Of The Innocent. A bit strange as former member Lee made a comment on that one a long time ago, without asking me to pull down the link.
Don't know what I'll do in the future. All links are down for the moment.

Got a response from Gypsy Lee Pistolero (ex-singer of Cry Of The Innocent):
Hi Vince,
It wasn't me and you don't have to take it down. Tossers!
& Viva you for promoting hidden gems!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some files removed

The 'Industrial Warfare' album of Headhunters was removed due to copyright violation. Got a message from some French organisation. Strange as the other Headhunters records or other Shout-related material cause no problems. Checked if there's maybe a reissue but nothing shows up. Maybe an ex-member of Headhunters could provide more info?
Also the 12" of Sardine V was removed. The Australian band Hunters + Collectors made a problem. I know they cover a song 'Stuck On You' by Sardine V but they're not the writers of the song. Ian Rilen is. Can someone explain why a band that does a cover can have an issue with a song they didn't write?
Files won't be re-upped 'cos I don't want to get into trouble. Just want to let you know.
And I always encourage people to buy reissues. Support those individuals that spend their time and money to locate ex-members, mastertapes, pressing records, etc... .

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Two - Waiting For Winter 12"

Good quality rip of the 'Waiting For Winter' 12" of Two. Released on Future Records (Blitz, The Wild Flowers, And Also The Trees, Rhythm And Faith, ...).
WAV provided by bX-59cppw and converted to FLAC and MP3 by me.
Two were a duo from the UK and did four releases. The first three on Future Records and another 12" on Reflex Records. Atmospheric synthwave. Should be reissued! Quite hard to find and/or very pricey.

Waiting For Winter 12" (Future Records-FS 10-1983)
1. Till Five Weeks
2. Thoughts For B
3. Waiting For Winter
4. Untitled

Waiting For Winter - 320

Waiting For Winter - FLAC

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viva! - Dreams Be Quiet! LP

Posted on blogs before but bX-59cppw asked me for a high quality rip so here it is.
'Dreams Be Quiet' is Viva!'s third album; first on wellknown label Unition (Holy Toy, Fra Lippo Lippi, ...) and also the first where they switched from their native language to English.
You can grab their two other albums on this blog. I agree with the writing there. Viva! took influences of Simple Minds and Ultravox and created moody wave. It sounds quite accessible but I like the atmosphere on the album.
Viva! released a fourth album 'A Rainbow At The Edge Of The Shadow' in 1987 and then disappeared.

Dreams Be Quiet! LP (Uniton-U 029-1985)
1. Dreams Be Quiet!
2. Colours & Symbols
3. Twilight Scenes
4. The Frozen Field
5. The Thousand Things
6. Through The Wall
7. Dark Shape
8. She Wears A Shadow

Viva! - 320

Viva! - FLAC

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Film De Guerre -s/t LP

Postpunk band from Switzerland. And guessing from the titles, they came from the French-speaking part.
Can't find a lot of info but two members were in punkband Technycolor that released two 7"s.
Three songs were released on 12" with an almost identical sleeve (posted on Weird Cheese in 2008 but link is dead).
A very interesting record which gets hard-to-find these days.
FLAC provided by bX-59cppw. Converted to MP3 by me.

Film De Guerre LP (Mad Music-MLP 23655-1981)
1. Accident
2. Dead End
3. Station Balneaire
4. Parano A La Campagne
5. Acide Nuit
6. Saint Raphael
7. Matin Matin
8. Blattes
9. Courir Courir
10. 57ème Depression

Film De Guerre - 320

Film De Guerre - FLAC

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Leitmotiv - Carress & Curse 12" Mini-Album

My own rip of this rare 12" album of UK band Leitmotiv. Got this one a few months ago for a very reasonable price.
Leitmotiv were a synthy goth band from Bradford. They released two 7"s in the same period, one on punk label PAX (Silent Run / Living On A Tin) and on Anti-System's label Reconciliation (To The Suffering).
Leitmotiv did two 12"s after these that sound a bit more poppy: the 'Say Remain' 12" in 1985 on Cryptic Records and 'Big Money' 12" in 1986 on Ediesta (posted here before).
Paragon was a short-lived label with interesting and collectible releases of In The Nursery, Siglo XX and Biting Tongues.
Still wonder why there's no re-release of Leitmotiv. This mini-album and the two singles would make a great album.

Carress & Curse 12" (Paragon-Virtue 3-1983)
1. (Living In A) Tin
2. Architect
3. A Meeting
4. Search
5. Settlement
6. Famine

Carress & Curse - 320

Carress & Curse - FLAC

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Toilets - An Unspoiled Land 7"

Fresh rip from the second 7" of Dutch band Toilets. Check my previous posts for more info:
Boxjunction 7"
It's Like A Daydream, Exploding Again LP
WAV provided by bX-59cppw. Thanks!

An Unspoiled Land 7" (Top Hole-TH 107-1981)
1. An Unspoiled Land
2. Do The Gamelan

Toilets - 320

Toilets - FLAC

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Month Of Sundays - Hard World 7"

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Pretty obscure goth 7" from UK band Month Of Sundays. Not a lot to add. The songs are quite long and being pressed on the 7" format, the sound is overall quite muddy. Should've sound better on 12" I suppose.

Hard World 7" (Deathmarch Records-DMR 1-1985)
1. Hard World
2. The Kiss Of Death

Month Of Sundays

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Colours - Dierdre Is An Artist 7"

Another gift by bX-59cppw.
Cool DIY UK new wave/postpunk. Title track appears on one of the UK Messthetics comp. CDR series.
Not a lot of info on them. Simon Matthews was in the Rest before and took most songs from that band to the Colours.

Dierdre Is An Artist 7" (See Saw Sounds-SAW 1-1980)
1. Dierdre Is An Artist
2. Over My Head
3. Facts Of Life


Colours - FLAC

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Reprisal - Child / Hybrid 7"

Pretty obscure UK post-punk/goth 7". Not a lot known about A Reprisal. Formed by Martin Jackson in 1983. There's also a demo recorded before this 7" with a different line-up.
A Reprisal played with Play Dead and Southern Death Cult.
Posted on Return To The East before, but here's a 320kbps rip from my own copy. A bit of crackling on the end of 'Child' that I couldn't remove. Otherwise a very clean copy.

Child / Hybrid 7" ((Self Released-R001 C SRT4KS276-1983)
1. Child
2. Hybrid

A Reprisal

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Westdeutsche Christen - s/t LP

Second release of Berlin's Joy Division influenced Westdeutsche Christen. Their first one is a 12" 'Lass Mich Nicht Allein' released by the band themselves in 1980. Has some minimalist punkwave tracks on it but sounds quite unfinished. This album is way better in my opinion.
This album was released in 1982 on Good Noise, a label some people will know from some of the Leningrad Sandwich records.
Posted on Brotbeutel before (thanks for introducing me to this), and higher quality rip thanks to bX-59cppw.

Link provided to those who like the flac format. Can't convert wav to flac on my pc for the moment, so I had to burn to cdr and then rip it using FreeRip. Hope everything worked fine.

Westdeutsche Christen LP (Good Noise - VGNS 2009-1982)
1. Ich Möchte Mit Dir Tanzen
2. Ich Höre Schritte
3. Das Schöne Im Leben
4. Spielende Kinder
5. Endzeitlust
6. Monoton
7. Leiden
8. Ich Schau Mich Um
9. Liebeslied

Westdeutsche Christen - 320

Westdeutsche Christen - FLAC

Saturday, January 28, 2012

SA55 - Compromised 7"

Another gift of bX-59cppw. Great UK postpunk from 1982. Most copies came without a sleeve although you can check the frontsleeve on Discogs. Really hard-to-find and quite expensive these days.
No info to be found on SA55, so extra info would be welcome. Don't know what they meant with "ELENI - V" mentioned on the labels.

Compromised 7" (1966 Records-EJSP 9868-1982)
1. Compromised
2. Love Is Blind



Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Turncoats - Motor Ball Meltbeat 12"

Sole release of indie band The Turncoats. They also appear on the 'Fridge Freezer' comp. 7" posted here before.
Don't know a lot of The Turncoats but they are featured in John Robb's 'Death To Trad Rock' book. Still need to get me a copy.
Noise A Noise was a label set up by That Petrol Emotion. First release is a 12" from  That Petrol Emotion. A 12" of Death By Milkfloat was meant to be released but that never happened. It got released a few years later as the 'Sense And Nonsense' 12" in Greece on Di Di Records. Anyone who could find me a copy for a decent price can always let me know. Well, any Death By Milkfloat is welcome.

Note: first 2 tracks ripped as one track.

Motor Ball Meltbeat 12" (Noise A Noise-NAN 2T-1986)
1. One Breath
2. What's So Funny
3. Wishing Well
4. Call Her Name

The Turncoats