Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cecilia ± - The Other Side Of This Side LP

First release on Aztlan Records is a solo album of the late Cecilia ±. We know her for her work with Angel Of The Odd.
This album is spoken word/poetry. Except for one vocals-only track 'About Death' all tracks have very diverse music as background. So that makes the album an interesting listen. Also the album lasts about 30 minutes. Long enough to keep it interesting as well. Well there is one real song on it called 'Imaginary Man'.
Her 2nd effort was a cassette-only release which is the 3rd release on Aztlan. Anyone who has it?

The Other Side Of This Side LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1001-1986)
1. Speed Demons
2. Dancing The Widdershen
3. The Line
4. Laughter Through Madness
5. Crimson Red
6. The Colours Are Black
7. About Death
8. Monterey Park
9. Ouigi - U9 Riri
10. Dead Bottom
11. Balboa Island
12. Fire Vs Water
13. Sometimes
14. Imaginary Man

Cecilia ±

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exile In The Kingdom - Freedom/Total Disorder 7"

Let's throw in some punk tunes as extra today.
No info to be found on the net and this 7" doesn't show up alot for sale as well.
For the Jon Langford (Mekons, The Three Johns) fans: sleeve artwork is done by him.
I found out about 2 more releases on this UK label: a 12" by the Pink Flamingoes and a 12" of The Palookas.

Freedom/Total Disorder 7" (Prophet Records-PROFEX 8-1984)
1. Freedom
2. Total Disorder

Exile In The Kingdom

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7"

Here's the 2nd comp. 7" on the Vinyl Drip label. Has 4 bands from Blackpool and area all within the postpunk/indie sound.
I think that only Sign Language released anything else (see post below).
Can't find any info on the other bands. Love 30 play an instrumental.
Blackpool Rox was also a punkzine done by Andy Higgins. He still runs it as Blackpool Rox II.

Got a comment from Sign Language member Laurence and he wants to upload tracks from their self-released tape if there's any interest.

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7" (Vinyl Drip-V.D. 010-1983)
1. Sign Language - The Killing
2. Love 30 - Touchdown
3. Fifth Column - Laugh While You Can
4. Crack House - Jesus Loves You

Blackpool Rox 2

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sign Language - Belief And Other Propaganda 12"

Cool indie/postpunk from this Blackpool band Sign Language. This 12" was their only release and an early one on Fire Records. There's another song 'The Killing' that appears on the 2nd 'Blackpool Rox' comp. 7" issued on Vinyl Drip Records. I'll post that one in the future.
Sign Language formed in 1981 as a punkband but moved more to a new wave/postpunk sound over the years.
The band has reformed and occasionally do some low-key gigs.

Sign Language on MySpace

Belief And Other Propaganda 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 6-1986)
1. Belief
2. Look-Out
3. From Dream To Dream
4. Release

Sign Language

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Angel Of The Odd - Hiding From Fears LP

Another great album on Aztlan Records.
Cecilia ± does vocals on this album although she wasn't an original member. Found out that Angel Of The Odd did a 7" way back in 1985 called 'Man Of Perception'. This one has male vocals.
You can read more on Angel Of The Odd on Last.FM. You can download all their songs from there as well although in low bitrate. But the early 7" is definitely worth checking out. It's a rare one as well.
Band name comes from a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe.

Hiding From Fears LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1004-1989)
1. Slave
2. Sheila
3. Infinite Tunnels
4. August 8th
5. Lost Whispers
6. Dying Within
7. Tangier Wolves
8. Hiding From Fears

Angel Of The Odd

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Autumn Cathedral / Mute Angst Envy / Count Past 5

Thanks alot to an anonymous visitor for uploading the next three.
Here's some more Epithet-related bands.

First is the Autumn Cathedral cassette with early versions of songs that appear on the album posted below.

1. Soul
2. My Thoughts Fall In a Slow Cascade
3. The Sun Also Rises
4. Cabaret Grey
5. An Exo-Skeleton Prison

Autumn Cathedral

Up next is the Mute Angst Envy 'Archetype + Trust' CD. This one was released on 21th Circuitry Records in 1991. This release contains the 'Trust' 12" that was released on Epithet Records in 1990. The last 5 tracks are the ones originally on the 12". This CD (remastered) has recently been re-released so I urge you to buy it. Maybe I'll take the link down in a few days.

1. Taste Of Insanity
2. Pacifier
3. Ferocious Slumbers
4. Efficiency
5. All Shadows
6. Catacombs
7. Quiet Moments
8. Trust
9. Creep
10. The Bloodstained Ritual

Link removed. Buy the remastered CD.

Last one is the odd one here. A 7" single by powerpop/mod band Count Past 5. Not bad at all. Released on Epithet in 1987.

1. Bad Boys Of Brighton
2. Underwater Christmas

Count Past 5

And please also check Goutroy's blog as he posted some more Epithet Records stuff by Crimson Ivy. He also posted an almost complete Epithet Records discography.