Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viva! - Dreams Be Quiet! LP

Posted on blogs before but bX-59cppw asked me for a high quality rip so here it is.
'Dreams Be Quiet' is Viva!'s third album; first on wellknown label Unition (Holy Toy, Fra Lippo Lippi, ...) and also the first where they switched from their native language to English.
You can grab their two other albums on this blog. I agree with the writing there. Viva! took influences of Simple Minds and Ultravox and created moody wave. It sounds quite accessible but I like the atmosphere on the album.
Viva! released a fourth album 'A Rainbow At The Edge Of The Shadow' in 1987 and then disappeared.

Dreams Be Quiet! LP (Uniton-U 029-1985)
1. Dreams Be Quiet!
2. Colours & Symbols
3. Twilight Scenes
4. The Frozen Field
5. The Thousand Things
6. Through The Wall
7. Dark Shape
8. She Wears A Shadow

Viva! - 320

Viva! - FLAC

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Film De Guerre -s/t LP

Postpunk band from Switzerland. And guessing from the titles, they came from the French-speaking part.
Can't find a lot of info but two members were in punkband Technycolor that released two 7"s.
Three songs were released on 12" with an almost identical sleeve (posted on Weird Cheese in 2008 but link is dead).
A very interesting record which gets hard-to-find these days.
FLAC provided by bX-59cppw. Converted to MP3 by me.

Film De Guerre LP (Mad Music-MLP 23655-1981)
1. Accident
2. Dead End
3. Station Balneaire
4. Parano A La Campagne
5. Acide Nuit
6. Saint Raphael
7. Matin Matin
8. Blattes
9. Courir Courir
10. 57ème Depression

Film De Guerre - 320

Film De Guerre - FLAC