Sunday, December 19, 2010

Red Temple Spirits - Dancing To Restore An Eclipsed Moon DLP

My last post for 2010. Wish you all a happy holiday time. It's already been snowing over here and it's damn cold. And winter just begun.
I know that this album has already been posted on a few blogs but it was always the same rip with a nasty skip in the begninning of the last song, probably taken from slsk.
Finally found a copy for myself and ripped it at 320 kbps, without any skips.
What to be said about Red Temple Spirits? Most of you will already heard them by now. Great mix of postpunk with psychedelia. They even do a song of Pink Floyd.
Released on Fundamental as well as on Nate Starkman & Son.

Till next year!

Dancing To Restore An Eclipsed Moon DLP (Nate Starkman & Son-WE BUY 10-1988)
1. Exorcism / Waiting For The Sun
2. Liquid Temple
3. Dark Spirits
4. Bear Cave
5. Dreamings Ending
6. Electric Flowers
7. Moonlight
8. Where Merlin Played
9. Nile Song
10. Lost In Dreaming
11. Light Of Christ / This Hollow Ground

Red Temple Spirits

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mode/IQ - The Coward / The Lonely Street Walker 7"

Another gift from bX59-cppw.
This is actually a great 7" of this NY band. First release of Mode/IQ that went to release another 7" in 1983 and the 'Mind/Soul' mini-album in 1984. The mini-album can be found on A Viable Commercial. Check that album as well although it has more of a synth influence. This 7" sounds more new wave/postpunk so I like it a bit more.
Anyone out there who can hook us up on the 2nd 7"?

The Coward / The Lonely Street Walker 7" (Modern Mode Music-MIQ.013-1981)
1. The Coward
2. The Lonely Streetwalker