Saturday, December 19, 2009

Longpig - Down To The Bone 12"

First release of this not-so-known goth band. Don't know why they are labelled as a goth band 'cos you can't compare Longpig to any other band from that time. The music isn't very uptempo and quite minimal. The vocals are also more like spoken word.
Longpig went on to release an album 'Of Love And Addiction' on Anagram and a 12" 'Why Do People Find Each Other Strange', a track from the album with on the other side the same 2 songs as on this 12" B-side, probably re-recorded.

One of the ex-members left a comment on one of the previous posts but I can't remember which one. I hope to get more info from him soon on this one.

Down To The Bone 12" (self-released-198?)
1. The Batsong
2. Darkboy
3. Primitive Sensibility


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Immortal - Blind Birds LP

Sole album of this wave band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Got this one already a year ago from someone who didn't want it anymore (thanks!). Doesn't show up for sale that often.
Maybe a little late for the trend but nice wave songs with the obvious influences.

NOTE: as you've already noticed, I didn't do some posts for a while. The reason is that my girlfriend and I bought a house recently and the last weeks we moved everything and made it somewhat suitable to live in. The house needs a lot of renovation. So expect my posts to be quite irregular. Also my record collection is stashed away so that makes it harder to search and find a record to rip and post. Hope you understand. Till later.

Blind Birds LP (Stichting Art Music-08-024510-20-1988)
1. Scouts
2. Two Sides
3. Leaders
4. The Acorn
5. The Night
6. Blind Birds
7. Klan


Friday, November 20, 2009

Word Verification

Sorry for my regular visitors, but I get too much spam comments lately so I installed word verification. Saves me the trouble to erase all the idiocy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cyan Revue - Arm LP

Last release for Tobias Gruben with Cyan Revue. Third album after 'The Gift' mini-album and 'Four Wounds' LP. See my previous post for more info as well as Fritz Die Spinne's blog.
The first song is a bit hard to digest but the other songs are in the same vein as their previous releases. Think this is the hardest-to-find record of the band. My copy is a testpressing. A pretty short album too.

Arm LP (Yellow Ltd.-EFA 15008-08-1987)
1. I Give The Gun
2. Burdend
3. The Impossible
4. Ships
5. Gravesand
6. Sundown
7. The Stranger
8. Frozen Fields


Saturday, November 07, 2009

Holy Cow - Call It What You Will LP

Goth, tribal, industrial? Call it what you will as this is the 1st album of Holy Cow. Released on their own Head Chunk label in 1986.
'Noises' reminds me of Bauhaus. The last two tracks are more experimental sounds. Had to rip it as one track as it was impossible to seperate.
So if you liked their 2nd album posted here before, check this one out as well.

Call It What You Will LP (Head Chunk-LP30/60-01-1986)
1. Ichorous Pus
2. Noises
3. Field Of Things
4. Black & White
5. Work
6. Lady Cadava
8. This Always Happens (Segue-Pépéi)

Holy Cow

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Non Ext - The Night/The Trees 7"

Nice little record of this pretty unknown band. Non Ext were from Maastricht, a Dutch city near the Belgian border. It seems that they joined the Flanders Rock Concours as they are mentioned on the thank list.
Don't think Non Ext had a budget to make this 7" as it sounds a bit underproduced and the sleeve looks very cheap. Nonetheless an interesting band. The first song is the winner here.
No release date mentioned but I guess the early 80's.

Non Ext 7" (Donky Records-DONKEY 1-198?)
1. The Night
2. The Trees

Non Ext

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Persian Flowers - s/t 7"

Second release on Fourth Dimension Records, a label that is still active these days.

Here's the description from their site:
The one and only release of this Wasted Youth/Only Ones-tainted psychedelic group from mid-1984.
So if you're into 80's guitar postpunk with a psychedelic edge then check it out.
I know that Michael of the Return To The East blog is interested in this one. Check out Michael and Miguel's blog as they post some very interesting and obscure stuff.
Fourth Dimension Records was intially set up by Third Mind owner Gary Levermore, together with people from the Grim Humour fanzine, but after this release he was no longer involved.

Persian Flowers 7" (Fourth Dimension-FDS02-1984)
1. Someone Else's Sin
2. Summer Of Love

Persian Flowers

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Flowers - I Crush Bozo LP

Second full-length of these weirdos. See my previous post for all the info on Happy Flowers.
'Know' originally by Nick Drake.

I Crush Bozo LP (Homestead-HMS106-1-1988)
1. Get Me Off Of The Broiler Pan
2. I'm the Stupid One
3. More Mittens
4. Old Relatives
5. Get Paul's Head
6. Why Don't I Bleed
7. Fever Dream
8. Wire Brush
9. I've Got The Picnic Disease
10. Jellyfish Head
11. There's A Worm In My Hand
12. Know
13. Toenail Fear
14. Mrs. Butcher
15. My Frisbee Went Under A Lawnmower
16. I Saw My Picture On A Milk Carton

I Crush Bozo

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Basta Roc - Monument 7"

Punky postpunk from Basta Roc. Don't know anything about this band. There's some confusion on the origins of Basta Roc. It seems that this 7" was released in Sweden (according to the discogs submission but my copy doesn't show any relevant info) but I guess the band came from the UK. They also appear on the 'Out Of The Unknown' comp. LP and 'The Wycombe Compilation' comp. album (with the track 'Billy Bones'). So I expect Basta Roc to be a Wycombe band.
Any extra info appreciated.

Monument 7" (Proto-Noise-PN1-1981)
1. Monument
2. Trial

Basta Roc

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spina Bifida - Statues D'Ébène 12"

Here's a contribution by Alex of Infrastition.
A pretty rare 12" by a band called Spina Bifida. The band released it themselves in 1986. Already heard good things about this one and it surely wasn't a letdown. Three great songs in the best French coldwave tradition.
Spina Bifida formed in Bordeaux around 1986. They played about 20 gigs, opening for bands like Noir Desir, Jad Wio and Litfiba. The band split in 1989 with 2 members forming a new band called Spina. Never heard them but according to discogs, it's more in the EBM/techno style.
These are the only recordings by Spina Bifida.
Gratitude to Alex for ripping this 12" and making it available through this blog.

PS: I removed the link for the DZ Lectric LP as it's now available on CD with 4 bonus tracks.

Statues D'Ébène 12" (Self-released-1986)
1. Statues D'Ébène
2. Spina Bifida
3. Renaissance Du Froid

Spina Bifida

Saturday, October 03, 2009

V/A Mistral Musique Vol. 1 LP

Another great but mysterious compilation album out of France. Has 4 bands of which I don't have any info. I know that Ventre did a 7" in 1987. Don't think the other bands released anything else.
Very diverse new/cold wave stuff.
The album has absolutely no info. The Funeral Party tracks were recorded in Montpellier, so maybe all bands were from the area?
I also think that other volumes never happened.

V/A Mistral Musique Vol. 1 LP (Mistral Musique-MSM 001-1984)
1. Alea Jacta Est - But In My Dream
2. Alea Jacta Est - Mister Jo
3. Alea Jacta Est - Poor Lead Singer
4. Anthrax - Varsovie
5. Anthrax - Atlantes
6. Ventre - Base
7. Ventre - Malicia
8. Funeral Party - God's Coming Back
9. Funeral Party - A Coeur Joie
10. Funeral Party - Kabuki-Cho Street
11. Funeral Party - Rebellion
12. Funeral Party - "!!" (Rock Abstrait)

Mistral Musique

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holy Cow - Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP

2nd album of this experimental goth band from New England. Got this one in a trade with Fritz Die Spinne. And I'm very happy to discover this band.
Holy Cow are a league on their own. You can hear influences of Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes as well as Swans or more industrial outfits.
2nd side 'Apocalypse Cow' of the album is a live recording from 1987 at the Living Room in Providence, RI. '39 Lashes' taken from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
1st side 'Suggested Reading' are songs inspired by short stories:
'Blue Bottle Boy' by 'The Fly' by Arthur Porges
'Rep Fuck' by Stephen King's 'Granma'
'If I Laugh...' by Cornell Woolrich's 'The Screaming Laugh'
'Island' by Stephen King's 'Survivor Type'
Brenna is a short coda and ripped as one track with 'Island'.

Holy Cow on MySpace

Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP (Head Chunk Records-30/60-02 -1988)
1. Blue Bottle Boy
2. Rep Fuck
3. If I Laugh...
4. Island
5. Brenna
6. Kingly's Hunt
7. God/39 Lashes
8. Isolation
9. Ultimate Head

Holy Cow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fra Lippo Lippi - s/t 7"

Here's the very first release of Fra Lippo Lippi from Norway. The band needs no introduction I suppose. In the mainstream music world this band is known as a "one hit wonder" with 'Shouldn't Have To Be Like That'.
I think that many readers here have heard the 'In Silence' LP, their best moment. Even 'Small Mercies' is still a good effort but later the band went completely poppy and mainstream.
This 7" shows the band in another musical form. No vocals here and way more electronic. 3 minimal synth tracks on side A, one longer and darker, experimental track on the B side.

Fra Lippo Lippi 7" (Private-1980)
1. Tap Dance For Scientists
2. Do The Modern Pose
3. Dolls On Parade
4. Backdrops

Fra Lippo Lippi

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Afobia - Disagio MC

Here's another contribution by Rosario.
This tape was released in 1994 and Rosario knows some of the band members. He ripped this tape for a friend who is a DJ to use in his set. It took him quite some effort to get the sound better. He doesn't want his effort to be wasted so offers it to me to post here.
This cassette EP was released by the band. some members later in the more rock-oriented Frangar Non Flectar.
Good post-punk with influences from Joy Division, Killing Joke and Diaframma. Let us know what you think of it.

1 Disagio
2 Nel Silenzio
3 V.
4 Moderne
5 Un Sogno
6 Appuntamento


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kronstadt - A Demain... MLP

Here's a contribution by Dougal.
French punk/postpunk band from Paris that only released this mini-album on New Wave in 1985. They also appear on the comp. album 'France Profonde 1'.
For the rest, I can't tell much more. Some songs are punk, others are more postpunk sounding. One track 'Elle' is even dub/reggae style.

Had to take the image from here. Only page I could find on Kronstadt. If you need a bigger one, there's a picture of it on Discogs.

A Demain... MLP (New Wave-NW014-1985)
1. Désarmement
2. F.L.I.C.
3. Kalachnikoff
4. Souterrain
5. Baptême
6. Elle


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strahler - 2 x 12"

Here's another French band I know nothing about. This isn't some cold wave or so. Pretty heavy postpunk sound. Hard to describe.
Oddly enough, the band released 2 versions of the same record, one sung in English, the other one in German. Don't know what the purpose could be.
Well there's is a small difference on both records. Listen to the beginning of the 2nd track and you'll hear.
The English version is way harder to find than the German one.
Both 12"s were released on Contorsion, a label that also released records of Baroque Bordello, Movement, Les Provisoires, The Bonaparte's and Opéra De Nuit.
Strahler also appear on the Garage Recordse cover comp. '1966 Garage 1970' with a version of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'.
Anyone who has more info on Strahler?

Strahler 1st 12" (Contorsion-CNT.002-1984)
1. Between Four Walls
2. A War Relation
3. A Love Murderous

Strahler 2nd 12" (Contorsion-CNT.003-1984)
1. Zwischen Vier Wanden
2. Bezug Zum Krieg
3. Mörderische Liebe


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Selenite Vox/Les Abscons - Split 10"

And here's the first release on Prinzip Products.
A pretty rare split 10" released in 1982 in an oversized fold-out sleeve.
Selenite Vox came from Le Havre and offer 4 tracks of experimental synth stuff. One of their tracks was comped on the New Wave Complex boot series.
Les Abscons were from Lyon and offer 3 tracks of experimental weirdness. As far as I know this is their only release.
The label was named after Prinzip, the person who got arrested for shooting Franz Ferdinand. The start of WWI.
I scanned the whole sleeve for your viewing pleasure.

Selenite Vox/Les Abscons - Split 10" (Prinzip Products-00100 AB-1982)
1. Selenite Vox - Les Usines
2. Selenite Vox - Sans Titre 1
3. Selenite Vox - Voix Dans Le Tunnel
4. Selenite Vox - Sans Titre 2
5. Les Abscons - Cinq Minutes Trente
6. Les Abscons - Troix Vingt Cinq
7. Les Abscons - Troix Quinze

New link!
Selenite Vox/Les Abscons

Saturday, August 15, 2009

V/A Lyon Compilation LP

Interesting document of what was going on in French city Lyon early 1983. This album compiles the 6 best young bands from the area, excluding 'Les Abscons' (they did a split 10" with Selenite Vox).
All bands recorded at the same rehearsal room on cheap recording material so don't expect high quality recordings here.
Lust Sacrifice released a 7" called 'Hearting'. International Sin released an album 'Out' in 1985 on Contorsion. Don't think the other bands released anything else.
This was the 2nd release on Prinzip Products. First one is the Selenite Vox/Les Abscons split 10" which I will post next weekend.

A few notes: both tracks of Lust Sacrifice recorded as one track.
There are 3 song titles mentioned for La Cour Des Miracles but only 2 are on the album.
At the end of side B, Baat-Baal start a 3rd song but ends abruptly.

V/A Lyon Compilation LP (Prinzip Products-00200 AF-1983)
1. Lust Sacrifice - Vision
2. Lust Sacrifice - Ghost Sailer
3. Discipline - Souvenir Of Departure
4. Discipline - Honour & Past
5. La Cour Des Miracles - La Noblesse Déchue Des Bas Quartiers
6. La Cour Des Miracles - Le Royaume Des Enfants Perdus
7. Le Pacte Noir - Vacuum
8. Le Pacte Noir - 1er Novembre
9. International Sin - The Bal
10. International Sin - White Zombie
11. Baat-Baal - Taboo Death
12. Baat-Baal - L'Art Ou Plantage

Lyon Compilation

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Academy Of Unrest - s/t 12"

3 track 12" of Academy Of Unrest. The band came from St. Helens, UK.
They also appear with one track on the 'Elegance, Charm And Deadly Danger' comp. album on Push Records in 1985.
Nice postpunk with a goth touch although nothing groundbreaking.
First release on local label Dead Fly Records, also responsible for releases of electronic-psychedelic rockers Poisoned Electrick Head.

Academy Of Unrest 12" (Dead Fly Records-ACAD 001-1985)
1. Sheol Hex
2. Rise Of Doubt
3. Hope

Academy Of Unrest

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shadowboys / Syncopation / Treatment Room

OK, here's three 7"s of early postpunk/wave bands I know next to nothing about.
Just wanted to post these before a well-earned summer break.
Enjoy and leave comments if you know more about these.

Shadowboys - Waiting For Tomorrow 7" (Pete-Nik Records-DNF 1A-1983)
1. Waiting For Tomorrow
2. Out Of Reach


Syncopation - Marking Time 7" (Fascimile Liasons-AFL 4-1982)
1. Marking Time
2. Syncopation


Treatment Room - Awayday 7" (Plug Records-PLUG 001-1981)
1. Awayday
2. Shapes

Treatment Room

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dark Arts - Carnival Of Lost Souls CD

Thanks to Rainy Day Sponge for this contribution.
This is the second release of Dark Arts. The 'Long Way From Brigadoon' mini-album was released in 1986 on Chicago label Ruthless Records (Effigies, Naked Raygun, Big Black,... ). It took 5 years for the follow-up. 'Carnival Of Lost Souls' was released on vinyl and CD on Nate Starkman & Son, orignally a US label but this one was issued in Germany. The CD has 3 bonus tracks (the last 3 songs) and is harder to find than the LP.
Dark, ethereal wave with some Eastern influence. Core member is Stephanie Payne.
Dark Arts also appear on the 'October Country' comp. LP.
For more info check the official site here.

Carnival Of Lost Souls CD (Nate Starkman & Son-none-1991)
1. Quicksand
2. Autumn Red
3. Forty Fourth Sunset
4. Fractions
5. Oceanus
6. Anastasia
7. Chemia
8. Selene
9. Egeria
10. Follow Me Laura
11. Somewhere Between Yesterday And Today
12. Shining Sea
13. Belle Reeve
14. The More Things Stay The Same

Carnival Of Lost Souls

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Loved One - " ...... Further Observations" Reissue

Thanks to Dryden Hawkins for sending me this CD.
" ...... Further Observations" is The Loved One's 2nd album, a cassette-only release from 1982.
It contains recordings from 1979 to 1982 of which the title track is the definitive version of the track 'Observations' that appeared on the Some Bizarre comp. album.
I posted their 3rd album "Locate And Cement" a few years ago. This album is somehow more accessible and less experimental than "Locate And Cement" but it has that typical The Loved One sound.
All the albums will be remastered and reissued in the coming years so watch out for these.
A new album "SET" will be released next year.
For more info on The Loved One and to obtain the CD:


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Vonbrigði - s/t 7" EP

Thanks to A Taste Of Hysteria for this contribution. One of those almost impossible to find records out of Iceland. The album is already hard to find but this one is even more rare.
For those who dig the early Icelandic punk/postpunk sounds like Þeyr, Purrkur Pillnikk, Tappi Tikarrass,...

Vonbrigði 7" (Gramm Records-GRAMM 11-1982)
1. Sjalfsmorð
2. Eitthvað Annað
3. Börnin þin
4. Skitseyði


Saturday, June 27, 2009

A.T.R.O.X. - The Night's Remains LP

As requested, here's the first album of this enigmatic Italian band.
Can't add any extra info but it's as interesting as their follow-up posted a while ago.
Most of the tracks are instrumental. 3 long tracks on side A, 5 shorter ones on the other side.
They thank Tuxedomoon for the help of the realization of this album.
Trinciato Forte was a small Italian label that released besides this LP: Pattona 'Reclame' MLP, Blitz 'Attenti A Voi' 7" and Underground Life 'Cross' 12" and probably a few others I don't know. Never heard any of these.

The Night's Remains LP (Trinciato Forte-TFLP 001-1982)
1. Carnival Foods
2. Across The Meadow
3. The Night's Remains (including Storm's Fragments and Spring)
4. Agreements With The New Day
5. Against The Odds
6. New York Race Track
7. Voices
8. New York Race Track / 20

Link removed. Buy the 2CD on Spittle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tattoo Hosts Vision On! - s/t LP

While uploading, I checked for more info on this band and I've seen that Mutant Sounds already posted it. Well it's been more than 2 years ago, so I'm going to post it anyway (it's a higher bitrate rip as well).

Not much info to be found on this minimal wave/synth band except that the main man here is Ada Wilson who also appears on the 'Hicks From The Sticks' comp. LP posted here before.

All songs were written by Wilson except the 2 instrumental tracks 'Red Pictures' and 'To Reason Why' by Dave Whittaker , and the weird 'Fantasy Island' by Ian Nelson.

Tattoo Hosts Vision On! LP (Ambergris-AGM 1-1980)
1. Whirlpool Of Noise
2. Red Pictures
3. Empty Building
4. No Second Home
5. Secrets
6. Cocoon
7. To Reason Why
8. Fantasy Island
9. Shattered, Unspoken
10. Civilised Make-Up
11. Dust Of Dead Ghosts

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Every New Dead Ghost - Visions 7"

Around 1984 it seemed that the original goth/posi-punk sound died. Most bands split up, The Cult went 70's rock (even on their first album 'Dreamtime' the tribal drumming was gone), The Sisters resurrected but never managed to get the same level as their previous works.

Around the same time, some new members took over the sound: Altered States, Nosferatu, Stiff Kittens, Restoration, Sins Of The Flesh and the well-known Fields Of The Nephilim.

Nottingham's Every New Dead Ghost was also one of those bands and one of the most interesting. More rock than ethereal, more punk than dark.

'Visions' is the band's very first output, released by themselves. Strong song material but the recording quality is a letdown unfortunately. Pressing 6 mins. on each side on a 45 RPM 7" is asking for trouble I guess. Would've sound better on a 12" or 33 RPM 7". As it was self-released, I think the band was on a tight budget, with no label behind them.

Every New Dead Ghost released the 'Ascension' 12"s and 3 albums before they split in 1992.

There's a retrospective CD available on Strobelight Records.

Visions 7" (self-released-1986)
1. Visions
2. Friends In High Places
3. Nez Perce

Every New Dead Ghost

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

Pretty obscure mini-album of this Dutch 'fake new wave' band. Musicians Ronald Heiloo and Harold Schellinx are behind this band, together with French singer Lucien Santoro. 'Agonie Ajournée' is one of the two fake bands that released an album at the same time as the other one, called Bogdan Wlosik. This one can be found on Mutant Sounds.
Heiloo and Schellinx, together with Tim Benjamin (who did the artwork on this record) were in Young Lions before.
Heiloo and Schellinx also ran Amphibious Records which released records of their own projects. They also did an album 'Commuters' with Dagmar Krause.
No Longer Forgotten Music posted Young Lions and 3 singles on Amphibious. Still looking for the 'Under Western Eyes' double 7".

Amphibious Records Discography:
A 001 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - A Twilight Smile 7"
A 002 Ronald Heiloo - In Time Of Panic 7"
A 003 Young Lions - s/t MC
A 004 Young Lions - Small World MC
A 005 Harold Schellinx - Ranks 7"
A 006/007 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo - Under Western Eyes Do7"
A 008 Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - Commuters Book
A 009 Commuters - s/t LP
A 010 Bogdan Wlosik - s/t LP
A 011 Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

UPDATE!!! Harold found some unplayed copies of Amphibious releases. So for those interested, go to Amphibious Records.

Agonie Ajournée LP (1984)
1. L'Héritage
2. La Parade Sauvage
3. L'Heure Des Assassins

Link removed. You can get the album HERE.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Skinner Box - s/t LP

Skinner Box was the project of Julianna Towns (ex-Peace Corpse). On her first album she had lots of help of Mark Erskine, member of Savage Republic. Skinner Box was one of the first bands to produce what was later often referred to as "heavenly voices". But it will appeal also to those who like later Savage Republic or 17 Pygmies. Julianna Towns has also worked with Black Tape For A Blue Girl.

2 albums followed, 'The Playhouse' and 'The Imaginary Heart Of', both also released as 1 CD.

All albums originally released on Bobok, Ltd (seems to be a Toxic Shock sublabel) but my copy is a pressing on Fundamental. Other releases on Bobok include albums of Billy Atwell, Insulin Reaction and Jack Endino.

The Insulin Reaction LP (plus first 7") can be found on Goutroy's blog.

Skinner Box LP (Fundamental Music-SAVE 64-1988)
1. Drowning Street
2. Field Of Holes
3. Slide Of Glass
4. Grenadine
5. A Low Bird
6. The Turnaround
7. Proud Flesh
8. Filed Under R
9. Born To Be Ice
10. At The Portal

Link removed

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cyan Revue - The Gift 12"

First ever vinyl release of this outstanding postpunk band from Hamburg, Germany.
For more on Cyan Revue, visit Fritz Die Spinne's blog. And don't forget to read the comments for more information.
Tobias Gruben was later in Die Erde and Heroina. He passed away in 1996.
I included their contribution on the mostly HC/punk comp. LP 'Life Is A Joke Vol. 2' as bonus, as it is exclusive to their albums.

The Gift 12" (Cyan Records-CR0184-1984)
1. Dock 11
2. Seven-Eyed-Horse
3. Resight
4. Last Voice
5. Wasps
6. Intoxication
Bonus track from V/A Life Is A Joke Vol. 2 LP (Weird System-1986)
7. Cyanide Repressative

The Gift

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fracture - A Sign 7"

Here's another cool postpunk gem from the UK. Think this is the only release of Fracture. And as with many of these, no info to be found.

A Sign 7" (Shock Records-SHOCK 1-1982)
1. A Sign
2. The End Of All Time


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sacred Bones Records proudly presents...

Caleb of Sacred Bones Records has 2 releases out that you should check out.

First one is the 13th Chime LP which contains all three singles and a few unreleased songs. This is the first part of the 13th Chime discography as another LP follows which should've been their full-length that never got released back in the day. For those not interested in vinyl, a full discography CD will be released as well in the future.

Second one is of The Cultural Decay. I posted their first 7" before so you should know them. Great cold wave from Belgium. 2 editions exist: one on vinyl with both singles and a few rehearsal/demo tracks. The CD version has more unissued songs.

Sacred Bones Records

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Airmail - In A Moment/No Human Feeling 7"

Here's an interesting 7" of a band called Airmail. Released in 1979 on their own Graffiti label.
Don't know anything about them but if you dig the early Siouxsie & The Banshees sound than you'll probably like this one too. Vocals are similar to the one of Siouxsie and both tracks are somewhat monotonous songs.

Airmail 7" (Graffiti-GIT 01-1979)
1. In A Moment
2. No Human Feeling


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Into A Circle links removed

Just want to let you know that I removed all download links for the Into A Circle records. The reason is that I found out that Cherry Red put out a discography CD recently. So better support the indie labels and buy that CD if you really need it.

Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

V/A Essai LP

Hard-to-find but quality compilation on Facteurs D'Ambiance. This label was run by the people behind Martin Dupont who, off course appear on this one as well.
The other more well known band is L'Enfance Eternelle. They released two albums that are quite rare but a discography has been released on Infrastition.
Begin Says later shortened their name to B. Says 'cos of a dispute with a French sugar mark.
Men For Ben only released these songs.
For those interested, the Martin Dupont albums have recently been re-released on Infrastition. All are much sought after so take your chance to get them for a fair price. Also check for more cult cold wave re-releases as well.


V/A Essai LP (Facteurs D'Ambiance-AA 33 001-1988)
1. Martin Dupont - Andreï Roublev
2. Martin Dupont - Hidden Inside
3. Martin Dupont - Just Because...
4. Men For Ben - Les Crevettes
5. Men For Ben - Okorakor
6. Men For Ben - Vous
7. Martin Dupont - I Love The Lovers
8. Begin Says - Arbeit
9. Begin Says - The Begin
10. Begin Says - Lenine Said
11. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Clowns
12. L'Enfance Eternelle - Les Longs Rivages
13. Martin Dupont - Pellicola


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A.T.R.O.X. - Water Tales LP

I must admit that my knowledge of Italian postpunk/wave is quite limited. Too bad there's no site dedicated to it like the French New Wave one.
A.T.R.O.X. was one of those bands that always intrigued me but info is very scarce. Once read they were 'Tuxedomoon-like'. Not that A.T.R.O.X. are Tuxedomoon copyists, it's more a matter of musical approach. It's the atmosphere of the songs that make this album a fine listen. Actually you can't compare A.T.R.O.X. with anything else. 'From The Highest Rock' is the hardest track on it especially of the use of some guitar-like sound in overdrive. The B-side has some shorter instrumentals.
'Water Tales' is the band's second album. Both their records aren't easy to find these days although this one shows up for sale more than the first one. It was released on the bigger Italian indie label Contempo. The first one 'The Night's Remains' was released on the small label Trinciato Forte. Couldn't find a copy yet but I would really like to hear it. You could make me happy with a decent rip of it. I also want to hear how the band evolved from their early stuff to this one.
As stated on the back sleeve: this album collects some tales that might suggest you about the future effects of the famous mixture of hydrogenum and oxygene.

Water Tales LP (Contempo-L.P. 001-1984)
1. Overture To The Tales
2. Overflow Me
3. From The Highest Rock
4. The Warm Current
5. In The Playtime
6. Frosting Of Cloudless Nights
7. At The Surface
8. The Journey
9. Time Is Like A Whale
10. To The Nile's Delta

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Spartacus - Crank 12"

This is probably my first Australian post here.
I Spartacus was recommended to me by a few people and it's indeed a great record. Strongly influenced by the dark UK goth sound.
The 'Crank' 12" was released by the band in 1988. But they already existed as Dog For Jonathon, later I'm Spartacus, already from the early 80's. Their first release as I'm Spartacus is the 'Donna Is Distressed' 7" from 1983.
After the 'Crank' 12" followed the 'The Greats' LP. Never heard this one but they were going for a more mainstream approach I was told, although still an enjoyable listen.
For those interested in the history of band, should check this page here.

Crank 12" (No Label-1988)
1. Prelude To The Greats
2. Paramount
3. In Rome Like Chicago
4. It Never Can Happen Again
5. This Love Alive
6. The Sound Barrier

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I Spartacus

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bed Of Nails - Prey Upon The Wheel 12"

Well let's make Fritz happy with this one.
Bed Of Nails were from Minneapolis and only released this 12". It's late 80's indie/goth rock with an extra role for the violin. Also has female vocals. She's called Data and also plays keyboards and acoustic guitar.
No further info to be found on Bed Of Nails.

Prey Upon The Wheel 12" (Vore Productions-VRR 8801-1988)
1. Islam
2. Girls
3. Alex
4. Denium Tribe

Bed Of Nails

Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Modest Proposal - s/t LP

Thanks to Capa Nostra Syndicate for letting me post this record that I wanted to hear for a long time. Never heard it before but I was intrigued because it's on the Rosebud label of Mekanik Kommando after they were dropped from Wereld Record (an EMI sublabel).
It didn't disappoint me listening to this one. Great electronic, sometimes experimental wave with female vocals.
Keyboardplayer Bert Van De Grift later active in many other electronic/techno acts. He passed away in 2005, aged 41.
Only 500 pressed, fetching over 100 euro on eBay. Hopefully it gets reissued one day.

This is a high quality rip (320) including front & back sleeve scans.

A Modest Proposal LP (Rosebud-RBD 0100-1986)
1. Ite Missa Est
2. Hamna
3. The Experience Of Falling
4. Rain Disturbs
5. New Way Out
6. The Clearing
7. Shed But Not Wasted
8. Love Mania

A Modest Proposal (Mediafire)

A Modest Proposal (Rapidshare)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Surface Mutants - Anaesthetic 7"

Here's the first release of the Surface Mutants, a not so wellknown band out of Sheffield.
They can be compared to Clock DVA or Cabaret Voltaire, although a bit less experimental.
First time I heard them through the Fantod Under Glass blog, who posted the 'You Take Me Somewhere Strange' 12" which is the band's second release.
To complete the discography, Surface Mutants also appeared on the 'Four From The Floor' comp. 7", together with Hula, Bass Tone Trap and They Must Be Russians. Check also other posts on this recently discovered and interesting blog No Recordshops Left.
So for those with a strong interest in the early 80's Sheffield bands a definitely must!

Anaesthetic 7" (Clönic-CLÖNIC 1-1982)
1. Anaesthetic
2. When Are We? (Now We Are)

Surface Mutants

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Secret Troop - Frequency 7" / Junction 16 EP 12"

Here's the other band besides Ides Of March ( posted a while ago) that released a record on the small RS Records label.
The 'Junction 16 EP' is the first release on that label. Prior to this one, Secret Troop did a self-released 7" 'Frequency'. This one came without a sleeve.
That's all I know about the band. Nothing spectacular but good enough to check out.

Frequency 7" (no label-SRT5KS471-1985)
1. Frequency
2. Secret Troop

Junction 16 EP 12" (RS Records-RSAT 1-1985)
1. Waiting For A Call
2. Concrete Garden
3. Situation Red

Secret Troop

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Poors Of Reign - Cherish/Ordinary 7"

Very first release of this Manchester postpunk/indie band.
Can't find a lot of info on the net. Seems that they were active until the early 90's with other records released that I never heard (as Poors Of Reign). This includes the 'Plenty' mini-album, 'Soundtrack Of The Film' 12", 'Weird Scenes Inside The Cyprus' 12" and the 'Wrecked' LP.
I like this one 'cos it has a bit of Echo & The Bunnymen in the sound.
Chris Yates (trumpet & vocals) is now a painter and part of the Stuckist movement. He also did the cover artwork of all their records (except this one I guess).

Cherish/Ordinary 7" (Lo-Type Records-LYT001-1986)
1. Cherish
2. Ordinary

The Poors Of Reign

Haunted Staircase - "Flutters" 7"

Another obscure gem from the UK. Don't know when this 7" was released but I guess mid-80's.
Haunted Staircase claim this single as a homage to Hitchcock as they use the cut-up technique used by Hitchcock in his films.
They also wanted to create a new kind of love song as well as a new kind of dance music. There's a manifesto that accompanies this 7" which I scanned and included in the file.
Actually it's quite nice synthpop with a cabaret-like feel.

"Flutters" 7" (Rabbit Records Ltd-STEW 101-198?)
1. Flutters (A New Kind Of Love Song)
2. Something For The Children (A New Kind Of Lullaby)

Haunted Staircase

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fatal Gift - The Watch 7"

Another obscure new wave band here. Fatal Gift were from Gresford, Wrexham, UK. Probably their only release. 2 nice wave tracks with synth.

The Watch 7" (Yucca Records-YR/FG/184-1984)
1. The Watch
2. So Dear So Cheap

Fatal Gift

Plastic Surgery - Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7"

Another band I learned to know through Sorrow-Vomit.
Plastic Surgery were from Dundee, Scotland. This 7" is their only release I guess. The A-side is a great goth punk track while the B-side sounds more generic punk to me. Also it drags on too long IMO.
No further info to be found.

Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7" (Watch Out! Records-PSG 1-1986)
1. Torment
2. Surgery Looks Nice... At A Price

Plastic Surgery

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Masoch - s/t 12"

Pretty rare 12" of this French new wave/synthpop band.
Before this 12" came the split 7" with Les Provisoires in 1982 which you can find here.
Not much to be found on Masoch so any extra info is welcome.
Quite cheesy cover artwork.

Masoch 12" (XIS-XS 2002-1984)
1. Petit Valet
2. Strip-Tease
3. Barcelone
4. Des Poils Sur Moi
5. Quand Musclée


Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Hook'n'Pull Gang - Pour It Down Yer Throat/Gasoline 7"

Discovered this great 7" on Texas Jumblesales (RIP) a few years ago, run by English Paul. I found a copy myself recently so I can offer it here as well.
The Hook'n'Pull Gang were 2 girls/1 boy playing indie rock with goth influence.
Guitarplayer Rita Blazyca was later a member of Die Cheerleader.
So for those who missed it the first time, here's your chance.

Pour It Down Yer Throat/Gasoline 7" (Bitch Hog Records-BITCH 1-1987)
1. Pour It Down Yer Throat
2. Gasoline

The Hook'n'Pull Gang