Saturday, June 30, 2007

Flue - Vista LP

Second album of this Dutch wave band. Quite different from the first one as only one member Edward Gijsen remains from the original line-up. This album was co-created with Cor Bolten, once member of Mecano, who joined Edward Gijsen after Mecano split up. If you like the 'Autoportrait' LP of Mecano, you will like this one too.
The 'Vista' LP was originally released on Torso, but there is also a French pressing on Divine.
The first album 'One And A Half' will be posted later. This one has been re-released on CD in 2004 but is impossible to find these days.

Vista LP (Torso Records-Torso 335-1983)
1. Esmafarja
2. Some-Times
3. Legacy
4. Prolusion
5. Topic
6. Refuge
7. Passionate
8. Hermit

Link removed. Buy the reissue on CD on Infrastition.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ausgang A-Go-Go - Los Descamisados MLP

Last release of Ausgang. For this release the band added A-Go-Go to their name.
First 6 tracks can be found on Side A that plays on 33 RPM. 'Turn On Tonic' is the B Side and plays on 45 RPM. This track is the only one that made it to the Ausgang anthology CD. Now here's your chance to hear the other songs.

Los Descamisados MLP (Shakedown-AUS MLP 002-1987)
1. Itchy Fingers A-Go-Go
2. Tumbleweed
3. Wasted Land
4. Batos Locos
5. Bad Hand
6. Iron & Clay
7. Turn On Tonic

Los Descamisados

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Siglo XX - Dreams Of Pleasure 12"

Last release of Siglo XX early style. 'Dreams Of Pleasure (II)' is a reworked version of a song that appeared on their first mini album.
The other 2 tracks were also released as a 7" in the UK, to promote the band overthere but I guess without success. This -rare- 7" was issued on small label Paragon Records who also released fine records of In The Nursery, Biting Tongues and Leitmotiv.

Dreams Of Pleasure 12" (Antler Records-Antler 020-1983)
1. Dreams Of Pleasure (II)
2. In The Garden
3. Silent House

Siglo XX (re-up)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Gentry - Fragments Of Truth LP

Unknown but excellent wave band from Wormer, Holland. 'Fragments Of Truth' is their first album. You can hear some influences of The Sound or Echo & The Bunnymen.
The Gentry released another album in 1986 called 'Solitary'.
The Gentry also appeared on the 'Emma' double LP comp. which was a benefit for the Amsterdam squat with the same name.

Fragments Of Truth LP (Enclosure Productions-Enclosure 002-1984)
1. All The Faceless People
2. Mortal Ride
3. The Threat
4. Fragments Of Truth
5. After The Fact
6. Indifference
7. Escape
8. Senses
9. Too Many Of You
10. Visions Of A Landscape

The Gentry (new link)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pigbros - From Now On This Will Be Your Ideal Life LP

English Paul of the sadly missed Texas Jumblesales blog planned to post this album. Now you can have it from me.
Sole full length of this Birmingham outfit. Not as good as the 'The Blubberhouses' 12". But it's quite rare. Released on the small label Cake Records and as far as I know the only LP released besides a batch of 12"s.
Lyrics are great as always and I dig the sober artwork. The picture of the coffin goes well with the title.

From Now On This Will Be Your Ideal Life LP
(Cake Records-LP CAKE 1-1987)
1. Face Of Baby
2. Past Caring
3. Cheap Life
4. From Now On This Will Be Your Ideal Life
5. Skin Deep Theories
6. Still Goes On
7. Stones
8. Dumb Question
9. All Of Nothing
10. The Way Things Currently Are


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our Heroes - Now The Scars Are Healing 12"

One and only release of Our Heroes. This 12" was released on Icon Records, the label of Seventh Séance.
Postpunk with a goth touch, female vocals not unlike Mich Ebeling of Look Back In Anger. Almost no guitars but leads were played on sax with a moody touch.
I hope Winston sees this so he could provide some more info on Our Heroes.

Now The Scars Are Healing 12" (Icon Records-IC 004-1984)
1. (Now The) Scars (Are Healing)
2. Fantasenile
3. The Aura

Our Heroes

Saturday, June 16, 2007

V/A Systembeat LP

Here's volume 4 of the 1 In 12 Club series. All bands played in the club during 1984.
Again a lot of diverse stuff. Moody postpunk by The Effect, GodDog and Dik Dik Dimorphic, Ron Johnson bands A Witness and Big Flame, electronic stuff by Citron Girls and Son Of Sam and even some ska by Spectre.

V/A Systembeat LP (1 In 12 Club-1in12 004-1985)
1. Indiscriminate Hoax Fund - Bulkhead
2. A Witness - Camera
3. The Effect - No Place
4. Spectre - Ideal Home
5. The Blood Brothers - We Steal
6. Big Flame - Debra
7. The In-Stinks - My Mama's Dead
8. GodDog - Mood Music For A British Empire
9. Citron Girls - How I Made A Million $ By Leading Two And A Half Lives For The F.B.I.
10. Category"A" - Assassination
11. The Men From The Mountains - Trembling
12. Dig Vis Drill - I'm Hip, I'm Vain
13. Dik Dik Dimorphic - In Egypt
14. Vegetable Section - Fruitcake Jake
15. The Sinister Cleaners - Rise Up
16. Son Of Sam - Charmaigne


Friday, June 15, 2007

Seventh Séance on the net

Just got a comment lately from Winston Detleiv to announce the launch of the Seventh Séance website. There's a lot of info to be found on the band with a complete discography, biography and picture gallery. Really worth checking out as there's no other info to be found otherwise.
Winston is working on a CD compiling the recordings he made after the 'Another Empty Face' 12".
Winston resides in New Zealand nowadays and is planning to record new stuff as Seventh Séance again.
Let's hope he is willing to re-release the early tapes.

Here's the link: Seventh Séance Website

You can leave a comment on the 'Latest News' page.

And for the Myspace junkies: Seventh Séance Myspace

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Esprits Animaux - Whip Of Passion LP

Sole release of this Dutch wave band. The band name is French and stands for Animal Ghosts.
Couldn't find any other info. This record was released on Poppidisk, the label of Dutch band Poppi UK.
Check it out.

Oh yeah, I've changed to Mediafire for the moment as I already tried for 2 days using Quicksharing without result.

Whip Of Passion LP (Poppidisk-ELP 198540-1985)
1. Morning Train
2. Solingen
3. We've Had It
4. It Must Be Great
5. Society House
6. Nearest Exit

Esprits Animaux

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Midnight Choir - Kiss 12"

First release of this postpunk/wave band. Couldn't find any info on The Midnight Choir. This 12" and the follow-up 'Gideon Turtle And The Midnight Choir' 12" released on Artery's A Golden Dawn label. Also produced by Simon Hinkler of Artery.
Besides the mentioned releases, The Midnight Choir went on to release the 'Trussed By Buddha' LP on Probe Plus, the 'Hallelujah' 12" and 'Wormbelly Grin' LP on Native Records. Never heard these.
Any additional info more than welcome.

Kiss 12" (A Golden Dawn-G.D.1201-1983)
1. Kiss
2. Leanora's Bedtime Stories
3. Suffer The Children


Saturday, June 09, 2007

V/A Enemies Of The State LP

Third compilation of the well-known 1 In 12 Club from Bradford. This club is still around and is the only autonomously run club in the UK. I've been there a few times in the 90's.
I don't know if the club still releases compilations but I don't think so.
Actually, this is the first one on vinyl. The first 2 are tape-only releases (Anyone out there who has these?).
A lot of diverse stuff here and all in DIY production which adds to the charm. The track of The Three Johns can only be found here. Eton Crop and The Ex are Dutch bands, all the others are from the UK. Wild Willi Beckett and Dirk Spig are poets. And those who enjoy some gothy postpunk need to listen to Requiem.
I also have the fourth volume 'Systembeat' that I will post later.

V/A Enemies Of The State LP (1 In 12 Club-1In12 003-1984)
1. Eton Crop - Boringisms
2. Requiem - Spartan Life
3. Surfin' Dave & The B'Nee Teas - Exchange & Mart
4. Sweet Life - In A World Of My Own
5. The Mighty Clifton Brothers - Eldridge
6. Chinese Gangster Element - World's On Fire
7. Wild Willi Beckett - Privelige
8. The Word - Boys Choir
9. The Three Johns - Bloop
10. Chronic - Who Cares
11. The Ex - The Big Zzzleep
12. Seven Antelopes - Eat People
13. The Convulsions - Media Punx
14. Dirk Spig - The Russians Are Coming
15. Household Name - The Race Is On

New link!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Shrubs - 12"s

One of the best bands on the Ron Johnson label. They formed in Watford in 1985. Nick Hobbs was once a member of Stump but was kicked out for 'being too serious'. The Shrubs were initially called the Kevin Staples Band.
The 'Full Steam Into The Brainstorm' 12" is the band's first release. Phil Roberts plays on this record but left to play with Marc Riley With The Creepers. He was replaced by Steve Brockley and later by Mark Grebby of Splat!.
The 'Blackmailer' 12" is the band's second release. The last two tracks are taken from a John Peel session. After this one came the full length 'Take Me Aside For A Midnight Harangue'. After the Ron Johnson label folded, they released the 'Another Age' 12" and 'Vessels Of The Heart' LP on Public Domain.
The Shrubs also contributed on the well-known C86 tape released by music mag NME.

Full Steam Into The Brainstorm 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 10-1986)
1. Carbreaker
2. Dead Teachers
3. Warm Sea
4. Black Saloons
5. The Dealer
6. Bullfighter

Blackmailer 12" (Ron Johnson-ZRON 17-1986)
1. Blackmailer
2. Rivers Of Toads
3. Assassin
4. Animal


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Silent Scream - s/t 7"

OK, I'm back. The lightning fried my modem so it has been replaced today.
The Silent Scream is another goth wave band from Barnsley. This 7" was their only release. They also appeared with one track on the 'Bites & Stabs' comp. LP on Torment Records.
Drummer Dean Ormston also played with The Second Coming, another interesting band from Barnsley. He also did the artwork for the record.
Recommended !

The Silent Scream 7" (Pure Motorised Instinct Records-PMI 001-1984)
1. Handstands
2. Jagged Path

The Silent Scream

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Cassandra Complex - Datakill 12"

The 'Datakill' 12" is the third release of The Cassandra Complex. Uptempo title track, the two tracks on the B side are more atmospheric, especially 'Three Cities'.
I'm having PC problems for the moment. Lightning struck on my internet connection so I need to take my PC to the shop. Hopefully tomorrow the problem will be solved. Otherwise it will take some days.
Thanks to Cranio for letting me post this one here.

Datakill 12" (Rouska Records-COME 5T-1986)
1. Datakill
2. Wintry Weather Song
3. Three Cities

Datakill (re-up)