Tuesday, July 15, 2008

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP

Thanks to Tristan.Koreya for this kind donation.
Here's the quite rare cold wave/synth comp. LP released on New Wave Records from France.
The album has 5 bands each doing 2 songs.
I must admit I never heard of most bands here. Magnétique Bleu is the band Of Christian dezert, also known as DZ Lectric. The song 'Geister' also appeared on the 'Be Eclectic!'LP I posted a while ago.
Dazibao existed for quite some time and released a few singles, a 12" on New Wave and a few albums. This is the first time I heard them so I don't know which are interesting.
All the other bands only appeared on this comp. as far as I know.
Contrary to the label name, New Wave released mostly punk and hardcore records. Other wave acts are Norma Loy (1st 12") and Kronstadt.

As always, you can find alot of info on the French New Wave site.

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP (New Wave-NW-011-1985)
1. Analoid - Désespoir Désespéré
2. Dazibao - L'Bent
3. Magnétique Bleu - Proxy
4. Near Death Experience - Le Pendu
5. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays
6. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Le Maudit
7. Near Death Experience - Except Me
8. Magnétique Bleu - Geister
9. Dazibao - Les Tambours Lointains
10. Analoid - Sans Issue

Le Cimetière Des Passions

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Neon Rome - New Heroin LP

I think this album was requested some time ago by Roman Empire. Finally found a copy as it doesn't turn up for sale alot.
A Neon Rome was from Toronto, Canada and existed from 1984 to 1987.
First I didn't have any info but a biography can be found on Punk History Canada.
An interesting fact is that their sound was inspired by playing a record of Psychic TV on the wrong speed. Also the band didn't have real songs so most of the tracks on this album were jams.
There is a second album recorded 'All The Children Are In' but I guess this was never released.
Singer Neal became disillusioned with all the success and took a vow of silence.
The 'New Heroin' album was released in Canada on Fringe Product but my copy is the French pressing on New Rose.

A Neon Rome on MySpace

New Heroin LP (New Rose-ROSE 111-1987)
1. Windowsill
2. The Magical Summer Of '85
3. You Should Fear Us
4. Society Rag
5. Islam
6. The Prayer
7. Cums A Wolf

A Neon Rome (new link)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Elephant Talk 7" / Flowers Of The Past 7"

Here's 2 lesser known goth punk acts. You can say that both bands were influenced by UK Decay.
It seems some members of Elephant Talk are in a retro '77 punk band these days but I can't remember the band name.
About the Flowers Of The Past title track: the correct spelling of 'Fuhrer' should be 'Führer'.
We just welcomed a kitten in our home but this little creature drives me nuts!

Elephant Talk - Ask 7" (Fragile-FRA 1-1983)
1. Ask
2. Burning Halo

Elephant Talk

Flowers Of The Past - The Fuhrer 7" (Memorial Records-MEM 1-1983)
1. Fuhrer
2. Medieval

Flowers Of The Past

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Flowers - Making The Bunny Pay MLP

Happy Flowers were formed in 1983 with two members of hardcore funband The Landlords. John Beers adopted the name Mr. Horribly Charred Infant and Charlie Kramer named himself Mr. Anus.
This mini album combines the first 2 7" EP releases of the band: 'Songs For Children' and 'Now We Are Six'. On the first one we find one of their best known songs 'Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid' which is the blueprint for all their later stuff. The other 2 songs are freak out noise stuff of which 'Requests' has a hilarious Duran Duran reference. All other songs deal about childhood angst written from the perspective of a child, which will become the trademark of Happy Flowers.
All later releases were on wellknown indie label Homestead. Can't imagine that these days an indie label would consider releasing records of bands like Happy Flowers. 'Cos this is noise punk to the bone, no overdubs, recorded live in the studio with alot of improvisation. Most of their stuff was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara who worked alot with bands from the Dischord label.

Their 1st full length can be found here.

Happy Flowers official homepage

Happy Flowers on MySpace

Making The Bunny Pay MLP (Catch Trout Records-CT 612-1986)
Songs For Children
1. Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
2. Meadowlands
3. Requests
Now We Are Six
4. Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me
5. All My Toys Hate Me
6. Razors In My Apple
7. Hush Little Baby
8. The Vacuum Ate Timmy
9. Daddy Melted

Making The Bunny Pay

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Committee - Open Your Eyes 12"

Actually the full title is 'Open Your Eyes And Other Ways Of Saying No'.
Heard The Committee for the first time on the great 'Communicate!' comp. with live recordings of bands that played at the Thames Poly in 1984-85.
This is the sole release of the band. One of the early releases on the still going Fire Records.
Can't find any info but if you're into The Three Johns, you'll probably like this one too.

Open Your Eyes 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 4-1985)
1. Open Your Eyes
2. News From Nowhere
3. The Day Before
4. Fight The Good Fight

The Committee