Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paranoia - Shattered Glass LP

Thanks to Capa Nostra Syndicate for this album. It's quite hard to find so I'm happy to finally be able to give it a listen.
Yes, Paranoia is a punkband. They were from Stoke-On-Trent. Some songs are straightforward punk, others have a darker sound, crossing over to goth. And female vocals are always a plus.
Prior to this album, there's the Dead Man's Dreams/Man In Black 7". Both songs appear on the album but maybe the songs on the 7" are different versions.
Paranoia also appeared on several Rot Records compilation albums although all tracks are from the album.
Paranoia have a MySpace page. Thanks Oliver for pointing that out. There you can listen to some later unreleased songs which are even more into the goth direction.
Let's hope that this band gets the proper reissue treatment.

Shattered Glass LP (Rot Records-ASS 11-1984)
1. Dead Mans Dreams
2. Disillusion
3. 1984
4. Vietnam
5. Graveyards Of Hell
6. Shattered Glass
7. Rock Revolution
8. Man In Black
9. The Gig
10. My World

Shattered Glass

Friday, February 22, 2008

Schleimer K - Wounded Wood LP

the 'Wounded Wood' album is the 3rd and last release of this incredible band.
Schleimer K consisted of Michael Wolfen, Dominic Brethes, Mark Bernjamin and Bill Duncan. Schleimer K was a studio project. Expect some dark synth/postpunk music with an experimental edge. It's my favourite release by them.
The first album and 'Fugitive Kind' 12" were posted on Mutant Sounds in July last year.
Dominic Brethes runs Wolf Studios and is still active today. He helped re-mastering This Heat material.

Wounded Wood LP (Lone Wolf-LW 101-1983)
1. Demon Lust
2. The King Must Die
3. The Mainline
4. Wounded Wood
5. Little Girl On The Graveyard Wall
6. The Head Turned Away
7. Hope Deep Inside
8. Red Flag To The Bull
9. Poison In The Eye
10. Psycho
11. Paradise Slips Past So Easily
12. The Office For The Dead

Re-released on CD by Infrastition

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

V/A Better Than A Poke In The Eye 7"

Here's a nice little comp. I didn't know about. Thanks to Sorrow-Vomit for pointing that one out.
All the bands are quite unknown. Except for Darkness & Jive, it is the only vinyl appearance of the bands. The sleeve doesn't look very promising but the music does.
The record starts with the best band, Prayer Before Birth. A great gothpunk track with female vocals.
Illegal Sane follow in the same style and deliver an excellent track as well.
Darkness & Jive play more in a gothabilly style. This band also had two 7"s on Red Rhino.
Kant Kino is maybe the least interesting band. They play more traditional wave with vocals that remind me of David Sylvian.
Too bad there's no info sheet so I don't know from where in the UK these bands were.

V/A Better Than A Poke In The Eye 7" (Lula Music-LULA 1-1982)
1. Prayer Before Birth - Echoes
2. Illegal Sane - See The Light
3. Darkness & Jive - Death In Venice
4. Kant Kino - The Man I No Longer Am



Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hail - Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird LP

Hail from Denver, Colorado are Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis. Both were members of art rock band Thinking Plague.
Hail is actually the second collaboration of Bob and Susanne. The first one was as Corpses As Bedmates who released the 'Venus Handcuffs' LP on Dead Man's Curve. Hail follows the same path as Corpses As Bedmates. The song 'I'll Lead You' is re-recorded for this album. The original song appeared on the 'Music From The Deadzone 2' comp. album.
A second album 'Turn Of The Screw' was released in 1990 on ReR Megacorp, a sublabel of Recommended Records. And a new album was made last year. Check Bob Drake's website for more info. Strange that this album isn't mentioned and/or re-released.

Susanne Lewis also worked with experimentalists Biota and 5uu's.
Bob Drake lives In Southern France these days and has his own studio.

Gypsy Cat & Gypsy Bird LP (Prolific Music-P8288-1988)
1. March Deluge
2. This Is Reality
3. Suspended
4. Night Long
5. Star In The Sky
6. Storm Of Dirty Minds
7. Down The Road
8. With Pleasure
9. Dream For Years
10. I'll Lead You
11. (Meow)
12. Delusion
13. I Can Fly

Link removed by request of Susanne Lewis.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blissed Out Fatalists - s/t LP

Interesting album of this L.A. band on Fourwaycross label Motiv Communications. The core of the band is Nicolas Greene and Jeffrey Poe, both ex-members of Blue Daisies who released an album called 'Wilt' in 1985. Never heard this one though.
Third member is Jon Lyon who plays stadium guitar, whatever that is. Biff Sanders of Fourwaycross plays drums on the album. No bassguitar used.
Expect some lo-fi garagey sound here. 'Can You Feel It' is a cover version of 'Prime Mover' originally by The Leather Nun.
Jeffrey Poe is an art dealer these days.

Blissed Out Fatalists LP (Motiv Communications-Product Four-1987)
1. Everything & Nothing At All
2. Don't Stand Far Away
3. Spiral
4. Fatalator
5. Can You Feel It
6. Right Now
7. Right Out
8. Last Song

Link removed. Reissue soon on Body Double.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Party Day / I'm Dead / Spot The Dog

This weekend's offer is a collection of 3 singles of UK bands Party Day, I'm Dead and Spot The Dog.

As promised, here's the first 7" of Party Day. 'Row The Boat Ashore' was re-recorded for the 'Glasshouse' album. 'Poison' is an exclusive track. Comes in a red cloth cover with insert (scanned).
Now the Party Day discography is complete.

Row The Boat Ashore 7" (Party Day Records-FX 301-1983)
1. Row The Boat Ashore
2. Poison

Party Day

Next one is the sole 7" of I'm Dead. A bit of a cult band. Had a hard time finding a copy. Great gothpunk. The band also have a track 'Page After Page' on a split flexi with punkband Epidemic, released by Grim Humour fanzine. On the back of the 7" it states that there's also a 6-track tape. Fritz once sent me a file he found with 11 tracks. So I guess they did some recordings for comp. tapes as well. But I don't know which tracks are on the tape and where the other tracks come from. Member Keith Goldhanger played later in Bastard Kestrel and Headbutt.

Second Identity 7" (Goldhanger Records-GLUM 001-1983)
1. Second Identity
2. The Sentence

I'm Dead

The last one is the only 7" of Spot The Dog. Sorrow-Vomit pointed me out on this one as he found out this is actually the band before Diatribe, who released a 12" on Criminal Damage. Nothing groundbreaking here. 'Toy' is the best track IMO.

Toy 7" (Diätribe-DIÄT 018-1982)
1. Toy
2. Drop In The Ocean

Spot The Dog

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Ensemble Pittoresque - Frequenz LP

Here's another donation by our friend from Chile, Capa Nostra.
'Frequenz' is the second album of Dutch minimal synth band Ensemble Pittoresque. Maybe not as interesting as their first album 'For This Is Past' but a nice listen indeed. Both albums are quite hard-to-find these days.
'Frequenz' was released on Dutch electronic label VIP, a sublabel of the Vogue Group Of Companies.
The band split up soon after the album was released.
The recordings for their very first and unreleased album, which was rejected by Polydor, have recently been issued on Minimal Wave.

For more info on Ensemble Pittoresque: http://www.ensemblepittoresque.net/

You can get the 'For This Is Past' album on Lost-Intyme.

Frequenz LP (VIP Records-200.006-1984)
1. Urban Catastrophy
2. Sound It Is
3. Frequenz
4. My Baby Is A Waitress
5. Sleepwalking
6. Train Grande Vitesse
7. The Mouthshut
8. Program
9. Presidennekie
10. Several Sunsets
11. Shift 17

Link removed

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Zahgurim - Moral Rearmament LP

Another obscure one here. Don't know who's exactly behind Zahgurim but they got help from Simon Crabtree and Julian Gilbert of Bourbonese Qualk.
An interesting collection of experimental tracks, going from rhythmic to a more darker sound.
It seems that Zahgurim had ties with TOPY as they thank Genesis P. Orridge and the wellknown TOPY symbol appears on the backsleeve.
No further info to be found on the net. Released on the German Atonal label, more known for the Berlin Atonal festival they organized. 2 split albums with Psychic TV were the first 2 releases of the label. 6 vinyl albums were made, than the label changed to CD-only releases, mainly of Art Zoyd and offshoots. The other vinyl releases are 'Carbon' of Elliott Sharp, 'The Lyon Concert' of Chrome and 'Delivery-Berlin' of The Anti Group.

Moral Rearmament LP (Atonal-ST 3005-1984)
1. Dropkick!
2. New Flesh
3. The People's Temple
4. Panstwo
5. Shower Scene
6. Two Women