Sunday, April 29, 2007

V/A Nightlands LP

Interesting experimental/ambient compilation on Final Image, the label run by O Yuki Conjugate. Muslimgauze offers a remixed track from the 'Abu Nidal' LP. Pump also had an LP on Final Image and was posted some time ago here. Biting Tongues were Factory artists. More albums can be found on Annie's Animal's blog. Gush offers a soundtrack to an unpublished screenplay. Bourbonese Qualk's track is from an unreleased lp called 'Lullabies'. Track from John Avery from forced Entertainment Theatre's '200% & Blood Thirsty'. He also had an LP on Final Image. Track from Tim Story from an unreleased album called 'Threads', recorded in 1980. Mute Calm was another project of some members of O Yuki Conjugate. Their track from a forthcoming (but, as far as I know unreleased) album. Human Flesh were from Belgium and connected to Bene Gesserit. Their album has been posted on The Thing On The Doorstep. And finally O Yuki Conjugate. Their track has been re-released on the 'Undercurrents (In Dark Water)' CD.

V/A Nightlands LP (Final Image-FIB 5-1987)
1. Muslimgauze - Green Is The Colour Of The Prophet
2. Pump - Do This
3. Biting Tongues - Half Deepmen
4. Gush - New York, 1940
5. Bourbonese Qualk - Lullaby
6. John Avery - That Marilyn Walk
7. Tim Story - The Moors
8. Mute Calm - Zone
9. Human Flesh - First Soundtrack
10. O Yuki Conjugate - Another Journey


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wicked Kitchen Staff

Here's the first mini album on Shout Records. Weird stuff by Wicked Kitchen Staff. No further info to be found.
This one was requested a while ago by Friend Electric. His blog disappeared but I hope he still cruises the blogosphere to find good tunes.

Debbie Grills Pulls Her Socks Up MLP (Shout Records-MX 001-1983)
1. Penpals
2. The Return Of Superman Island
3. Captain Scarlet
4. Shoebox
5. Hyde
6. The Woodcutter's Daughter

Wicked Kitchen Staff (re-up)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

S/Z - s/t 12"

One and only release of this obscure band from the UK. 9 short tracks of experimental tunes not unlike early Cabaret Voltaire. Members were Mohamed, Paul Belford and Susan McCoubrie.
S/Z also appeared on the 'Meridians 1' and 'Ritual: Magnetic North' comp. tapes on Touch.
So if you enjoy early Cabaret Voltaire, you'll for sure like this one.

S/Z 12" (East Jazz Records-SZ 001-1983)
1. Harmonics
2. This Ring
3. Acute Rhythm
4. Organ Service
5. Permutation
6. Old Black Russian
7. Feeling And Must
8. Two
9. Artape Good Bait


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pigbros - 12"s

Pigbros was an indie band from Birmingham that was close with The Membranes. Both bands collaborated on the 'Now Is The Time To Remove Your Mask' 12".
First time I heard 'Hedonist Hat' I was quite impressed. This song can be found on the 'The Blubberhouses' 12", their best release. 'Cheap Life' continues in the same tradition although it sounds more polished. A few years ago I could obtain the 'Just Call Me God' 12". But I must admit that I was a little disappointed as it sounds quite poppy. Just listen for yourself. Ant has never heard it before so here you go.
Pigbros released a full length 'From Now On This Is Will Be Your Ideal Life' on Cake Records. This small label was run by Fuzz Townsend and Peter Byrchmore who was a member of The Nightingales from 1983 to 1986. Other bands on the label are Capitols, Davidsons and Atom Spies. Never heard these. Would like to know if they're interesting.

The Blubberhouses 12" (Vinyl Drip-DRIP 3-1985)
1. Hedonist Hat
2. Excessive
3. War Food
4. From The Mouth Of
5. Lick Bones

Cheap Life 12" (Backs Records-12 NCH 110-1986)
1. Cheap Life
2. In Doubt
3. Bad Attitude

Just Call Me God 12" (Cake Records-12 Piece 5-1987)
1. Just Call Me God (Long Version)
2. Not A Lot (Short Version)
3. Not A Lot (Long Version)
4. Just Call Me God (Short Version)


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stunt Kites

Stunt Kites are one of the lesser known postpunk bands from Sheffield. Their first appearance is a track on the '1980: The First Fifteen Minutes' comp. 7" on Neutron Records. Other Sheffield bands on this comp. are Clock DVA, I'm So Hollow and Vice Versa. Vice Versa ran the Neutron label and was the band who later morphed into ABC!
Couldn't find a lot of info on Stunt Kites except that they did a reunion gig in 2003 together with long time fan Jarvis Cocker of Pulp.
Here are the two records Stunt Kites released. First one released on the well known punk label Pax Records. Second one is the first Criminal Damage release. You'll probably notice some vinyl noise on the B side but what does one expect if you want to put an 8+ minutes song on a 7".

Stunt Kites 12" (Pax Records-PAX 3-1981)
1. Lebensraum
2. One For The Family
3. Deity's Lament
4. Ex-Triple One

Leanora 7" (Criminal Damage-CRI 101-1983)
1. Leanora
2. Hail To The Roots

Stunt Kites

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Bogshed - Let Them Eat Bogshed 12"

Here's the second release of Bogshed. For some this is the band's finest moment. Released on the ever interesting Vinyl Drip label.
For more Bogshed and related bands, check these links in the sidebar:
Awkward Beefheartian Music of the 80's
Ant's Site
Franksauzee's Site
All are on multiply so you need to register before you can start to download.

Let Them Eat Bogshed 12" (Vinyl Drip-Drip 2-1985)
1. Panties Please
2. Spencer Travis
3. Fat Lad Exam Failure
4. Slave Girls
5. City Girls
6. Hand Me Down Father

New link!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shark Taboo - Seeds Of A Lunatic LP

Shark Taboo was a female-fronted gothwave band from London. 'Seeds Of A Lunatic' is their first album. What sets them apart from other goth bands is the socio-political content of the lyrics. A song like 'Patriotic Flag' deals about war, 'Cage' is about animal abuse.
'Big Sell' and 'Troineann Siad' were released as a 7" before, on Crisis (same label as Stiff Kittens) and Lambs To The Slaughter respectively. 'Cage' also released as a 12" on Lambs To The Slaughter.
Shark Taboo lasted till the early 90's and released 1 more 12" and 3 more albums, which I've never heard.

Seeds Of A Lunatic LP (Crisis Records-CSS 3-1985)
1. Big Sell
2. Short Sharp Shock
3. Troineann Siad (The Fight)
4. Patriotic Flag
5. Distorted Words
6. Cage
7. Vanity Fair
8. The Spectator

Seeds Of A Lunatic

Friday, April 13, 2007

De Brassers - s/t 12"

De Brassers were another cold wave band from Limburg, Belgium. From the same scene as Struggler and Siglo XX. De Brassers even opened for Killing Joke in Brussels.
This 12" is the second release of the band. Their first one is the self-released (and ultra-rare) 'En Toen Was Er Niets Meer' 7"(And Then There Was Nothing Left). The band fell apart in 1982, mainly of drug issues. But De Brassers ressurected with a slightly different line-up and are still doing gigs occasionally.

Some links:
official site

And there are 2 songs on YouTube (embedding is disabled):
En Toen Was Er Niets Meer
They Wanted Us Away

Discography CD (+DVD) now available on Onderstroom Records.

De Brassers 12" (Kremlin Records-KR 004-1982)
1. They Wanted Us Away
2. Sick In Your Mind
3. I Heard The Scream Before
4. He

De Brassers

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shop Assistants

Should've done this long ago. As Cactus Mouth Informer already posted the 'Safety Net' 12", here two more of Shop Assistants. They were formed around 1983/84 in Edinburgh, Scotland. First release is a 7" when they were called Buba & The Shop Assistants.
The 'Shopping Parade' 7" is the first release as Shop Assistants. On this one you'll find the original version of 'All Day Long'. The 'I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You' 12" is the third release. Shop Assistants released a brilliant self-titled album. It is posted on the 1941424345 blog here. This blog suffered from deletion so I don't know if it's still up.

Shopping Parade 7" (Subway Organisation-Subway One-1985?)
1. All Day Long
2. Switzerland
3. All That Ever Mattered
4. It's Up To You

I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You 12" (Blue Guitar-AZURX 2-1986)
1. I Don't Wanna Be Friends With You
2. Looking Back
3. All Day Long (Slow Version)

Shop Assistants

Zor Gabor

Some people at Texas Jumblesales asked for the extra track to be found on the 12" version of the 'Tightrope' record of Zor Gabor. Here it is. Personally I think it's the least interesting track.
Zor Gabor had John McKay in the band. He was the first guitarist of Siouxsie & The Banshees.
You can get the other 2 tracks of Zor Gabor here.
Released on In Tape (ITTI 042) in 1987.

UPDATE! Fritz Die Spinne pointed me out on the 12" version of the title track. This one is indeed much longer than the 7" version. About 7 minutes, not a re-mix though...

Update! As Texas Jumblesales is not around anymore, here the complete 12":

Zor Gabor

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Into A Circle - Assassins LP

To complete the discography, here's the 'Assassins' album of Into A Circle. If you enjoyed the 'Forever' and 'Evergreen' 12"s, you'll like this one too.
As already mentioned, the members are Bee (ex-Danse Crazy) and Barry (ex-Southern Death Cult). Third member on this album is Rose McDowall (ex-Strawberry Switchblade).

Assassins LP (Abstract Records-ABT 018-1988)
1. Beneath Mikhail
2. Over + Over
3. The Swinging Tree
4. 'Elim
5. Forever
6. Allah Akhbar
7. Tender Skin
8. Evergreen
9. Assassins
10. Seraphin Twin

Link removed. Buy the Into A Circle discography CD on Cherry Red.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Deadpan Tractor - Grumble 12"

Awkward Beefheartian music of the 80's? I guess so. The Deadpan Tractor even cover a song by Captain Beefheart called 'Big Eyed Beans From Venus'.
When they toured Holland, the band did a small interview for Dutch magazine Vinyl where they stated that this recording was well out of date. Unfortunately, The Deadpan Tractor never did any more releases. There is one other song from the same period to be found on the Rouska compilation 'Raging Sun'.
This record is one of the two non-Inca Babies releases on Black Lagoon. The other one is a 7" of The Old Men.

Grumble 12" (Black Lagoon Records-INC 008-1985)
1. All Hail
2. Curse The Cursors
3. Big Eyed Beans From Venus
4. Dreams Of Drunkeness


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Artery - A Big Machine 12"

For those who enjoyed the 'The Second Coming' album, here's another record of Artery from the same period. Three great songs in the same style of the album.

A Big Machine 12" (Golden Dawn-GD 12 03-1984)
1. A Big Machine
2. I Open My Eyes And Walk
3. Brink Of Extinction