Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cat Wax Axe Co.

Final post for 2012. This blog will be updated on a very irregular base 'cos I lost some interest in doing this. It's over 5 years that this blog is running and I lost the initial enthusiasm already for some time.
Back to Cat Wax Axe Co.(also written as Catwax Axe Co.). They were a lot from Derby. Not much info on them I could find.
In the beginning they played some kind of punk with rockabilly influences which you can hear on their first release, the 'Waxwalk' 7" on punk label Rondelet (Anti-Pasti, Special Duties, The Fits, ...).
The '25 Gallons Of Paranoia' 12" is very different. It seems that the band listened a lot to The Birthday Party. Quite cool tunes on this one although the vocals aren't as manic as Nick Cave's one.
This 12" is the second release on Fever Records. (Track titles on side B are switched)

Waxwalk 7" (Rondelet-ROUND 17-1982)
1. Waxwalk
2. Jumbo Jet (Hey! I Want Your Crazy Wild)

25 Gallons Of Paranoia 12" (Fever Records-FEV 2-1984)
1. Down On The Killing Floor
2. Scratch
3. Old Poker Live In Pandemonium
4. Quirky Town

Catwax Axe Co (320)

Catwax Axe Co (FLAC)

Wishing you all the best for 2013!