Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bonemen Of Barumba - Icons LP

I know the this one has been posted some time ago on the 80's Postpunk Underground blog, but I already ripped it and planned to post it. Anyway, I had a hard time ripping this one as the record skipped from time to time although the vinyl looks very clean. Think some cheap vinyl was used to press the album.
'Icons' is Bonemen Of Barumba's third and final release. First one is the self-titled 10" released in 1981, and then the 'Driving The Bats Thru Jerusalem' 12" followed in 1982.
The band split up shortly after the album was released due to internal tensions.
Get more info on Bonemen Of Barumba here.
Here's a page of one of the founding members, Mark Panick.

Icons LP (Fever Records-HOT 84004-1984)
1. Don't Tell
2. My Letter To Sofia
3. Pain Turtle
4. Pagan Love Mortar
5. Jesus Made Of Woods
6. On The Killing Grounds
7. Chinese New Year
8. San Antokio
9. It's My Mayday
10. Carnival To Hell


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Every Secret Thing - s/t 12"

Don't know much about this band. Don't think they were around for a long time. Expected this to be quite dark with deathrock influences but it's more like indie rock with a slightly goth influence.
A few members went on to become members of much more known bands. John Carson and Adam Tanner in Grotus, Roger Manning in Jellyfish and a lot of other indie bands. Drummer Toby Hawkins was also in Sordid Humor and later joined the Counting Crows.
This 12" was released by the band.

Every Secret Thing 12" (EST-777 - 1989)
1. Flies
2. Find The Builder
3. Blues In X
4. Alchemy

Every Secret Thing

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Insulin Reaction - Self-Gratification 7"

A quite different affair from this post-punkers. Read more on them on A Viable Commercial where you can find their 1st 7" and 'What's The Point' album.
Insulin Reaction used two basses instead of one guitar on their previous recordings but here, Tracy switched to guitar. Also Julianna Towns and Biff Sanders aren't part of the band anymore.
As you can guess by the label it's released on, there's a connection with The Veil. Well, James Christopher (AKA James Christ) did the production and Andrella managed the band at this point.
Although released in 1991 it's an interesting record if you're into the Cali postpunk stuff.

Self-Gratification 7" (Amdusias International Records-AIR 002-1991)
1. Self-Gratification
2. I'm Ready

Insulin Reaction

Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Bomb Party - Liberace Rising LP / Nativity #3 CD

And more contributions from Phil.
Here's the 2nd and 4th album of "grebo godfathers" The Bomb Party. The band didn't like the grebo tag and actually they're right. The band started as Farmlife and released one single on Dining Out. As The Bomb Party they signed to Abstract and released two 12"s and one 7" which are compiled on the 'The Last Supper' album. Their first album 'Drugs appeared on Abstract in 1986.
'Liberace Rising' is the band's 2nd album, on Workers Playtime released in 1987.
'Nativity #3' is the band's final album released in Germany on Artlos. The band would split just after the release. Bassplayer Sarah Corinna already left to play with the Mekons.
3rd album is 'Fish' and was released, also in Germany on Normal.

Liberace Rising LP
(Workers Playtime-PLAY 2-1987)
1. Devil's Child
2. My Degeneration
3. Make Way For My Motorbike Baby
4. Desperation
5. I Wanna Be Abused
6. Pretty Face
7. Crawl
8. Don't
9. Come On And Get Closer
10. Evil Eye
11. El Savor Del Amor
12. Metropolis

Liberace Rising

Nativity #3 CD (Artlos-01819-1990)
1. The Beginning And The End
2. Ship Of Fools
3. Hey Joe
4. 31st Of September
5. Lucy Gas
6. Unavoidably Deatained
7. Dreaming
8. Gimme Summat To Love
9. Use It
10. In This Land
11. Touched
12. Tonight
13. The Beginning And The End