Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Batfish Boys- Batfish Brew LP

Here's the next donation of Phil after some years of absence.
This is the final album of The Batfish Boys. Haven't got the chance to listen to it yet but it seems they were heading for a hard rock sound. It's up to you to decide if the album is worth a listen.
Sorry not a lot of time for the moment.

Batfish Brew LP (GWR-GWLP 28-1988)
1. Velcro Beach
2. Salvation $1
3. Sister Jane
4. Cubacao 88
5. The Green Machine (In Memory Of...)
6. Put Me Back Together Again
7. It's Good
8. Superslab

Batfish Brew

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quel Dommage - Bright Lights 7"

And here's another interesting record on Xcentric Noise. Quel Dommage were another postpunk/goth band from the Hull area like Luddites, Cold Dance and Punctured Tough Guy. The guy who ran the label also played guitar in the band.
The rip is a bit of a crackling affair, especially in the beginning of each side. Record is pretty old and I think cheap vinyl was used.

Bright Lights 7" (Xcentric Noise-SEVENTH 1-1984)
1. Bright Lights
2. Music For Serious And Solemn Occasions (A Song Of Thankfulness And Praise)
3. Amendment

Quel Dommage

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sordicity - The Demimonde Must Die MC

Sorry for the long wait but I'll post stuff very irregularly in the future. Don't have a lot of interesting music to post for the moment so I'll only post stuff that I'll find interesting enough and isn't featured on other blogs.
Got this tape a while ago. Cool deathrock sounding stuff from one-man band Sordicity from Virginia. Mike Roché is the man behind Sordicity and I think he listened to early Christian Death a lot. No further info. 8 tracks and an outro.
On the sleeve he thanks God Almighty, which is quite strange for a guy doing this stuff. Also the concept of God always feels awkward to me. Raised a catholic but turned atheist in my teens. In my opinion man created God and not vice versa. Off course anyone is entitled to his/her own beliefs as long as they don't organise and try to shove their belief down other's throats.
But it's about the music here. Enjoy some unknown deathrock stuff.

The Demimonde Must Die MC (Gothic Records-1986)
1. Return To Insanity
2. The Chosen Life
3. Holy Orders
4. Death By Zero
5. Monred's Distress
6. '86 Witch
7. Desperation
8. The Whores Are From Hell
9. Outro