Friday, December 29, 2006

Phoenix Hairpins on My Space ???

Well not exactly. But I came across these fanpages: one made for Twisted Nerve and one of Screaming Dead. Just want to let you know that it's not me behind these pages. The Screaming Dead page was originally called The Deathrock Stash and also had MP3's of Ritual, Breather and Look Back In Anger. The writing has been credited to this blog so that's all fine with me. If this can bring back some bands that sank into oblivion, the better. Just want to know who you are.
I want to thank Nuzz for putting up a link to my blog on the UK Decay forum and to Jon for doing the same on the Deathrock forum.
Also a big thank you to all those who leave comments and appreciate what I do. Some comments made me aware of other bands/records that I don't have in my possession, and/or which I never heard of. I will know what to do next year.
PS: I dl'd The Gift Of Tears/Mirror CD of the Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus from the Lost-In-Tyme blog but track 3(The Miller) from The Gift Of Tears is somehow damaged. If someone could provide me this track I would be very greatful.

Until next year!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Good Morning Mr. Presley

Well here's probably my last post for this year.
The 'Good Morning Mr. Presley' LP was released on Grunt Grunt A Go Go in 1985 (I think). It's a record that is not easy to find these days. It's like a cross section of UK indie bands from that period. Most bands appeared on labels like Abstract, Backs and In Tape. Some of the bands ring a bell like The Bomb Party, Marc Riley, Microdisney but there seems to be a few bands that only appear here as far as I know.
The record contains 2 live tracks: the one of Five Go Down To The Sea ? and one of The Botha Boys, who are no one else than The Three Johns off course.
Every compilation is a bit of a hit-or-miss so it's up to you which tracks you favour.
The Grunt Grunt A Go Go label only released 2 albums: this one and the 'It's My Dog, Maestro' LP of Eton Crop (Dutch band and friends of The Three Johns).
Cover art by Jon Langford.

V/A Good Morning Mr. Presley LP (Grunt Grunt A Go Go-GGAGG One-1985?)
1. Marc Riley With The Creepers - Poop Scoop
2. Yeah Yeah Noh - Crimplene Seed Lifestyle
3. The Bomb Party - Lifes A Bitch
4. The Janitors - The Devil Goes To Whitley Bay
5. The Botha Boys - English White Boy Engineer
6. Five Go Down To The Sea ? - Queen Grassy Arse
7. Microdisney - Pink Skinned Man
8. Les Garçons - Homo Kino
9. The Fire Hydrant Men - Baseball Bat
10. The Ordinaires - Virgo Intactica
11. Gee, Mr. Tracy ! - The Day The Shoes Bit Back
12. Ronnie Can You Hear Me ? - Chachis' Theme
13. The Finals - Quiet Time
14. Big & Beautiful - Stepping On My Heart
15. Laugh Away Rain - Love Stopped Shining

Good Morning Mr. Presley (new link)

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Veil - Manikin & Heavy Heart

For those who liked the 'Surrender' LP posted last month; here are the 12"s that The Veil released.

Manikin 12" (Clay Records-12 Clay 39-1984)
1. Manikin
2. Dreams Endowed
3. Panic
4. Manikin (extended version)

Heavy Heart 12" (Amdusias International Records-AIR 001-1986)
1. Heavy Heart
2. Watching (The Nite World Work)
3. Is This Sin ?

The Veil

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Party Day - Glasshouse LP

Here's another long forgotten wave band. Party Day were from Barnsley (same city as The Danse Society) but I don't know when they actually formed but I guess around 1981. Their 1st 7" 'Row The Boat Ashore', was released in 1983. In 1984, the band released another 7" called 'The Spider'. Next one is the 'Glasshouse' 12". This record was issued on Rouska Records, contrary to all the other records that were self-released.
The 'Glasshouse' LP was issued in 1985 and it's a great record IMHO.
Party Day released another album 'Simplicity' in 1986 before falling apart.
There is a Party Day fanpage here.

Glasshouse LP (Party Day-FXLP 401-1985)
1. Rabbit Pie
2. Firehorse
3. Carousel
4. Atoms
5. Boredom
6. Grace
7. Row The Boat Ashore
8. Athena

New link!
Party Day

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Three Johns - Atom Drum Bop

Here's another request: the first LP of The Three Johns.
If you did like the 12"s posted before, you'll definitely like this one.
Track 9 originally by Carlton B. Morgan (who??), who's original version appears on a MLP released on CNT in 1983.
Rock n' Roll Versus Thaatchiism !!

Atom Drum Bop LP (Abstract Records-ABT 010-1984)
1. Teenage Nightingales To Wax
2. Do Not Cross The Line
3. 3 Junk
4. Firepits
5. No Place
6. Dr. Freedom
7. Missing
8. Sun Of Mud
9. The Devil's Music (Merry At Their Toil)
10. (Class War)

Atom Drum Bop

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Look Back In Anger

And here's another not so well known, female fronted goth band. Formed in 1981, Look Back In Anger were from Southampton and did a lot of gigs together with bands like the Sex Gang Children, Play Dead, Blood & Roses and Brilliant.
Their first release is the self produced 'Caprice/Mannequin' 7". In 1983 the band released a cassette only single 'Foxhunt/Life's Dispute'. In this year Look Back In Anger went on tour as support for Death Cult.
The band almost had a contract with Expulsion Records but the label collapsed. They managed to release 2 records for the cult Criminal Damage label.
The 'Caprice' MLP was produced by Billy Duffy (Theatre Of Hate, Death Cult).

Flowers 12" (Criminal Damage-CRI 12-107-1984)
1. Flowers
2. Inamorata
3. Torment

Caprice MLP (Criminal Damage-CRI MLP-118-1984)
1. Grey Sky
2. Silent Partner
3. Executioner
4. Torment
5. The Dark
6. Inamorata

Look Back In Anger

Friday, December 15, 2006

Breather - Loves And Disloves

Here's a great, dark and experimental record only a few people seem to know. Once described as a mix of Joy Division and Psychic TV.
I can't find any info on Breather on the net. All songs were composed by Robert Bolman AKA Bliss Blast. Breather was from San Francisco.
This album has also been released on tape with 3 extra tracks. Anyone out there who has them ?

Loves And Disloves LP (Sonic Incision Records-SI 001-1984)
1. Radiation
2. Maya
3. Embrace On The Summit
4. Melting Of The Guns
5. Behold The Power (Behold The Love)
6. Miami
7. Dank Ashes
8. Watching You Grow
9. Bury The Mystique

Note: these couple of tracks ripped as 1 track: 4 & 5, 6 & 7 and 8 & 9.

New link!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shadow Of Fear

Shadow Of Fear was a postpunk deathrock band from Cleveland, Ohio. They were strongly influenced by the British goth sound.
First time I've heard Shadow Of Fear was on the 'They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage' comp.LP. Other bands featured on this album are Death Of Samantha, Spike In Vain, The Offbeats and more. You can listen to this album on the Thisisanartthreat blog here.
Here are the 2 records of Shadow Of Fear, released on St. Valentine Records.

Shadow Of Fear MLP (St. Valentine Records-SVR 003-1985)
1. Song & Dance
2. Now's The Time
3. Puppet Life
4. Sick Sacrifice
5. Farce
6. "Untitled"

In The Flesh 7" (St. Valentine Records-SVR 008-1986)
1. In The Flesh
2. Heartbreak Hotel (live)

Shadow Of Fear (320)

Shadow Of Fear (FLAC)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Five Or Six new link

For those who have problems with the Five Or Six megaupload link; I added a quicksharing link.
It seems that megaupload wants us to download their toolbar and a lot of people are suspicious about it. There are almost no free download slots available here in Belgium and it seems that the same problem occurs in other places.
I'll stick to quicksharing in the future.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Circle X - Prehistory

Circle X formed in 1978 out of 2 punkbands, No Fun and the I-Holes. Originally located in Louisville, Kentucky, the band relocated to New York to take part in the no wave scene. A 7" called 'Heartbreaker' was released in 1979.
Circle X stayed in France for a while where they recorded a 4 track 12" for Celluloid in 1980. The band went back to NY to record the classic 'Prehistory' LP which was released in 1983 on Enigma/Index. It was later released on the French L'Invitation Au Suicide label.
Circle X went on to release more 7"s and a full length for Matador in the 90's.
For more on Circle X, check this Matador page here.

Prehistory LP (L'Invitation Au Suicide-SD 3-1984)
1. Current
2. Prehistory One
3. Prehistory Two
4. Culture Progress
5. Under World
6. Beyond Standard

Circle X

Friday, December 08, 2006

Part 1 - Pictures Of Pain

Part 1 was a gloomy sounding punk band from the UK. The 'Pictures Of Pain' was strangely enough released on a US hardcore label called Pusmort. Pushead, singer of Septic Death and the guy behind the label was very impressed by Part 1. He even included some tracks on the well known 'Cleanse The Bacteria' comp.LP.(check the Good Bad Music blog for the rare bonus 12" that came with this record)
Off course, the hardcore kiddies didn't pick this one up so, if you look around, you still can find this album for a decent price.
If anyone has the 'Funeral Parade' 7", released prior to the album, and wants to get rid of it: I'm really dying to get my hands on it.

Pictures Of Pain MLP (Pusmort-0012 04-1985)
1. Possessed
2. Black Mass
3. Pictures Of Pain
4. The Corpse
5. Incest
6. Ghost
7. Hymn

Part 1

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Three Johns

The Three Johns started as a side-group to the Mekons, the other band of Jon Langford. Together with two other 'Johns' and a drum machine, the band created some great post punk. They mixed their socialist ideas and anti-Thatcher rants with a good sense of humour.
For more info on The Three Johns, visit the fansite here.
Here are the first records of the band. The 'Some History' 12" contains both first 7"s originally released on CNT.

Some History 12" (Abstract Records-12ABS 022-1982/83)
1. English White Boy Engineer
2. Secret Agent
3. Pink Headed Bug
4. Lucy In The Rain

Men Like Monkeys 12" (CNT Records-CNT013-1983)
1. Men Like Monkeys
2. Two Minute Ape!
3. Windolene
4. Marx's Wife
5. Paris 1941

A.W.O.L. 12" (Abstract Records-ABS12 019-1983)
1. A.W.O.L.
2. Rooster Blue
3. Image Or An Animal
4. Kick The Dog Right Out

Note: tracks 3 & 4 of the A.W.O.L. 12" ripped as one track.

Some History

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Fifteenth

The Fifteenth were from London and Portsmouth, UK. I don't have much info on the band. This is their one and only release, issued on Play Dead's Tanz label. There doesn't seem to pop up many copies of this 12".
New Model Army is the biggest influence for The Fifteenth.
There is a promo leaflet included in my copy which I scanned and included in the file.
This one requested by English Paul. Enjoy!

Andelain 12" (Tanz Records-Tanz 3-1986)
1. She Isis
2. Marble Shire
3. Walk In The Garden

The Fifteenth

Five Or Six - A Thriving And Happy Land

Five Or Six were an experimental post punk band. This album was their only full length as well as their last release. Core members were David Knight, formerly of The Fast Set, and Ashley Wales. Both members would later join Karl Blake to form the Shock Headed Peters. Ashley Wales soon left and can be found in Spring Heel Jack.
David Knight also appears on records of Danielle Dax and Lydia Lunch. He also creates ambient soundscapes under the Arkkon moniker.

Note: tracks 3 & 4 ripped as 1 track.

A Thriving And Happy Land LP (Frizz Bee-Frizz Bee 2-1982)
1. Exhibit A
2. In Constructon
3. 22 Hours
4. An Occurance At Hand
5. Dave's Song
6. Anchors
7. Consider This

A Thriving And Happy Land