Saturday, June 27, 2009

A.T.R.O.X. - The Night's Remains LP

As requested, here's the first album of this enigmatic Italian band.
Can't add any extra info but it's as interesting as their follow-up posted a while ago.
Most of the tracks are instrumental. 3 long tracks on side A, 5 shorter ones on the other side.
They thank Tuxedomoon for the help of the realization of this album.
Trinciato Forte was a small Italian label that released besides this LP: Pattona 'Reclame' MLP, Blitz 'Attenti A Voi' 7" and Underground Life 'Cross' 12" and probably a few others I don't know. Never heard any of these.

The Night's Remains LP (Trinciato Forte-TFLP 001-1982)
1. Carnival Foods
2. Across The Meadow
3. The Night's Remains (including Storm's Fragments and Spring)
4. Agreements With The New Day
5. Against The Odds
6. New York Race Track
7. Voices
8. New York Race Track / 20

Link removed. Buy the 2CD on Spittle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tattoo Hosts Vision On! - s/t LP

While uploading, I checked for more info on this band and I've seen that Mutant Sounds already posted it. Well it's been more than 2 years ago, so I'm going to post it anyway (it's a higher bitrate rip as well).

Not much info to be found on this minimal wave/synth band except that the main man here is Ada Wilson who also appears on the 'Hicks From The Sticks' comp. LP posted here before.

All songs were written by Wilson except the 2 instrumental tracks 'Red Pictures' and 'To Reason Why' by Dave Whittaker , and the weird 'Fantasy Island' by Ian Nelson.

Tattoo Hosts Vision On! LP (Ambergris-AGM 1-1980)
1. Whirlpool Of Noise
2. Red Pictures
3. Empty Building
4. No Second Home
5. Secrets
6. Cocoon
7. To Reason Why
8. Fantasy Island
9. Shattered, Unspoken
10. Civilised Make-Up
11. Dust Of Dead Ghosts

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Every New Dead Ghost - Visions 7"

Around 1984 it seemed that the original goth/posi-punk sound died. Most bands split up, The Cult went 70's rock (even on their first album 'Dreamtime' the tribal drumming was gone), The Sisters resurrected but never managed to get the same level as their previous works.

Around the same time, some new members took over the sound: Altered States, Nosferatu, Stiff Kittens, Restoration, Sins Of The Flesh and the well-known Fields Of The Nephilim.

Nottingham's Every New Dead Ghost was also one of those bands and one of the most interesting. More rock than ethereal, more punk than dark.

'Visions' is the band's very first output, released by themselves. Strong song material but the recording quality is a letdown unfortunately. Pressing 6 mins. on each side on a 45 RPM 7" is asking for trouble I guess. Would've sound better on a 12" or 33 RPM 7". As it was self-released, I think the band was on a tight budget, with no label behind them.

Every New Dead Ghost released the 'Ascension' 12"s and 3 albums before they split in 1992.

There's a retrospective CD available on Strobelight Records.

Visions 7" (self-released-1986)
1. Visions
2. Friends In High Places
3. Nez Perce

Every New Dead Ghost

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

Pretty obscure mini-album of this Dutch 'fake new wave' band. Musicians Ronald Heiloo and Harold Schellinx are behind this band, together with French singer Lucien Santoro. 'Agonie Ajournée' is one of the two fake bands that released an album at the same time as the other one, called Bogdan Wlosik. This one can be found on Mutant Sounds.
Heiloo and Schellinx, together with Tim Benjamin (who did the artwork on this record) were in Young Lions before.
Heiloo and Schellinx also ran Amphibious Records which released records of their own projects. They also did an album 'Commuters' with Dagmar Krause.
No Longer Forgotten Music posted Young Lions and 3 singles on Amphibious. Still looking for the 'Under Western Eyes' double 7".

Amphibious Records Discography:
A 001 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - A Twilight Smile 7"
A 002 Ronald Heiloo - In Time Of Panic 7"
A 003 Young Lions - s/t MC
A 004 Young Lions - Small World MC
A 005 Harold Schellinx - Ranks 7"
A 006/007 Tim Benjamin/Ronald Heiloo - Under Western Eyes Do7"
A 008 Ronald Heiloo/Harold Schellinx - Commuters Book
A 009 Commuters - s/t LP
A 010 Bogdan Wlosik - s/t LP
A 011 Agonie Ajournée - s/t LP

UPDATE!!! Harold found some unplayed copies of Amphibious releases. So for those interested, go to Amphibious Records.

Agonie Ajournée LP (1984)
1. L'Héritage
2. La Parade Sauvage
3. L'Heure Des Assassins

Link removed. You can get the album HERE.