Saturday, March 28, 2009

Surface Mutants - Anaesthetic 7"

Here's the first release of the Surface Mutants, a not so wellknown band out of Sheffield.
They can be compared to Clock DVA or Cabaret Voltaire, although a bit less experimental.
First time I heard them through the Fantod Under Glass blog, who posted the 'You Take Me Somewhere Strange' 12" which is the band's second release.
To complete the discography, Surface Mutants also appeared on the 'Four From The Floor' comp. 7", together with Hula, Bass Tone Trap and They Must Be Russians. Check also other posts on this recently discovered and interesting blog No Recordshops Left.
So for those with a strong interest in the early 80's Sheffield bands a definitely must!

Anaesthetic 7" (Clönic-CLÖNIC 1-1982)
1. Anaesthetic
2. When Are We? (Now We Are)

Surface Mutants

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Secret Troop - Frequency 7" / Junction 16 EP 12"

Here's the other band besides Ides Of March ( posted a while ago) that released a record on the small RS Records label.
The 'Junction 16 EP' is the first release on that label. Prior to this one, Secret Troop did a self-released 7" 'Frequency'. This one came without a sleeve.
That's all I know about the band. Nothing spectacular but good enough to check out.

Frequency 7" (no label-SRT5KS471-1985)
1. Frequency
2. Secret Troop

Junction 16 EP 12" (RS Records-RSAT 1-1985)
1. Waiting For A Call
2. Concrete Garden
3. Situation Red

Secret Troop

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Poors Of Reign - Cherish/Ordinary 7"

Very first release of this Manchester postpunk/indie band.
Can't find a lot of info on the net. Seems that they were active until the early 90's with other records released that I never heard (as Poors Of Reign). This includes the 'Plenty' mini-album, 'Soundtrack Of The Film' 12", 'Weird Scenes Inside The Cyprus' 12" and the 'Wrecked' LP.
I like this one 'cos it has a bit of Echo & The Bunnymen in the sound.
Chris Yates (trumpet & vocals) is now a painter and part of the Stuckist movement. He also did the cover artwork of all their records (except this one I guess).

Cherish/Ordinary 7" (Lo-Type Records-LYT001-1986)
1. Cherish
2. Ordinary

The Poors Of Reign

Haunted Staircase - "Flutters" 7"

Another obscure gem from the UK. Don't know when this 7" was released but I guess mid-80's.
Haunted Staircase claim this single as a homage to Hitchcock as they use the cut-up technique used by Hitchcock in his films.
They also wanted to create a new kind of love song as well as a new kind of dance music. There's a manifesto that accompanies this 7" which I scanned and included in the file.
Actually it's quite nice synthpop with a cabaret-like feel.

"Flutters" 7" (Rabbit Records Ltd-STEW 101-198?)
1. Flutters (A New Kind Of Love Song)
2. Something For The Children (A New Kind Of Lullaby)

Haunted Staircase

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fatal Gift - The Watch 7"

Another obscure new wave band here. Fatal Gift were from Gresford, Wrexham, UK. Probably their only release. 2 nice wave tracks with synth.

The Watch 7" (Yucca Records-YR/FG/184-1984)
1. The Watch
2. So Dear So Cheap

Fatal Gift

Plastic Surgery - Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7"

Another band I learned to know through Sorrow-Vomit.
Plastic Surgery were from Dundee, Scotland. This 7" is their only release I guess. The A-side is a great goth punk track while the B-side sounds more generic punk to me. Also it drags on too long IMO.
No further info to be found.

Anything's Possible As Long As The Price Is Right 7" (Watch Out! Records-PSG 1-1986)
1. Torment
2. Surgery Looks Nice... At A Price

Plastic Surgery