Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dark Arts - A Long Way From Brigadoon 12"

This amazing 12", and my introduction to Dark Arts was originally posted on Mystery Poster but the post has disappeared. I offer my own rip here.
Dark Arts is actually Stephanie Payne. This 12" was released in 1986 on Ruthless Records, a label well known for releases of Big Black and The Effigies. This 12" was produced by Steve Albini, who ran Ruthless.
More info on Dark Arts here.
Also check my previous post, the 1991 album 'Carnival Of Lost Souls'.
Some crackling on the beginning of 'Rivers' that couldn't be removed.

A Long Way From Brigadoon 12" (Ruthless Records-RRDA017-1986)
1. Rivers
2. Skins
3. Dirge (Voices Of Ash)
4. House Of Mirrors
5. Aloof

Dark Arts