Saturday, December 31, 2011

Live Skull - Cloud One LP / Pusherman EP

Last post for 2011. Here are the two remaining records of Live Skull that I promised to post. 'Cloud One' was the band's second full-length. 'Pusherman' was the last record with the original line-up. 'Pusherman' Originally written by Curtis Mayfield.

Wish you all the best for 2012 although I'm somehow pessimistic about the state of the world. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Capitalism is pushing more people into poverty. Politics are captured by the free market, rating-bureaus and banks. And still no consensus on global warming, pushing the world further into ecological disaster. Luckily there's good music around to soften the pain.

Cloud One LP (Homestead Records-HMS056-1986)
1. Fort Belvedere
2. Cloud One
3. Bootcamp
4. Haircut For Pigs
5. Bell Shaped Heads
6. Sylvester James
7. I'll Break You
8. Great Slave Lake
9. Wallow In It
10. The Loved One

Cloud One

Pusherman 12" (Homestead Records-HMS080-1986)
1. Swingtime
2. Raise The Manifestation
3. Pusherman


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Live Skull - Bringing Home The Bait LP

As the YoungMossTongue blog disappeared, I think it's fair to post some more Live Skull here. On YMT you could find their complete discography but I only own the pre-Thalia Zedek recordings.
'Bringing Home The Bait' is  the band's first full length album, now released on Homestead Records.
So if you missed  the early Live Skull albums, you can grab them here now. 'Cloud One' and the 'Pusherman' EP will follow soon. Still a wonder rhat these records arent officially re-released these days.

Bringing Home The Bait LP (Homestead Records-HMS022-1985)
1. Sparky
2. Brains Big Enough
3. Glee Product
4. Ha Ha Ditch
5. Four
6. Houseboy
7. Wisdom & Gravy
8. Common Cruelty
9. Skin Job
10. Jerking The Light
11. Goodbye To The Uninvited Guests
12. Flake Out

Bringing Home The Bait

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Hedone - Sensible / Everything's Going To Be Nice 7"

Posted on Return To The East before but got the WAV's from bX59-cppw and made HQ MP3's of it.
A band I was curious about when a Canadian  ebay seller was offering it and it got sold for quite some money. Could never find a copy for a decent amount of money but was glad that RTTE posted it and I like it very much.
This 7" never came with a picture sleeve. Also not a lot of info on Hedone as well. They seemed to be from Bath as a commenter on Return To The East stated.
Decent, moody postpunk, unfortunately their only release.
Scan of label taken from RTTE.

Hedone 7" (Omgowa Power-HEAD 001-1984)
1. Sensible
2. Everything's Going To Be Nice

Hedone - 320

Hedone - FLAC