Saturday, December 19, 2009

Longpig - Down To The Bone 12"

First release of this not-so-known goth band. Don't know why they are labelled as a goth band 'cos you can't compare Longpig to any other band from that time. The music isn't very uptempo and quite minimal. The vocals are also more like spoken word.
Longpig went on to release an album 'Of Love And Addiction' on Anagram and a 12" 'Why Do People Find Each Other Strange', a track from the album with on the other side the same 2 songs as on this 12" B-side, probably re-recorded.

One of the ex-members left a comment on one of the previous posts but I can't remember which one. I hope to get more info from him soon on this one.

Down To The Bone 12" (self-released-198?)
1. The Batsong
2. Darkboy
3. Primitive Sensibility


Sunday, December 06, 2009

Immortal - Blind Birds LP

Sole album of this wave band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Got this one already a year ago from someone who didn't want it anymore (thanks!). Doesn't show up for sale that often.
Maybe a little late for the trend but nice wave songs with the obvious influences.

NOTE: as you've already noticed, I didn't do some posts for a while. The reason is that my girlfriend and I bought a house recently and the last weeks we moved everything and made it somewhat suitable to live in. The house needs a lot of renovation. So expect my posts to be quite irregular. Also my record collection is stashed away so that makes it harder to search and find a record to rip and post. Hope you understand. Till later.

Blind Birds LP (Stichting Art Music-08-024510-20-1988)
1. Scouts
2. Two Sides
3. Leaders
4. The Acorn
5. The Night
6. Blind Birds
7. Klan