Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Indian Feast - Portrait Of A Sister MLP

One of those records that always intrigued me. The Indian Feast came from Switzerland and this is the only release I know. Weird postpunk stuff. They do two covers here: 'Loneliest Person' is written by a certain P. May but that doesn't ring a bell. The other one is 'We Must Bleed' from the wellknown punks the Germs. Don't think the punk purists will like this version though.
'Portrait Of A Sister' was released on Swiss label Helvete Underground. I suppose this label was run by the people of the band Copulation. Here's a discography, although I don't know if it's complete:
HEND 84001 Copulation/ABT No 409/Xerxes Von Munshrein - 3 way split LP
HEND 84002 Copulation - s/t LP
HEND 85003 The Indian Feast - Portrait Of A Sister MLP
HEND 85004 Jad Wio - Live A La Dolce Vita LP
HEND 86005 ABT No 409 -Same 7"

Portrait Of A Sister MLP (Helvete Underground-HEND 85003-1985)
1. The Time Is Now
2. 1000 Sacred Needles/Soldiers Of The Dark
3. S/S Traces
4. We Must Bleed
5. The Loneliest Person
6. Burning Cathedrals/Catechism

The Indian Feast

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cortex - You Can't Kill The Boogeyman LP

I've seen someone asking for this one and here it is. Thanks to Cranio for offering this one to me.
Must admit that I didn't know this band too well. They were from Sweden and already active since the early 80's. Had Freddie Wadling in the band who also played with The Leather Nun for a while.
The 'You Can't Kill The Boogeyman' LP is the second album of Cortex. This one was released in Sweden on Radium 226.05 but also issued in the UK on Ediesta. After this one came the live LP 'Live In Urania' in 1990.
Track 9 originally from Frank Zappa.
For a full discography check Discogs.

You Can't Kill The Boogeyman LP (Radium 226.05-RA 015-1986)
1. Arkham
2. Animal Man
3. Sex Trap
4. Shark Boys Die Hard
5. Trouble Comin' Ev'ry Day
6. Jazz't Like That
7. You Just Can't Kill The Boogeyman
8. Tears In The Rain
9. Rest In Pieces
10. Criminal Code
11. Wheels On Glory

Cortex (new link)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

V/A From Montreal... 7"

I already uploaded this for Fritz so I can post it here as well.
Fritz was interested in hearing the Condition songs on this one. Some members of this band later formed The Pallbearers who released the superb 'Phantom Pain' album. Condition are described as urban-primitive swing on this compilation. They have a cassette album 'Dirty Business' on OG and 'Mumbo Jumbo' LP on Psyche Industry.
Next band is Deja Voodoo. Two guys making some lo-fi primitive garage rock. They are also the people behind the OG Records label.
Terminal Sunglasses are more indie. They also released an LP on OG Records 'Wrap Around Cool' in 1985.
American Devices are an instrumental band. The only other known track of theirs appears on the classic 'Primitive Air Raid' comp. LP on Psyche Industry.

V/A From Montreal... 7" (OG Records-OG3-1983)
1. Condition - It's Too Hot Too
2. Condition - Wet Shoes
3. Deja Voodoo - Someone In My House
4. Deja Voodoo - Rock Therapy
5. Deja Voodoo - Cemetery
6. Terminal Sunglasses - My Cat Got Run Over By A Bus
7. American Devices - Hitler Was A Jew

From Montreal

Saturday, January 17, 2009

V/A Ultraviolet LP

Here's a nice compilation album released in 1989. If you dig comps. like Viva Los Angeles 1 & 2, or The October Country then you'll probably like this one as well.
The first two bands are the most wellknown. The Abecedarians deliver a live track. Their first release 'Smiling Monarchs' was released on Factory in 1985.
Next is Drowning Pool. Their song is exlusive to this release.
Death Ride 69 is another band that is better known although it is the first time I heard them. Their song can also be found on 'The LP' LP on Flipside.
The other bands are mysteries to me. I found out that Man From Missouri released a 10" flexi as well. 3d Picnic released some CD's in the early 90's (if it's the same band).

V/A Ultraviolet LP (Sketch Records-SRLP01-1989)
1. Abecedarians - Laugh At Yourself (Live)
2. Drowning Pool - Edith, Hold Out Your Hand
3. 3d Picnic - In Their Eyes
4. X-1 Whiteman - During Moss
5. Electric-Cool-Aide - Blue Roses
6. Death Ride '69 - Green Gel Blue
7. Homeland - Eleven Is Waiting
8. Man From Missouri - Tundra
9. Prison Of Socrates - Sesso Fantasma


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ides Of March - In Winter's Land 7" / On The Face 12"

Here's another collection of one of those 'promising' wave bands from the UK. Don't know where they exactly came from but both records were released on Swindon's RS Records.
My copy of the 12" came with some promo stuff. Melody Maker describes them as The Cure meets The Cult. Sounds writes: '...a cracking rock band in the rugged tense mode of Killing joke and New Model Army'.
On the 'In Winter's Land' 7" you can hear the band looking for their own sound, while the 'On The Face' 12" is way better due to a better , fuller production.
Although the 7" was released first it carries the RSA 3 number, while the 12" carries the RSAT 2 cat. number.
Members are:
Eddie Knight - Guitar
Rick Knight - Drums
Paul Wilson - Vocals
Paul Witney - Bass

In Winter's Land 7" (RS Records-RSA 3-1986)
1. In Winter's Land
2. Civilian

On The Face 12" (RS Records-RSAT 2-1986)
1. On The Face
2. Seranade
3. Talalow (La Whore)

Ides Of March

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Meat Joy - s/t LP

Best wishes to everyone!
Here's a request of Aesop of the Cosmic Hearse blog. A pretty rare LP of Houston, TX band Meat Joy. They also appear on the 'Metal Moo Cow' comp. and 'Bands On The Block' comp., both on Matako Mazuri Records.
1500 copies pressed and each copy has a different sleeve (the scan of mine didn't work out well). You can check discogs for another sleeve.
Can't find any info on them. The record is a very weird one. Has strange home recordings as interludes, some acoustic guitar songs as well as some more punky tracks. 'Proud To Be Stupid' deals with the stagnant hardcore movement with it's own rules and intolerant behaviour. 'Slenderella' is about the so-called ideal looks that women have to strive for.

I scanned all the inserts that came with the record, except for the laundry bill which isn't that relevant.

Meat Joy LP (Flesh & Blood-1984)
1. Prelude In C-Flat (The Storm)
2. Another Pair
3. Brothers & Sisters
4. Call Black
5. My Heart Crawls Off
6. Proud To Be Stupid
7. Caleb In The Tub
8. Pleasure Time
9. Slenderella
10. The Last Round Up
11. Matthew 10:36
12. Godpleaser
13. I'm Sorry But I Do
14. For When Love Is Irrelevance
15. Ich Bin Nur Ein Schauspieler
16. Final Curtain

Meat Joy