Monday, December 31, 2007

UV POP - No Songs Tomorrow LP

Yesterday should have been my last post but thanks to Burl Veneer for leaving a comment with a link to this stunning album. I couldn't resist to post it today.
'No Songs Tomorrow' is UV Pop's first album released on Flowmotion in 1983. The album lasts about 1 hour. The first 5 songs are based around the guitar while 'Psalm' that closes the first side is a peaceful synth piece with the voice of A. Darlington. Side B is more synth-oriented.
I'm really happy to finally hear this record. Has been on my want-to-hear list for a long time.

No Songs Tomorrow LP (Flowmotion-FM 004-1983)
1. No Songs Tomorrow
2. Portrait (Extended)
3. Some Win This
4. See You
5. I.C.
6. Psalm
7. Sleep Don't Talk
8. Commitment
9. Arcade Fun
10. Hafunkiddies
11. Four Minute Warning

link removed (see UV Pop Bandcamp)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Persona Non Grata - Our Shade Of Sin MLP

Here's another request.
Persona Non Grata was one of the many cold wave bands from France. I guess they were from Rouen as one track appears on the 'Rock à Rouen' comp. album.
This mini album was released on cult label L'Invitation Au Suicide. Includes a fold-out lyric sheet (my copy hasn't one).
Has some great tracks although you need to get used to the 'frenglish' accent in the vocals.

This is the last post for this year. Wish you all the best for 2008.

Note: tracks 1 & 2 and 5 & 6 ripped as one track.

Our Shade Of Sin MLP (L'Invitation Au Suicide-SD 4-1984)
1. The Heirs - Part 1
2. The Heirs - Part 2
3. Brother
4. Sunk With A Sheen
5. The Clawning
6. Iroquois Hound Boys (And Bogey Girls)
7. Lacerados Hombres

Persona Non Grata

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Freshly - Air (Quoth She) LP

Danish band Freshly originally started as Freshly Riots. As Freshly Riots they released 2 records. The first is the 'Delightfully Fresh' 7" in 1982. Never heard this one. Second release is the 'Hope' album released in 1984. This album contains 11 tracks of punk inspired by early Stranglers.
For the second album 'Air (Quoth She), they shortened the name to Freshly and went for a more postpunk sound, with some hints to Killing Joke.
All records were released on their own Bondeskiver label. Another release on this label is the 'Complication' comp. LP with 10 punk & new wave bands from Denmark as War Of Destruction, Electric Deads and Sods. Also has 2 tracks of Freshly Riots.

Freshly Riots on MySpace.

Air (Quoth She) LP (Bondeskiver-KOLOS 3-1986)
1. William
2. I Wish
3. Lust
4. The Earth
5. Fry
6. Touch Me
7. Colours
8. The Top


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Trisomie 21 - Final Work 12"

Another 12" of Trisomie 21. Title is a bit misleading. The band was probably planning to quit but already released a new album 'Distant Voices' in 1992.
The 'Final Work' 12" completes the 12" series. Expect to see some albums in the future.
Thanks once again to Eleni.

Final Work 12" (PIAS-BIAS 141-1989)
1. A New Outset
2. The Ghostlike
3. Bamboo
4. At This Time Of Writing
5. W.S.W. (West-South-West)

Final Work

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Trisomie 21 - Three 12"s

More donations from Eleni and George!
Here's a collection of three 12"s of Trisomie 21, all released on Belgian label Play It Again Sam. This label is a major indie label these days.
Some of the 12"s have re-recorded versions of older songs.
More albums should follow in the future.

Joh'Burg 12" (PIAS-BIAS 32-1986)
1. Joh'Burg
2. Il Se Noie
3. Le Fête Triste


Shift Away 12" (PIAS-BIAS 47-1987)
1. Shift Away
2. Djakarta
3. Ravishing Delight

Shift Away

Works In Progress 12" (PIAS-BIAS 119-1989)
1. Betrayed
2. Another Move

Works In Progress

Friday, December 21, 2007

UV Pop - Bendy Baby Man LP / Serious 12"

Thanks alot to Eleni from Greece for donating these rare records.
UV Pop is actually the alter ego of John K. White. Before UV Pop he was in The I Scream Brothers who have a few cuts on compilations.
The first UV Pop release is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' 7" on PAX, one of the rarest of his releases. Next is the 'No Songs Tomorrow' LP on UK experimental label Flowmotion (Konstruktivits, Metamorphosis,...). This album gave UV Pop a cult status. This album was also issued in Belgium on Konnexion. Also on Flowmotion appeared the 'Anyone To Me' 7"/12".
The 'Bendy Baby Man' is the second full length of UV Pop, who became a full band now. This one was released on his own Extra Records label. On this label came also the very last release 'Music To Yeah To' 12".
The 'Serious' 12" was released on Native Records and offers two different versions of the track that appears on the 'Bendy Baby Man' LP.
This is really good stuff but unfortunately very rare or way too expensive to get my hands on. UV Pop have a cult following, so maybe it's time for some reissues.
Get more info on UV Pop on this German fansite.
Anyone who could provide more UV Pop releases, please do not hesitate to do so.
Ripped at bitrate 256 including scans of front and back sleeve. Thanks Eleni!

Bendy Baby Man LP (Extra Records-EXTRA LP 1-1986)
1. Music To Yeah To
2. Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
3. No Songs Tomorrow
4. Feels Like Winter
5. Turkey Bones
6. Dots
7. Serious
8. Ghost In My House
9. Astronaught
10. Zuitar

link removed: now on Bandcamp .

Serious 12" (Native Records-NTV 4-1986)
1. Serious
2. 'Oh' June
3. Idea
4. Serious

link removed: now on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cindytalk reissues

Want to let everyone know that I removed the download link for the 'Camouflage Heart' album of Cindytalk.
There are 2 reissues available on Wheesht, a sublabel of Italian reissue label Abraxas. Now you can buy the 'Camouflage Heart' album on CD as well as on vinyl. Also 'In This World', originally released as two seperate albums, is reissued on a single CD and as double album. Both very recommended!
Visit Abraxas for more info. I think the albums will be available from other mailorders too in the near future.
A 10" with new material is planned for release in February next year.
For more on Cindytalk, visit Of Ghost And Buildings.

Photo by Cliff Ash, taken from Of Ghosts And Buildings.

Three Clouds In The Sky - A Long Forgotten Day 12"

Another Dutch obscurity here, more precisely from Deventer. Five songs of postpunk wave with a small budget production.The only thing I know of Three Clouds In The Sky is that the band had ex-members of punk band Alerta. You can listen to some tracks of the Alerta album "In The Land Of A Thousand Pretty Dreams" on Eet U Smakelijk. There's also a split 12" with The EX released on Leeds label CNT.
"A Long Forgotten Day" was recorded in Joke's Koeienverhuurbedrijf and produced by Dolf.

Update! The Alerta/The Ex split 12" can be found on Old Punks Never Die.

A Long Forgotten Day 12" (Self Released-LEPT 333-1985)
1. A Pretty Picture
2. The Song Of Singing Violins
3. Ned Larkin's Eyes
4. Pheona
5. A Veil Of Haze

Three Clouds In The Sky

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Cravats - Singles

Here a collection of three singles which have tracks not available on the double CD anthology.
The 'Gordon' 7" was the band's first release and done by themselves although later copies have a Small Wonder stamp. 'The End' was the second single, released on Small Wonder. 'Terminus' was the last single for The Cravats. This one released on Glass Records. The B side is more experimental like Dadacravats Laboratories.
The Cravats website can be found here.

Gordon 7" (self released-CH 004-1978)
1. Gordon
2. Situations Vacant

The End 7" (Small Wonder-SMALL FIFTEEN-1979)
1. Burning Bridges
2. I Hate The Universe
3. The End

Terminus 7" (Glass Records-GLASS 021-1982)
1. Terminus
2. Little Yellow Froggy

Overground just recently released 'In Toytown' with all the Small Wonder 7"s. B-side of the 'Terminus' single still unreleased so only link to this one.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Five Or Six - Cántame Esa Canción Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah LP

Spanish label Edigsa seemed to release records for the Spanish audience, especially from the Cherry Red label as well as bands like Joy Division.
This album of Five Or Six is more than that. Instead of chosing already released recordings, Five Or Six made a compilation of mostly unreleased stuff. 'Another Reason' already appeared on the debut 7", 'Polar Exposure' on the mini-album of the same name, as well as 'Lost Cause'. 'Exhibit A' appeared on the 'A Thriving And Happy Land' but this version here is live.
All the other tracks never appeared on other recordings and there are some really good ones like 'Chalk Circle' with female vocals of Julia Gilbert.
Five Or Six are one of my favourite experimental wave bands from that period. I wonder how many more recordings they did that are never released.

Cántame Esa Canción Que Dice, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah LP (Edigsa-15L0503-1982)
1. F For Fake
2. Another Reason
3. Lost Cause
4. Polar Exposure
5. Three Decisive Events
6. Chalk Circle
7. That Strange Feeling
8. Sleepwalk
9. Exhibit A
10. Trampolining
11. You, The Night And The Music

Five Or Six

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Coïtus Int. - Sex For The Wealthy MLP

Another excellent postpunk release from The Netherlands. Coïtus Int. Started in the late 70's and their first release from 1980 is the 'Dead Excitement' 7" which is full on punk. you can get that one on No Longer Forgotten Music with some other Dutch punk records.
In 1981 their self-titled debut album showed a different sound. More influenced by Joy Division. Read about it on Life On The Dot where you can download the album as well.
'Sex For The Wealthy' follows in the same style and was released in 1985 according to Discogs but my record doesn't mention a year of release. I really don't know if this is their second album as there is another one 'How To Make Love And Babies'. I searched for more info and some site states 1983, another 1991 as year of release.
Anyway, enjoy Coïtus Int., a band forgotten by many which shouldn't be.

Sex For The Wealthy MLP (No Label-RCS 577-1985)
1. Don't Mess With Bill
2. Under My Skin
3. The Habit Stayed
4. The Cold Fish
5. It's Springtime, Baby
6. In Jutland
7. You Will Not Swear In This House

Coïtus Int.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Party Day - Simplicity LP

Last release of this excellent Barnsley band Party Day. 'Simplicity' was released in 1986 on their own label. Original guitarplayer Martin Steele already left the band and Dean Peckett of The Second Coming took in his place.
There's an untitled track on the end of Side B which sounds very different from the rest of the album. Sounds more like a traditional or so...
The single record left not posted is the first 7" 'Row The Boat Ashore'. This one will follow very soon.

Note: tracks 4 & 5 ripped as one track.

Simplicity LP (Party Day Records-PDLP 501-1986)
1. She May Be Blind
2. Sovereign
3. Stay In My Heart
4. Laughter
5. Simplicity
6. The Other Side
7. Precious One
8. Career
9. A Passing Pain
10. Glorious Days
11. Untitled


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vonbrigði - Kakófónia MLP

For those who like interesting bands from Iceland like Þeyr or K.U.K.L., here's the mini album of Vonbrigði which means 'disappointment'. This is the band's second release. First one is the very rare 4 track debut 7".
Both records were released on Iceland's independent label Gramm. The 'Kakófónia' mini album was also issued in the UK on the Shout label. This is the version I have. On the UK release the titles are in English.
The band seems to be still around and released an album 'Eðli Annarra' a few years ago.
More info (in Icelandic) here.

Kakófónia MLP (Shout-MX 003-1983)
1. We
2. Flesh
3. Nothing
4. Sexy
5. The Nature Of Others And Their Interference
6. Cacomania
7. Bummer