Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Davidsons - Muscle Jerks 12" / Astronaut 12"

Well, here's the last post on Cake. 2 records of The Davidsons. Can't find any info on them. Quite similar to the Pigbros. There's a hyperactive rhythm box active on a few tracks which will ennerve some people I guess.

Muscle Jerks 12" (Cake-12 PIECE 4-1987)
1. I Didn't Know I Loved You Till I Saw You Rock And Roll
2. Legs In Sync
3. Middle Class
4. Beautiful
5. Dress Me Up
6. 1980s Tribal Master
7. Buy Up!

Astronaut 12" (Cake-12 PIECE 6-1988)
1. Like An Astronaut
2. My Feet Don't Touch
3. Astronaut (Big Hullaballoo Mix)

The Davidsons

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pigbros With The Membranes - Now Is The Time To Remove Your Mask 12"

Very first release on Cake is this collaboration of Pigbros with The Membranes. On side A you can hear 2 tracks that can be found on other Pigbros records, but here re-recorded with Membranes members.

PS: Mediafire's uploader doesn't work for me today so this file is on Multiupload.

Now Is The Time To Remove Your Mask 12" (Cake-12 SLICE 1-1987)
1. Past Caring
2. Hedonist Hat
3. Word Up
4. I Stopped Myself In Time

Pigbros With The Membranes

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Capitols - s/t 7"

2nd in a series on the Cake label. 2 very short songs on this one. Pretty indie stuff in the C86 vein, with female vocals. The only 7" released on Cake.
Fans of the Shop Assistants might enjoy this one.

The Capitols 7" (Cake Records-SLICE 2-1987)
1. Who Can Tell?
2. Every Time

The Capitols

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Atom Spies - And Their Treacherous Pop On Microdot 12"

November is Cake month, the label that also brought us some nice stuff of Pigbros.
Here's the first one and one of the most hard-to-find too. Can't find a lot of info on them but you can watch some good live stuff on youtube if you care. Too bad this is their only release.

And Their Treacherous Pop On Microdot 12" (Cake Records-12 SLICE 3-1987)
1. And Now The Adverts
2. 3000 Hours
3. Aliens In Your Wardrobe

The Atom Spies