Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doubting Thomas - Another Way Of Knowing LP

Here's another act on Biff Sanders' Motiv Communications label. Seems that Tom Dolan is the main member here. He was in the early line-up of Fourwaycross. Biff Sanders also played on this recording. And Beth Thompson delivers vocals on some of the tracks. She was also in Fourwaycross and later in Medicine.
Not to be confused with the Skinny Puppy side-project.
Alot of diversity here. Some songs have a strong 60's psyche feel while 'Mare Imbrium' is an instrumental soundscape. Another instrumental is 'Mare Nectaris' but sounds more experimental. Some tracks are based around the acoustic guitar while others are more electronic.
'The Bed' originally by Lou Reed.
The album comes with the third issue of Alternator Magazine (Prod 11) with artwork and prose of Tom Dolan, David Cunningham, Peter Haskel, Tim Power, Kathe Burkhart,... Sorry but didn't include it in the file. The format isn't A4 so it would take me alot of time scanning and joining the pages together.

Note: last 3 tracks ripped as one as these were too hard to seperate.

Another Way Of Knowing LP (Motiv Communications-Prod 6-1987)
1. Helen Keller
2. Fourteen Or Maybe 8
3. The Bed
4. Mare Imbrium
5. Bright As Afternoon
6. Crystal
7. Mare Nectaris
8. The Decay Of The Angel

Doubting Thomas

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ceilings Below - s/t MLP

Interesting wave band with an arty edge from Brooklyn, Ohio.
There's not alot of info to be found on them.
Released on Cleveland label After Hours Records, run by the band Home And Garden. This was an offshoot of Pere Ubu.
Other bands on the label are Radio Alarm Clocks, Terrible Parade, Primary Colours, Tag-Yr-It and Nightschool. Another interesting record on the label is the 'They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage' comp. album featuring punk, wave and indie bands from Ohio.
Les Black of Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes does vocals on 'Drone'.

Ceilings Below MLP (After Hours-ARCK 109-1986)
1. 7 98
2. Realism
3. Responsibility
4. Drone
5. Fellow Being
6. Sea Anguish
7. Sludge

note: tracks 1 & 2 ripped as one track.
Ceilings Below

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nervous Choir - 7" & MLP

Here's the almost complete discography of this Scottish goth band. They were from Aberdeen to be more precisely.
Can't find any info on the net about Nervous Choir and the records don't have release dates but they were active in the 2nd half of the 80's.
The 'Alsations' 7" was released on Cathexis (see Vazz) and the '1060 Hold Everything' released by the band itself.
A side of the 7" has two 8-track recordings, the B side has a stereo cassette recording and the last track is live.
They also appear on the 'Dreams And Desires' comp. tape on Pleasantly Surprised. Their contribution is the song 'Richard Killing'.

Alsations 7"
(Cathexis Recordings-CRN 5407-198?)
1. Alsations
2. Introducing
3. O' David
4. Tonight We Start On Witches

1060 Hold Everything MLP (Choir Cuts-NCC12.1-198?)
1. Al Johnson
2. The Privilege
3. The Quarry
4. Trash Trash Trash
5. She Crept Out
6. Daddy Says
7. Dada Version

Note: tracks 6 & 7 ripped as one track. Track 7 is a remixed version of track 6.

Nervous Choir

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dier - Hamer 12"

Dier was a Dutch rockband with an experimental touch. Released a few tapes before on their own Stichting Update Materials label. There's also a 7" called 'Mensen Praten'.
The 'Hamer' 12" is one of their more accessible works bordering on mathrock. Can't really compare them with anything else and I guess this won't be everybody's cup of tea.
6 songs of which most are under 2 minutes long.

More Dier can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music.

Hamer 12" (Stichting Update Materials-STÜM 011-1987)
1. Hamer
2. Sla Je Zus
3. Wolf
4. Werk
5. Nixandehanda
6. Dikke Jongens


Saturday, June 14, 2008

V/A Aural Fixation MC

One of the early cassette releases on Sound Of Pig. This tape label was run by Al Margolis of If, Bwana and released over 200 tapes, documenting the international experimental scene.
'Aural Fixation' compiles mostly acts from the USA, except for the Haters from Canada.
Savage Republic offer a live recording of 'Exodus'.
Schlafengarten brings us 2 tracks. Known for his collaborations with Psyclones.
Theatre Of Ice is more in a goth/postpunk direction.
Nice to see Smersh appear here as well. F/i offers a track from their early, more experimental period.
The other acts are not really known to me. Girls On Fire did a tape on the French Vita Nova cassette label.

For more info on Sound Of Pig, go the the Pogus site

V/A Aural Fixation (Sound Of Pig-SOP 6-198?)
1. Dreamhouse - La Cucaracha
2. Savage Republic - Exodus
3. Schlafengarten - Court Dancers
4. Schlafengarten - Another Green Baby's On Fire
5. Haters - Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time
6. Sleepless Knights - Psycho Durge
7. The Psychological Warfare Branch - We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought
8. Theatre Of Ice - You Are The Children
9. Smersh - The Meandering Profile
10. Girls On Fire - My Restrained Anger
11. F/i - Excerpt From "Y"
12. Chris Gross - Carry Me Back
13. Chris Gross - Wrong Song
14. Abstract Belief - Insidious Technique
15. Youth Hostel - Psycho-Drama Beach Party

Side A

Side B

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kafblau - Looking For Adventure 12"

First release of this Amsterdam wave band. They existed from 1983 to 1989. Couldn't find much info on the net.
This 12" was self-released. They did an album in 1988 on the Munich label called 'Music for Supermarkets'.
After the band split, some members started the band Rainy Days.

Looking For Adventure 12" (Kafblau-KB 001-1983)
1. Arabia
2. Looking For Adventure
3. Como's Pleasure
4. The Clock
5. Shades


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brave New World - s/t 7"

As requested by Jove Moix, here's the 7" EP of Brave New World. Released in between the 'Initiation' album and the 'Noise From The Heart' LP. Shows the transition of the band from their punk origins to a weirder approach.
First 2 tracks are studio recordings and show the band's more punk sounding stuff. The B-side is a live track of so-so quality. But here you can hear the more noisy side of the band. Sounds more like an improvisation to me. Funny thing is that on the backsleeve this song is titled 'This Is Not Art' while on the record it has a different title. Probably to avoid any harassment by ludicrous groups like the PMRC or Moral Majority.

Brave New World 7" (Homemade Records-FBE 015-1986)
1. Scream
2. Barriers
3. The Sound Of Jesus Christ Taking A Shit

This Is Not Art

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brave New World - Noise From The Heart LP

Brave New World is a US punkband started in the early/mid 80's. They released a 7" and the 'Initiation' mini album which are punk in sound with elements of garage to hardcore..
The 'Noise From The Heart' album however shows the band in a different direction. It reminds me of No Trend. This was their last release as the band already fell apart.
All their records were on the Homemade Records label but carry Fartblossom Enterprizes cat.#'s.
Singer James Roebuck is in The Mission Creeps now (although their MySpace page disappeared).

Noise From The Heart LP (Homemade Records-FBE 016-1987)
1. Coming On
2. The Story Ends
3. E To E Flat
4. Hypnotist
5. The Parable Of The Shadow
6. Just Enjoying The View
7. Square One
8. Life In A Police State
9. Abyss Of Broken Souls

Noise From The Heart

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anabas 7" / Tea House Camp 7"

Here are two singles of 2 lesser known goth bands from Leeds. Contrary to the more popular bands, no drum machines used.
First one is of Anabas. Can't find alot of info but it's nice female-fronted goth. I read somewhere that Flame On was set up by Ben Gunn after he left The Sisters Of Mercy, but I'm not sure.
Tea House Camp did only this 7" but also appear on the Tanz comp. 'Just Say Yeah'. Some members later in Dubh Chapter with Kev Mann.

Barricades/Dream Dance 7" (Flame On-FLAME 003-1983)
1. Barricades
2. Dream Dance


To Kill: Stab In Back 7" (Real Men Records-MEN 001-1985)
1. To Kill: Stab In Back
2. Poor Tom

Tea House Camp