Saturday, November 12, 2011

Luddites - Altered States 7"

2nd effort of postpunkers Luddites. Their first 7" 'Strength Of Your Cry' was released on Xcentric Noise and still has some punk influence. The 'Altered States' 7" is much gothier and a pretty great single it is.
Already posted before on blogs but got the WAV's from bX-59cppw and converted those to HQ MP3's. So everyone can enjoy a better rip of this one.
Their Peel Session can be found on Cliff Richard's Neck.

Altered States 7" (Self-Released-84 1-1984)
1. Altered States
2. Dance Your Last Dream


Saturday, November 05, 2011

V/A Torn In Two LP

Second comp. album released on Torment Records. Stand-outs are Party Day with a live recording, The Second Coming, This Colossal Youth and Masque. This Colossal Youth was another band with drummer Dean Ormston of The Second Coming and Silent Scream.

V/A Torn In Two LP (Torment Records-TOR 2-1986)
1. Party Day - Let Us Shine
2. Play The Joker - Last Laugh
3. The Second Coming - More More More
4. The Second Coming - Take Me Away
5. Central Reservation - I Won't Give You My Heart To Throw Away
6. Adrian Davidson - Straight From The Heart
7. This Colossal Youth - Scissors-Stone
8. Phillip Parr - Years And Years
9. Mark Jackson - Girl's Best Friend
10. Seventh Son - Stage Crazy
11. Masque - Seasons Changing

Torn In Two