Saturday, October 31, 2009

Non Ext - The Night/The Trees 7"

Nice little record of this pretty unknown band. Non Ext were from Maastricht, a Dutch city near the Belgian border. It seems that they joined the Flanders Rock Concours as they are mentioned on the thank list.
Don't think Non Ext had a budget to make this 7" as it sounds a bit underproduced and the sleeve looks very cheap. Nonetheless an interesting band. The first song is the winner here.
No release date mentioned but I guess the early 80's.

Non Ext 7" (Donky Records-DONKEY 1-198?)
1. The Night
2. The Trees

Non Ext

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Persian Flowers - s/t 7"

Second release on Fourth Dimension Records, a label that is still active these days.

Here's the description from their site:
The one and only release of this Wasted Youth/Only Ones-tainted psychedelic group from mid-1984.
So if you're into 80's guitar postpunk with a psychedelic edge then check it out.
I know that Michael of the Return To The East blog is interested in this one. Check out Michael and Miguel's blog as they post some very interesting and obscure stuff.
Fourth Dimension Records was intially set up by Third Mind owner Gary Levermore, together with people from the Grim Humour fanzine, but after this release he was no longer involved.

Persian Flowers 7" (Fourth Dimension-FDS02-1984)
1. Someone Else's Sin
2. Summer Of Love

Persian Flowers

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Flowers - I Crush Bozo LP

Second full-length of these weirdos. See my previous post for all the info on Happy Flowers.
'Know' originally by Nick Drake.

I Crush Bozo LP (Homestead-HMS106-1-1988)
1. Get Me Off Of The Broiler Pan
2. I'm the Stupid One
3. More Mittens
4. Old Relatives
5. Get Paul's Head
6. Why Don't I Bleed
7. Fever Dream
8. Wire Brush
9. I've Got The Picnic Disease
10. Jellyfish Head
11. There's A Worm In My Hand
12. Know
13. Toenail Fear
14. Mrs. Butcher
15. My Frisbee Went Under A Lawnmower
16. I Saw My Picture On A Milk Carton

I Crush Bozo

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Basta Roc - Monument 7"

Punky postpunk from Basta Roc. Don't know anything about this band. There's some confusion on the origins of Basta Roc. It seems that this 7" was released in Sweden (according to the discogs submission but my copy doesn't show any relevant info) but I guess the band came from the UK. They also appear on the 'Out Of The Unknown' comp. LP and 'The Wycombe Compilation' comp. album (with the track 'Billy Bones'). So I expect Basta Roc to be a Wycombe band.
Any extra info appreciated.

Monument 7" (Proto-Noise-PN1-1981)
1. Monument
2. Trial

Basta Roc

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spina Bifida - Statues D'Ébène 12"

Here's a contribution by Alex of Infrastition.
A pretty rare 12" by a band called Spina Bifida. The band released it themselves in 1986. Already heard good things about this one and it surely wasn't a letdown. Three great songs in the best French coldwave tradition.
Spina Bifida formed in Bordeaux around 1986. They played about 20 gigs, opening for bands like Noir Desir, Jad Wio and Litfiba. The band split in 1989 with 2 members forming a new band called Spina. Never heard them but according to discogs, it's more in the EBM/techno style.
These are the only recordings by Spina Bifida.
Gratitude to Alex for ripping this 12" and making it available through this blog.

PS: I removed the link for the DZ Lectric LP as it's now available on CD with 4 bonus tracks.

Statues D'Ébène 12" (Self-released-1986)
1. Statues D'Ébène
2. Spina Bifida
3. Renaissance Du Froid

Spina Bifida

Saturday, October 03, 2009

V/A Mistral Musique Vol. 1 LP

Another great but mysterious compilation album out of France. Has 4 bands of which I don't have any info. I know that Ventre did a 7" in 1987. Don't think the other bands released anything else.
Very diverse new/cold wave stuff.
The album has absolutely no info. The Funeral Party tracks were recorded in Montpellier, so maybe all bands were from the area?
I also think that other volumes never happened.

V/A Mistral Musique Vol. 1 LP (Mistral Musique-MSM 001-1984)
1. Alea Jacta Est - But In My Dream
2. Alea Jacta Est - Mister Jo
3. Alea Jacta Est - Poor Lead Singer
4. Anthrax - Varsovie
5. Anthrax - Atlantes
6. Ventre - Base
7. Ventre - Malicia
8. Funeral Party - God's Coming Back
9. Funeral Party - A Coeur Joie
10. Funeral Party - Kabuki-Cho Street
11. Funeral Party - Rebellion
12. Funeral Party - "!!" (Rock Abstrait)

Mistral Musique