Saturday, September 26, 2009

Holy Cow - Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP

2nd album of this experimental goth band from New England. Got this one in a trade with Fritz Die Spinne. And I'm very happy to discover this band.
Holy Cow are a league on their own. You can hear influences of Bauhaus, Virgin Prunes as well as Swans or more industrial outfits.
2nd side 'Apocalypse Cow' of the album is a live recording from 1987 at the Living Room in Providence, RI. '39 Lashes' taken from 'Jesus Christ Superstar'.
1st side 'Suggested Reading' are songs inspired by short stories:
'Blue Bottle Boy' by 'The Fly' by Arthur Porges
'Rep Fuck' by Stephen King's 'Granma'
'If I Laugh...' by Cornell Woolrich's 'The Screaming Laugh'
'Island' by Stephen King's 'Survivor Type'
Brenna is a short coda and ripped as one track with 'Island'.

Holy Cow on MySpace

Suggested Reading/Apocalypse Cow LP (Head Chunk Records-30/60-02 -1988)
1. Blue Bottle Boy
2. Rep Fuck
3. If I Laugh...
4. Island
5. Brenna
6. Kingly's Hunt
7. God/39 Lashes
8. Isolation
9. Ultimate Head

Holy Cow

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fra Lippo Lippi - s/t 7"

Here's the very first release of Fra Lippo Lippi from Norway. The band needs no introduction I suppose. In the mainstream music world this band is known as a "one hit wonder" with 'Shouldn't Have To Be Like That'.
I think that many readers here have heard the 'In Silence' LP, their best moment. Even 'Small Mercies' is still a good effort but later the band went completely poppy and mainstream.
This 7" shows the band in another musical form. No vocals here and way more electronic. 3 minimal synth tracks on side A, one longer and darker, experimental track on the B side.

Fra Lippo Lippi 7" (Private-1980)
1. Tap Dance For Scientists
2. Do The Modern Pose
3. Dolls On Parade
4. Backdrops

Fra Lippo Lippi

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Afobia - Disagio MC

Here's another contribution by Rosario.
This tape was released in 1994 and Rosario knows some of the band members. He ripped this tape for a friend who is a DJ to use in his set. It took him quite some effort to get the sound better. He doesn't want his effort to be wasted so offers it to me to post here.
This cassette EP was released by the band. some members later in the more rock-oriented Frangar Non Flectar.
Good post-punk with influences from Joy Division, Killing Joke and Diaframma. Let us know what you think of it.

1 Disagio
2 Nel Silenzio
3 V.
4 Moderne
5 Un Sogno
6 Appuntamento


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Kronstadt - A Demain... MLP

Here's a contribution by Dougal.
French punk/postpunk band from Paris that only released this mini-album on New Wave in 1985. They also appear on the comp. album 'France Profonde 1'.
For the rest, I can't tell much more. Some songs are punk, others are more postpunk sounding. One track 'Elle' is even dub/reggae style.

Had to take the image from here. Only page I could find on Kronstadt. If you need a bigger one, there's a picture of it on Discogs.

A Demain... MLP (New Wave-NW014-1985)
1. Désarmement
2. F.L.I.C.
3. Kalachnikoff
4. Souterrain
5. Baptême
6. Elle