Tuesday, February 27, 2007

S-Haters - 12"s

As promised for Roman Empire, here are the two 12"s of the S-Haters. These were released on the Midnight Music label.
Seems that the band released another mini album under the name of The Underlings. Never heard this one.
The 'Come' album will be posted some time soon.

Solitary Habit 12" (Midnight Music-Dong 6-1984)
1. Solitary Habit
2. In Death
3. Necromancer

White Noise 12" (Midnight Music-Dong 10-1985)
1. White Noise
2. Stranger Than Strange Girl
3. Bishop Of The Diocese

Solitary Habit / White Noise

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Membranes - Pulp Beating 1984 And All That! LP

The Membranes were from Blackpool and formed in the early 80's. The band's first releases were on Rondelet Records but were later picked up by the cult label Criminal Damage. The records that they did on Criminal Damage brought the Membranes more attention. They were asked by John Peel to do a session, the only one they ever did.
The 'Pulp Beating' LP is a collection of songs from the 'Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder' 7" and the 'Death To Trad Rock' 12", both released in 1984. I haven't heard many other records of The Membranes but I think these were the hardest and most abrasive. Just listen to the sound of John Robb's bass!
John Robb was the core member of the band. He also ran the Vinyl Drip label.
Tracks 1 and 3 are from the 'Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder' 7".
Tracks 4 to 7 from the 'Death To Trad Rock' 12".
Track 2 probably from the 'Crack House' MLP.
More Membranes records are on the way.

Pulp Beating 1984 And All That LP (Criminal Damage-CRI MLP 130-1986)
1. Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder
2. Kafka's Dad
3. All Skin And Bone
4. Shine On Pumpkin Moon
5. Big Nose And The Howlin Wind
6. Myths And Legends
7. The Kiteman

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Pulp Beating

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Batfish Boys - 12"s

Another request.
The Batfish Boys formed when Simon Denbigh was booted from March Violets. On the 'Swamp Liquor' 12" you can hear a little of the March Violets influence. 2 tracks of this 12" also appear on the 'The Gods Hate Kansas' LP.
The other 12"s show the progression of The Batfish Boys to a more traditional rock sound. For many it is a downward spiral. Decide for yourself.
The Batfish Boys released another LP called 'Head' in 1986 and later shortened their name to Batfish for another album 'Batfish Brew' in 1989.
Track 2 of the 'Crocodile Tears' 12" originally by The Chocolate Watch Band.

Swamp Liquor 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 101-1985)
1. Swamp Liquor
2. Hound Of Death
3. Hot Guns

Crocodile Tears 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 105-1985)
1. Not Enough Blue
2. Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love In)
3. Detroit Chrome Mountain
4. Peacock Machinery

The Bomb Song 12" (Batfish Incorporated-USS 108-1987)
1. The Bomb Song
2. I'm A Cadillac
3. Cooking With Gas

The Batfish Boys

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

S-Haters - Singles

Someone asked for some S-Haters.
Here are the first 2 records the band ever released. They were issued on Outer Himalayan Records, the label of Rudimentary Peni. S-Haters were from Watford and existed already in the late '70's. I think Nick Blinko has been a member in a very early stage.
S-Haters went on to release more records for Midnight Music. Expect these to appear here some time.
Additional info on S-Haters more than welcome.

Note: records are old so expect some vinyl noise.

Death Of A Vampire 7" (Outer Himalayan-OHR 002-1981)
1. Death Of A Vampire
2. Research

Stories As Cold As The Irish Sea 7" (Outer Himalayan-OHR 005-1982)
1. The Deepest Of Reds
2. Drift
3. Industry & Nature


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bone Orchard - 12"s

I promised to post some more Bone Orchard a few months ago. Well here they are. These are the three 12"s the band released. If you like the 'Jack' LP, be sure to listen to these too.

Stuffed To The Gills 12" (Jungle Records-Jung 8-1983)
1. Fats Terminal
2. Knuckle The Butcher
3. Shall I Carry The Budgie Woman ?
4. Picking Appulheads
5. Mancre !
6. Kickin' Up The Sawdust

Swallowing Havoc ! 12" (Jungle Records-Jung 15-1984)
1. Cold Back Stick !
2. Love Has Sin
3. I'm Boned ! (Boneabilly Party)
4. Slow Burn Red !

Princess Epilepsy 12" (Jungle Records-Jung 22-1985)
1. Princess Epilepsy
2. You Don't Press My Pants !
3. Same Old Ball And Chain

Bone Orchard

Friday, February 16, 2007

In Excelsis - Prey LP

In Excelsis formed in 1983 when UK Decay split up. Guitarplayer Spon asked ex-Ritual members Mark Bond and Errol Blythe to start a new band.
In Excelsis released three 12"s during their existence. The 'Prey' album is a posthumous release containing tracks of the 12"s but most of them in a remixed form. 2 tracks were never released before: 'Bassman Trigger Happy' and 'Militia'. The last 2 tracks were recorded live at the Moonlight Club in 1984. Here you can listen to 'Vows' in it's entire version.
In Excelsis also did a Peel session. Anyone has a copy?
The first 12", 'Carnival Of Damocles' can be found on the Punks On Postcards blog.
Another ex-UK Decay band, Furyo is posted on Cactus Mouth Informer.
Visit the UK Decay site for more info on In Excelsis.

Note: live tracks ripped as one track.

Prey LP (Jungle Records-Freud 8-1985)
1. One Man's Heaven (Dub)
2. Eve
3. Love Lies
4. Fire
5. Bassman Trigger Happy
6. One Day (Dub)
7. Bonanza (Remix)
8. Militia
9. Vows
10. The Window Of Innocence

Prey (re-up)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Live Skull -s/t 12"

Live Skull were from NY and played noise rock similar to Sonic Youth. Some consider them to be a Sonic Youth copy but I think the band has a style of their own.
Live Skull formed in 1983 and this 12" is their very first release. The band went on to record another 2 great albums on Homestead: 'Bringing Home The Bait' and 'Cloud One'. After a live album, Thalia Zedek from Uzi joined the band and later, she and Marnie Greenholz left the band and Sonda Andersson of Rat At Rat R took over the vocals. Never heard the later Live Skull.
More on Live Skull here and here.

Live Skull 12" (Massive Records-Fat 1-1984)
1. Mr. Evil
2. I Was Wrong
3. Live Walk
4. Boil
5. Tourist Trap
6. Age Of Oil & Wax

Live Skull

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Stiff Kittens

Here's another complementary post to one of Highlander's at Cactus Mouth Informer.
I know absolutely nothing of this mid-80's goth band from the UK. The band released 3 records. First one is the 'Contempt' 7". Second one is the 'Happy Now' 7", also released as a 12" with 'Contempt' as extra track. Third and last one is the 'Eternal Blue' 7"/12".
Seems the band had a strong interest in Aleister Crowley as he shows up on every sleeve.
I also posted a scan of the 'Happy Now' 12" sleeve as it is different than the 7".
By the way, 'Contempt' should be a goth/deathrock party dancefloor filler!
Highlander posted the 'Happy Now' 7". Here, you'll find the other two records.

Contempt 7" (Crisis Records-CSS 4-1986)
1. Contempt
2. Light

Happy Now 12" (Crisis Records-CSS 5-1986)
1. Happy Now
2. Collision
3. Contempt

Eternal Blue 12" (Crisis Records-CSS 6-1987)
1. Eternal Blue
2. Pagan Land
3. Killing Time

Stiff Kittens

Hysteria - Compilation Tracks

Highlander at Cactus Mouth Informer posted the Hysteria 'Behind The Veil' 12" yesterday and asked for the 2 comp. tracks I have. Well, here they are. Hysteria sounds a bit more punky on these and were probably recorded before the 12".
The tracks appear on the 'Life Is A Joke' comp. LP released in 1984 on Weird System, a German punk and hardcore label. The other bands on this comp. are in the punk/hardcore style: Fang(US), Civil Dissident(Australia), Razzia(Germany), Savage Circle(Italy), Inocentes(Brazil), Shit S.A.(Spain),
Riot Squad S.A. (South-Africa) and Terveet Kädet(Finland).
Don't forget to download the Hysteria 12". You can also find great stuff by Belfegore and the Stiff Kittens there.

Comp. Tracks
1. Oblivion
2. Silent Hate

Get both tracks HERE.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Red Beat - The Missing Album

I recently obtained the Red Beat CD 'The Missing Album'. It collects all the recorded output of this postpunk band from the early 80's. In fact, the 'Dream Dub' song is omitted.
Red Beat did 3 releases. First one is the 'Machines In Motion' 12" on Killing Joke's Malicious Damage label. Second one is the 'See/Survival' 7" and 3rd one the 'Dream' 12", both on their own Manic Machine label.
The CD also contains the four tracks of the Peel session they did and an unreleased track called 'Shadowboxing'. If you like their records, you'll definitely need those tracks. It also has a small booklet with all the lyrics and a Red Beat history.
Now you won't find this CD on Amazon, Gemm, Musicstack or your local recordshop. It's exclusively distributed by Paul Jones himself through the Manic Machine site. Don't hesitate to contact him for further details. He's a nice person to communicate with and will reply quite fast.


Salvation - Girlsoul 12"

Here's another request, this time by Pokemi.
The 'Girlsoul' 12" was the first release of Salvation. It was produced by Andrew Eldritch of The Sisters Of Mercy. They even used Dr. Avalanche, the well known drum machine of the Sisters.
Salvation did their first gig in 1985 and produced many more records. The sound changed a lot after this 12". The band called it psychedelic goth. You can already hear the psyche influence in the lengthy 'Dust Up' track.
The 'Girlsoul' 12" has never been re-released except for the title track.
For more info on Salvation, check the band site here.

Girlsoul 12" (Merciful Release-MRX 025-1983)
1. Girlsoul
2. Evelyn
3. Dust Up


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Executive Slacks - You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP

Here's a request by Acts Of Worship.
The 'You Can't Hum When You're Dead' LP is actually a compilation of 2 12"s and a comp.track. The First 4 tracks appeared on their first release in 1983, a self-titled 12". Tracks 6 to 9 appeared on the 'Our Lady' 12" in 1984. This one was co-produced by Youth (Killing Joke). He also played bass on 'I'm Coming'. 'Sexual Witchcraft' was recorded in 1982 and appeared on the 'I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia' comp.LP from 1983. Other, more well known bands on this comp. are Bunnydrums, The Stickmen and Pretty Poison.
Trouserpress on the Executive Slacks:
Philadelphia's Executive Slacks started out playing a searing combination of electronics, guitar/vocals and percussion. On the trio's first EP, Matt Marello sings with hysterical urgency and unnerving calm while spewing white-hot guitar noise out over steady, pulsing Residents- like backing complete with found tape noises. The impact is gratingly industrial but also emotional — it isn't the sheer assault that makes you uneasy, it's the whole demented concoction.

You Can't Hum When You're Dead LP (Fundamental Music-Save 3-1984)
1. The Bus
2. 30 Years
3. Cinema
4. So Mote It Be
5. Sexual Witchcraft
6. Our Lady
7. Man Of Christ
8. I'm Coming
9. Our Lady (Yoof Dub)

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Executive Slacks

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Artery - The Second Coming LP

Here's a request by Lo-Fi Jr of the Grown Up All Wrong blog and John Liedown of the Punks On Postcards blog.
'The Second Coming' is Artery's 3rd album and a radical departure of the previous 'One Afternoon In A Hot Air Balloon' LP. Here the band sounds heavier and darker as before. One song, 'Diamonds In The Mine' sounds out of place on this album. It's a cover of a song by Leonard Cohen.
For a biography of Artery, check Simon Hinkler's site here. Simon Hinkler doesn't appear on this album. He was also a member of Pulp and The Mission. Guitarplayer Murray Fenton went on to play for the Batfish Boys.
I had to take a cover scan from discogs as my scanner refused to do a proper scan of the quite complex artwork of the sleeve. The sleeve normally looks darker.

The Second Coming LP (Golden Dawn-GDLP01-1984)
1. The Last Song
2. My Age, My Beast
3. The Father Song
4. The Mother Song
5. Little Boy Blue
6. Diamonds In The Mine
7. Ringing The Bells

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Second Coming

Friday, February 02, 2007

Gothic Girls

Another one of those almost forgotten goth bands.
Gothic Girls were from Norwich and were active around 1983/84. Guitarplayer Chiff Mackey played in a snotty punk band called Dissolute Youth before. Drummer Rob Masters now plays with The Great Outdoors with ex-members of the Farmer's Boys. Don't know if this band is still around though...
The 'Glass Baby' 12" was produced by Terry Sex Gang.
Any info on Gothic Girls more than welcome. Tried google but I get more hits of the, ahum, erotic kind.

Outrage 7" (Backs- NCH 007-1983)
1. Outrage
2. Devil

Glass Baby 12" (Backs-12 NCH 011-1984)
1. Glass Baby
2. Borrowed Tongues
3. Glass Baby (MC Megamix)

Lilac Dreams MLP (Backs-NCHM LP2-1984)
1. Devil
2. Whores Song
3. Sweet Sister Soul
4. Bride
5. Borrowed Tongues
6. Lilac Dreams

Gothic Girls