Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blue Cross - Demo

Normally I don't plug new bands here as my focus is on 80's underground. But I make an exception here.
Blue Cross is one of the many side-bands of Ottowa punkband Germ Attak. Met these young punks at a gig here in Belgium and they are friendly guys.
Most of the sidebands are punk/hardcore sounding but Jo formed Blue Cross, a band with a strong early 80's goth/deathrock sound. Cool eerie guitars (flanger), tribal drums and female vocals, always a plus!
Only 3 songs but worth a listen.

And The Wizard posted a tape of another cool band of punks doing the goth thing: Bellicose Minds.

1. Everything I Despise
2. Tough Days
3. Face The Aggression

Blue Cross

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pump - Sombrero Fallout CD

For those who like the 1st album of Pump, 'The Decoration Of The Duma Continues', there's good news. A friend of mine released their unreleased second album 'Sombrero Fallout'.
Andrew Cox commented on my Pump post more than a year ago asking if someone was interested in releasing it. Suddenly Andrew passed away January last year. FDV of Plague Recordings took interest and got in contact with David Elliott through Andrew Hulme of O Yuki Conjugate. And now finally this great album sees the light of day. And as stated on the insert: it's for everyone out there, but really it's for Andrew.

More info on Pump and how to get this CD, go to Plague Recordings.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts - s/t 7"

Here's a pretty rare 7" of some weird NDW for you. Don't know anything about Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts. Heard them on some comp. tape posted elsewhere. They also appear on the 'Auftakt' comp. LP and 'Night Of The Banshee' CD.
Lyrics of 'Die Nacht' (by Otto Ernst Hesse) from the movie "Tanz auf dem Vulkan".
First song is Chinese for '(Wir Sind) Gute Freunde'.
One of the early Zensor releases.

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts 7" (Zensor-CM 03-1982)
1. Tuō Men Xiōng Hǎopéngyou
2. Die Nacht
3. Kreisel

Seen Links - Schlösser Rechts

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cry Of The Innocent - The Haunting/Still, Forever 7"

Finally found a copy of this rare 7". For more info on Cry Of The Innocent, check my previous post.
This is the band's first release on their own Pagan Records label.
I mentioned on my previous post that the band could have been 'bigger' if they should've signed with a more wellknown label like Beggars Banquet/Situation Two. Someone left a comment on Discogs that the band was offered a record deal by Beggars Banquet but refused it! The band had their reasons to turn the offer down I guess, but also missed the chance to get more wellknown.
Both tracks are good, but I especially like 'Still, Forever' best. Singer Lee Jones reaches high notes here.

The Haunting/Still, Forever 7" (Pagan Records-SRTS/82/CUS 1436-1982)
1. The Haunting
2. Still, Forever

Cry Of The Innocent

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Some troubles on my previous post

OK, seems that the Anatomy Of Coincidence post is plagued with problems. Here you can find a link for 2 tracks. The Machine Language track had a few glitches which I removed. The Innerface track suddenly got some annoying gaps. I don't know how that came to be. So here are better versions of those 2. Quality is quite important to me. Enjoy!

See link on previous post. Should be all OK now.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

V/A Anatomy Of Coincidence MC

Obscure comp. tape from 1984 with 10 acts from Indiana. The address states Bloomington so maybe these bands were made of students as Bloomington has one of the best universities of the world.
All tracks are instrumental and mostly made with keyboards. So expect some nice minimal synth tunes with a slightly experimental edge.
500 copies made. It is hard to tell what the bands and track titles are but Practic is mentioned for production and design so that meant that the titles in bold are the track titles I guess (see scan in the file).

V.A Anatomy Of Coincidence MC (Clandestine Recordings-001-1984)
1. Grey Area - Melancholia
2. Practic - Gone Unnoticed
3. Sphere Of Influence - Photosphere
4. Col5lage - 551
5. A Drowning Man - Rapture Of The Deep
6. Element - Rooms Without Doors
7. Deca-dense - Judgment Falling
8. Innerface - Human Factors
9. Machine Language - The Wake
10. Light On Surface - Believe/Deceive

EDIT: thanks to Oldskool, I found out that I mixed up the sides of the tape. It's hard to tell which side is A & B, so I made a major fuck-up. Below is a new link with the CORRECT tags. sorry for the inconvenience.

NEW LINK!!!!!!! (so ignore the post above. Should be all correct now)
Anatomy Of Coincidence