Saturday, February 26, 2011

Citizen UK - Ubique Daemon 7"

A very early release on the French cult label L'Invitation Au Suicide.
Citizen UK was a UK band who bring us 3 tracks of great synthy new wave sounds. Don't know anything of Citizen UK so anyone who can give us more info is more than welcome.
The 7" came in a 10" sleeve.
WAV's provided by bX-59cppw. Quality MP3's made by me.
PS: bX-59cppw stopped blogging but made an exception and posted a very interesting obscurity from Australia. Check it out!

More info thanks to Rainy Day Sponge on Citizen UK here.

Ubique Daemon 7" (L'Invitation Au Suicide-INV 0200-1981)
1. Apocalypse
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Dining On Expenses

Citizen UK

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kommunity FK - Close One Sad Eye LP

As requested by Sheerinertia. Seems that the rip floating on the net is of pretty low quality so here's my own rip (320).
The second album of Kommunity FK is a more polished affair than 'The Vision And The Voice' album but as good as this one.
The first album has been re-released in 2006 on Mobilization Records. 'Close One Sad Eye' was put on CD in 1993 on Cleopatra Records. Both the vinyl and CD version are way out of print.
Many of you already heard of Kommunity FK and for those who don't; there's a lot of info to be found on them on the net. Official band page here.

Close One Sad Eye LP (Independent Project-IP 015-1985)
1. Something Inside Me Has Died
2. The Other World
3. Debauchery
4. Junkies
5. Trollops
6. The Vision And The Voice
7. Haunt
8. You And Eye
9. They
10. Noob

Close One Sad Eye

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dyslexic Artsehcro - Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes LP

Another gift from bX-59cppw.
Here's a quite obscure band from the US who released this pretty weird and diverse album in 1987. No info to be found. The second part of the band name can be read backwards!
In the file you'll find an extra track, the last track (B6), which is 'Inside-Out' played backwards. You can actually play that song backwards on the vinyl album.
Found this review on some mailorder list:
late 80's U.S. privat-press of utterly complex Avant-Pop ripplings w/spacey psychedelic hoverings 'n forlorn Sympho-petaled strayns on moody existential playgrounds w/bent lyrics, femme voice, sequencer, keyboards, guitars, bass 'n drumzz; ...a very interestoxicating release housed in expresslusive bard-coard tackej;

Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes LP (Frozen Sound Studio-706045XA-1987)
1. Above It All (Floating)
2. Nowhere To Run
3. Another World
4. I Killed Mom
5. Feels Good (A.I.D.S.)
6. Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes
7. My Kind
8. Inside-Out
9. The Huntdown
10. Why Don't You Love Me (Anymore)

Dyslexic Artsehcro