Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cry Of The Innocent - Susan's Story 12"

One of those promising bands that went completely into oblivion.
Cry Of The Innocent were from the Birmingham area. My copy has a promo insert with alot of live reviews which are all very positive. They do get compared alot with early U2, but that's something that happened in the UK to some bands like The Chameleons as well (much to the dislike of Mark Burgess). Other state influences of The Stranglers, The Undertones or The Cure.
It's a bit weird that Cry Of The Innocent never released anything on a UK label. Their 1st single 'Still Forever' was released by themselves I guess. Think I only came across 1 copy for sale on the net. This 12" was released on an obscure one-off label in France. Both records are quite rare these days.
So what makes or breaks a promising band? You decide.

Susan's Story 12" (La Stillette Disques-Face 1/2-1983?)
1. Susan's Story
2. Someday Remember
3. Winter

Susan's Story

Fools Dance - s/t MLP

As requested, here's the 1st release of Fools Dance, the band formed by Simon Gallup. Can't help it but their sound does remind me to The Cure. First song 'The Priest Hole' has a Middle Eastern feel.
Personally I lost all interest in The Cure after 'Pornography'. I was quite disappointed when they released singles like 'Love Cats' or 'Let's Go To Bed'. Simon Gallup was probably too.
My copy is the Dutch pressing on Top Hole.

Fools Dance MLP (Top Hole-TH 22-1985)
1. The Priest Hole
2. Happy Families Waiting (At The Skylab Landing Bay)
3. I'm So Many (Talk Talk)
4. Sa'ha
5. The Don Diddy Song

Fools Dance (new link)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fools Dance - They'll Never Know 12"

Second release of this band featuring Simon Gallup of The Cure.
Fools Dance was founded by Gallup when he left The Cure. They released a 5-track mini-album in 1985 which had different pressings, 2 in the UK, but also licensed to Top Hole in The Netherlands and Contorsion in France.
The 'They'll Never Know' 12" is a bit harder to find these days. It was also released as a 7" omitting 'The Collector' and The Ring'. On the last song, Simon Gallup even does vocals. He doesn't play on the 1st song as the bass was played by J.J. Burnel of The Stranglers.
Someone probably already posted that first mini-album, if not I'm willing to rip and post it if you're interested.
Fools Dance split up after Simon Gallup joined The Cure back in 1985 so I guess this 12" is more of a posthumous release.

Fools Dance website
Fools Dance on Wikipedia

They'll Never Know 12" (Lambs To The Slaughter- LTS 22 (T)-1987)
1. They'll Never Know
2. The Collector
3. Empty Hours
4. The Ring

Fools Dance

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Corpus Delicti - The Joy Of Living 12"

The third and last installment of the Mystic postpunk releases is from Corpus Delicti. They were a 5-piece probably from the Hollywood area as well.
Corpus Delicti also released a 2-track 7" in 1985 which is a promo for their next album but as far as I know, this album was never released.
Not to be confused with the 90's goth rock band.

The Joy Of Living 12" (Mystic Records-M124520-1984)
1. Child Child
2. Memories Linger
3. Psycho On Saturday
4. Why's It Like This?
5. No Conflict

Corpus Delicti

Bone Cabal - Five Budget Cuts ! 12"

Here's the second of the Mystic postpunk releases. This one is the most accessible in sound. Bone Cabal were from Hollywood and this one was released in 1983. They also did a 7" in 1984 with the tracks 'Hollywood Cowboy' and 'Work' but I don't have this one.

Five Budget Cuts ! 12" (Mystic Records-MLP 124516-1983)
1. O Betulah
2. Welcome The Stranger
3. Falling Dollars
4. Voices On Fire
5. Serious Play

Bone Cabal

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Send No Flowers - s/t 7"

Postpunk with a goth touch from Send No Flowers. Band was probably from Liverpool. The seller wrote that even Ian Astbury rehearsed with them.
They also appeared on a few comp. tapes as "Index 2" and "Realities Vol. 1".

Send No Flowers 7" (Praxis-T.M.1-1982)
1. Playing For Time
2. Wall Of Convention
3. One More Day

Send No Flowers

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eleven Sons - s/t 12"

Mystic Records is mostly known for it's hardcore punk releases but this label also released some other stuff.
Eleven Sons were a postpunk band from California. This 12" released in 1983 is their only output.
I'll post some other postpunk releases on Mystic later on.

Scans of the insert included.

Eleven Sons 12" (Mystic Records-M124516-1983)
1. Slow Waters
2. Progress Denied
3. Unintended Consequences
4. A Painted Desert

Eleven Sons