Friday, November 30, 2007

The Underlings - 12"s

I guess that regular visitor Roman Empire will be pleased to see this. Here's the rest of the discography of The Underlings.
As stated before, The Underlings are actually The S-Haters.
The 'That Little Girl' 12" resembles alot to the 'White Noise' 12" of The S-Haters.
The 'Centurion' 12" was the final release as the band already split up. The title track is over 7 minutes long but one of the best songs they ever did.

That Little Girl 12" (Midnight Music-DONG 23-1986)
1. That Little Girl
2. Lemon Drops
3. King Leech
4. Resolutions Crack

Centurion 12" (Midnight Music-DONG 35-1987)
1. Centurion
2. Life Under Gold
3. Rusted Lips


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Murder Murder Suicide - Christians 12"

Murder Murder Suicide were an Australian anarchopunk band. Started around 1983 and released a 5-track tape. Two tracks were also offered for the rare 'Eat Your Head' double 12" compilation.
The 'Christians' 12" is the band's sole vinyl effort and probably last release. The songs have a strong British anarcho-sound with gloomy postpunk feel.
For those interested in the Australian punkscene, check the Regression website.

Christians 12" (Major Records-MRLP 008-1986)
1. Christians
2. Anthill
3. Hunters Laugh

Murder Murder Suicide

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Cultural Decay reissue

New York label Sacred Bones is planning a reissue of everything Belgian coldwave band The Cultural Decay ever recorded. Will have the 7", 12" and demo recordings. Don't know if this will be on CD or vinyl but you can check their MySpace site here.
Also planned is a complete 13th Chime discography.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

V/A Music From The Dead Zone 2: USA LP

Interesting comp. album on UK label Dead Man's Curve. Vol. 1 has European acts while this one contains underground acts from the USA.
Corpses As Bedmates also released an album on Dead Man's Curve called 'Venus Handcuffs'. Has been re-released on CD in 2004 dropping the band name, replaced by Venus Handcuffs. Bob Drake and Susanne Lewis were also in Thinking Plague, 5UU'S, and appear on many other albums. Bob Drake lives in France now and still releases albums.
Little Fyodor used to be a member of Walls Of Genius. Released 3 albums and numerous cassettes. CDR copies are stil available on his website.
Digital Sex released a mini-album on their own Essence Records and a CD on French cult label Sordide Sentimental.
F/i have quite some cassettes and albums and mix industrial sounds with spacerock tunes. 2 members later in Drag City act Vocokesh.
Boy Dirt Car released some albums on RRR Records of which one is a split album with F/i. Key members are Darren Brown (who later founded Impact Test) and Eric Lunde who released many solo recordings of industrial stuff.
The Haters is Canadian Jupiter Larsen, and a well established name within the more noisy side of the industrial scene.
For Against released some quite beautiful postpunk albums on Independent Projects. I think most of their albums are re-released on CD and not hard to find. Everyone should have heard 'Echelons' once in their life.
Smersh also released an album on Dead Man's Curve. You can find both vinyl albums on The Thing On The Doorstep. There's actually 2 tracks of them although only one is mentioned.
Hunting Lodge offer a live version of one of their most wellknown tracks that appeared as a 12".
Psyclones are Brian Ladd and Julie Frith. On this track they got help of the mysterious Schlafengarten. Some albums of Psyclones can be found here and 2 tapes of Schlafengarten on Shards Of Beauty.
Gestaltung is an alias for Smersh.

V/A Music From The Dead Zone 2: USA LP (Dead Man's Curve-DMC DZ 02-1987)
1. Corpses As Bedmates - I'll Lead You
2. Little Fyodor - Doomed
3. Digital Sex - Astray
4. F/i - Trauma (At The Beach)
5. Boy Dirt Car - Extract from He Tore Out His Eyes
6. The Haters - Exre
7. For Against - Amen Yves
8. Smersh - Trench
9. Smersh - Untitled
10. Hunting Lodge - Tribal Warning Shot (Live)
11. Psyclones/Schlafengarten - When The End Comes
12. Gestaltung - Softly Dub


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eton Crop - It's My Dog, Maestro LP

Here's my last contribution of this British sounding band from Holland.
'It's My Dog, Maestro' is the very first full length of Eton Crop and released between the 'Gay Boys On The Battlefield' 12" and the 'Yes Please Bob' MLP. Both can be found in the archives.
Released on the very small UK label Grunt Grunt A Go Go. The other release is the 'Good Morning Mister Presley' comp. album, also previously posted.
Haven't heard the later records like 'A Bundle Of Bucks' 12" and 'And The Underwater Music Goes On' but later they went completely dance.

It's My Dog, Maestro LP (Grunt Grunt A Go Go-GGAG 2-1985)
1. It's My Dog Maestro
2. Loads Of Beer
3. Mind Manipulation (Heavy Politics Part 1)
4. Wart On A Workers Hand
5. You Won't Get Me Out In The Rain
6. Get Something For Doing Nothing
7. Live Aid
8. Boy Meets Tractor
9. Harry Nelson Pillbury
10. I Only Want To Talk About The Weather
11. Rocking The Chessboard, Featuring Frisky Bob And His Skittish Pawns

It's My Dog Maestro

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Divshare to Zshare

I'm planning to remove all Divshare links and replace them with Zshare links. Tried some downloads myself and some would take more than 2 hours. Horrible service! Hope to do most this week. Unfortunately, Zshare doesn't allow multi-uploads, so it's one at the time.
New Zshare links:
In Excelsis - 12"s
Trial LP
Lives Of Angels LP
The Midnight Choir both 12"s
Nervous Gender
Ausgang A-Go-Go
Stiff Kittens

Saturday, November 17, 2007

V/A The Young And The Free 10"

Don't let the awful cover fool you. It's actually a gimmick scratch'n'sniff sleeve.
This 10" contains 4 rather unknown postpunk/synth bands, each with two tracks.
Vietnamese Rose play postpunk with a 60's psyche feel. They also have a 7" on the same label as this comp.
Experiments With Ice is probably the most wellknown as they released an album on Experimental Records, a side label of United Dairies. One synthpop and one experimental synth track. Mutant Sounds posted the album.
Couldn't find any info on Stranger Comforts. Not that exciting of which one track is a version of the Rolling Stones classic.
Active Restraint is way better. Did find out that both tracks were released on a 7" on Upright Records.

V/A The Young & The Free 10" (Luna Records-Moon LP1-1982)
1. Vietnamese Rose - The Young And The Free
2. Experiments With Ice - Heaven
3. Stranger Comforts - Walking On Air
4. Active Restraint - Turns Out Roses
5. Vietnamese Rose - Curtains You
6. Experiments With Ice - Tin Man
7. Stranger Comforts - Paint It Black
8. Active Restraint - Terror In My Home

The Young And The Free

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Underlings - Fatal Purpose LP

And who are The Underlings? No one else but The S-Haters. After a change of drummer, the band decided to change the name as well as they felt it wasn't appropriate for the music they made.
But the sound is not quite different as The S-Haters records on Midnight Music.
'Fatal Purpose' is the sole full length of The Underlings. Before this one, there's the 'That Little Girl' 12". The band split up for good after the album but a 12" called 'Centurion' was released as the epitaph of the band. I hope to post the 12"s as well in the near future.

The S-Haters fanpage on MySpace.

Fatal Purpose LP (Midnight Music-CHIME 00.20 S-1987)
1. The Solo Ride
2. Amp Theatre
3. Forked Tongue Lament
4. Paradise In My Side
5. Watching Her Tumble
6. Blackwater Memories
7. Phantasm
8. Reprojection Spell

Fatal Purpose

Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Excelsis - 12"s

Back from a short break with a massive post on In Excelsis. As already mentioned, In Excelsis had Spon of UK Decay and two members of Ritual.
Already posted the 'Prey' LP, here are the three 12"s the band released. First two on Jungle Records, the third and rarest was self-released.
And for those who want some more In Excelsis, John at Punks On Postcards posted the Peel Session, which he recorded on tape from the radio. Worth checking out.

Carnival Of Damocles 12" (Jungle Records-JUNG 9-1983)
1. The Sword
2. Vows (Initiation)
3. One Man's Heaven
4. Carnival Of The Gullible

Ladder Of Lust 12" (Jungle Records-JUNG 13-1984)
1. Window Of Innocence
2. Bonanza
3. Love Lies
4. Hidden Touch

Creeps In The Trees 12" (In X Records-In X 1-1984)
1. One Day
2. Eve
3. Fire

In Excelsis

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kill Your Pet Puppy

Thanks to Nuzz I found a very interesting site on UK punkzine Kill Your Pet Puppy. Not only you can read some articles and watch photos. There's also a page full of hard-to-find stuff for download of bands like The Mob, Blyth Power, Null & Void, Blood & Roses, The Straps, ... Already got the Ritual 'Songs For A Dead King' tape. Great! Also the 'Naked' tape of Sex Gang Children can be found there. They are also planning to post the complete 96 Tapes releases.

Kill Your Pet Puppy

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Short Break

I'm taking a one week off. So no new posts except maybe from contributions.
I know that mediafire deleted some files so if anyone wants me to re-upload something, just ask. Leave a comment here. Thanks.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Trial - Moments Of Collapse LP

Excellent peace-postpunk album of this San Francisco band. This is Trial's second release after the 'Inborn System' 7" released on Freak Records (small label with 2 releases. The other one is the '1984' 7" of Crucifix). The songs on the 7" showed already the way they were heading. Found it on Strange Reaction(RIP), the first music blog I ever knew.
Opening track 'Lobotomized Visions' has an industrial feel due to the use of metal percussion.
Cyrnai is the most known member of Trial. Discogs states that she was also a member of Sleeping Dogs (7" on CRASS Records) and Treason (1 song on the 'Peace/War' comp.). She also released solo work, mainly tapes but also a 12" called 'Charred Blossoms' which you can find on Mutant Sounds. Some tapes of her can be found on Shards Of Beauty. Her work is way more experimental. Seems she was active until the late 90's but no further info as the Cyrnai website is down.
The album is not so hard to find probably 'cos Trial had a distribution deal with Rough Trade.
Get this one! You won't be disappointed.

Note: tracks 5&6 ripped as one track.

Moments Of Collapse LP (Communications Syndicate-CS 001-1986)
1. Lobotomized Visions
2. Unshackled In The Garden
3. Detached
4. Anatomy Of The Trap
5. Crimson Retrospect
6. Chant 4501
7. The Border
8. Of Speech And Thought And Stripping Gears


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kan Kan - The Unreleased Tracks (Update)

As some of you already noticed, the website of Patrick Dineen is down for the moment. Patrick wrote me that the 'Unreleased Tracks' CD of Kan Kan will be available on CD Baby within a week. This will be easier to get hold of a copy.
And please also check the 'Beauty' CD by Rialto, another project of Patrick.
I have also seen that Red Beat's 'The Missing Album' is available there too.
So for the people living in the US, it's way cheaper to get the albums at CD Baby as the dollar being weak and of the high shipping charges from Europe.
Spend some money, support the artists!