Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glorious Din - Leading Stolen Horses LP

Got a request to post the first album of Glorious Din. Previously posted on the dormant Fritz Die Spinne blog more than 5 years ago but the link is dead. Ripped my own copy. Worth to re-post I guess.
Really great postpunk sound on this album. Eric Cope has a similar voice as Ian Curtis.
For more info and comments of ex-members, I direct you to the original post on Fritz Die Spinne. They were talking of compiling and reissuing Glorious Din material but nothing happened yet.
An early version of 'Water From The Temple' and an unreleased elsewhere track can be found on the 'Numb Tongue No Taste' comp. tape.

Leading Stolen Horses LP (Insight-R 41585-1985)
1. Tenement Roofs
2. Pallet On The Floor
3. Arrival
4. Cello Tape
5. Sixth Pillar
6. Leading Stolen Horses
7. Water From The Temple
8. Insects

Leading Stolen Horses (320)

Leading Stolen Horses (FLAC)