Sunday, November 04, 2012

Barton And Harry - Mulch 12"

First release on this small indie label Fever Records. Already posted the Gasrattle 12" before. Fever Records also released one of the earliest My Bloody Valentine records, the 'Geek' 12".
Never heard Barton And Harry before but got this one in very cheap and was quite surprised. Nothing groundbreaking though but they have a strong The Birthday Party influence.
Contrary to the band's name, there were three members. Barton wrote all the lyrics. Harry is Harry Stafford of the Inca Babies! Third member Daley played drums I guess. This is Barton And Harry's only release.

Mulch 12" (Fever Records-FEV 1-1984)
1. Mulch
2. Beauty
3. A Boy Called Ned

Barton And Harry - 320

Barton And Harry - FLAC