Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Toilets - Boxjunction 7"

bX-59cppw offers me the first and also rarest release of The Toilets/Toylets. One of the great Top Hole bands like Qua Dance or The Visitor. I posted the Toylets album before and maybe the 2nd 7" will follow soon. Great new wave, a bit like The Cure but much rawer.
Discogs states that the 1st song was made by Subsequent Pleasure, an alter ego of The Toilets. Don't know what the reason could be.
There's only one track that I still didn't hear that appears on a comp. flexi, also release on Top Hole that came with 'Het Bestaan' zine.

Boxjunction 7" (Top Hole-TH 003-1980)
1. Boxjunction
2. Life At The 12th

Boxjunction - 320

Boxjunction - FLAC

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bomb Party - Fish LP

Here's the third album of The Bomb Party, kindly donated by Phil Long again.
Nothing to add as I've posted some stuff of The Bomb Party before (check them out).
'Fish' was released on a German label, Normal Records. The CD version has an extra track 'Nobody's'. This is the vinyl version.

Fish LP (Normal Records-Normal 103-1988)
1. Praise The Lord
2. LSD
3. Some Bodies
4. Venus In Dirt
5. The Last Waltz
6. Do The Right Thing
7. Theme From God Bless America
8. Mephistopheles (A Million Worth Of Pillion)
9. Shakespeare
10. Why Don't We Talk?
11. Love At Any Price
12. The Only Rule (There Is No Rule)
13. Car Crash (On The Highway Of Love)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gothic Girls Update

I've put up a new link for the Gothic Girls. Fresh rip btw, now bitrate 320. Maybe I'll re-rip some older stuff that was ripped at 192. I did this because bandwidth was pretty limited back then.
Also, you can't find Gothic Girls when using the search button so here's a direct link:


I think a lot of the older posts have invalid links. Please let me know.
Also everything of Party Day can be found here but nothing shows up when using the search function. Very odd!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

International Sin - Out MLP

6-track album of French band International Sin. They also appear on the 'Lyon Compilation' which I posted here before.
This album was released on Contorsion (Movement, Strahler, The Bonaparte's, Baroque Bordello, ...). I expected to hear more of that typical French cold wave sound but this one is more poppy/funky. Not bad nor really great. I felt rather disappointed. But it's a pretty rare record nonetheless.
Check it out and decide for yourself.

Out MLP (Contorsion-CNT 013-1986)
1. Black Sun
2. Matin De Paris
3. All Rods Out
4. Hate Night
5. The Gift
6. Reason For Living

International Sin