Sunday, May 29, 2011

No uploads for a while

Trying to upload on Mediafire for some days now and they all fail. Today I tried to upload on Megaupload and this doesn't work as well. So no new uploads until I've figured out what's going on here.
I've re-ripped stuff by Marc Riley, Headhunters, Look Back In Anger, The Fifteenth and Anorexic Dread but these will have to wait until I can upload again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sardine V - I Hate You 12"

Another gift from bX-59cppw. Thanks to him for keeping this blog alive a bit. Don't have a big budget to score rare stuff for the moment.
Sardine V is a very interesting new wave/postpunk band from Australia. Prior to the 'I Hate You' 12" they released a 7" 'Sabotage/Sudan' in 1982.
Can't tell you more as this band is completely unknown to me. But Sardine V has Ian Rilen in the band, best known for being in Rose Tattoo and in one of the world's best punkbands ever, X.
'Stuck On you' was also covered by Hunters & Collectors.

I Hate You 12" (Phantom Records-PH 18-1983)
1 I Hate You
2. Stuck On You
3. Pictures
4. Minutes
5. Disagree

Link removed. Got a complaint from Hunters + Collectors for violation of copyright.