Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Cultural Decay - s/t 7"

Here's another great cold wave band from Belgium. Can't find a lot of info on The Cultural Decay. This 7" is the first release on their own Sexy Robot Records. They did another record in 1983 called 'Wars On 45'. If you like Siglo XX, then check this one out.
I had to pay quite some money for this gem but I got overwhelmed by a 'now or never' feeling.
Mystery Poster recently re-upped the 'Wars On 45' 12" due to popular demand so get it here, or cry later.

Sexy Robot Records discography:
SR 001 The Cultural Decay - s/t 7"
SR 002 AA - Essential Entertainment 7"
SR 003 The Cultural Decay - Wars On 45 12"
SR 004 O Veux - A Face A Mask 7"

The Cultural Decay 7" (Sexy Robot-SR 001-1981)
1. Brave New World
2. End Of The Corridor

Cultural Decay

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Janitors - The In Tape Years

Another interesting band that released some records on Marc Riley's In Tape label. Cool mix of noisepop and punkabilly.
The 'Chicken Stew' 7" was their first release but suffers from poor production. The sound is muddy and you can barely hear the drums. Follow-up is the 'Thunderhead' mini-album. The sound improved a lot as with their 'Good To Be The King' 7". After this release they left In Tape and released some records on Abstract: the 'Deafhead' LP, 'Family Fantastic' and 'Moonshine' 12"s and the 'Halfway To Happening' 7".
The Janitors were requested a long time ago by English Paul. It's possible that he will contribute some music from time to time on this blog so keep your eyes and ears open!

Chicken Stew 7"
(In Tape-IT 017-1985)
1. Chicken Stew
2. The Devil's Gone To Whitley Bay

Thunderhead MLP (In Tape-IT Twenty Eight-1986)
1. Thunderhead Johnny
2. Nowhere
3. Both Ends Burning
4. Really Shrinking
5. Mexican Kitchen
6. Wall Star
7. Track Eating Baby

Good To Be The King 7" (In Tape-IT 031-1986)
1. Good To Be The King
2. Wall Star


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Struggler - It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands LP

Requested by Noinim a while ago. Here's the sole full length of Struggler. Released on Not So Brave in 1982, this record contains slow to uptempo tracks with a load of diversity. Most songs are quite monotonous without being boring.
Recently found out a new and promising blog called No Longer Forgotten Music. There you can find both Struggler 7"s. These are very rare and sound more punky. Check this blog for more interesting music.

It Was A Very Long Conversation But At The End We Didn't Shake Hands LP (Not So Brave-NSB 002-1982)
1. Is It Worth ?
2. The Perfect End II
3. Persecute
4. Infinite
5. Where Are We Now ?
6. The Past Won't Burn
7. The Perfect End I
8. Obligation
9. Noise, What Noise ?
10. Emptiness


Monday, July 23, 2007

The Supernormals - Sing Carlton B. Morgan 12"

Just got back yesterday from a trip to Normandy, France, visiting the D-Day landing beaches. Would like to say thank you for the comments left while I was away.
Up to the next post. Here's Carlton B. Morgan's 2nd release. Equally as good as the 'Devil's Music' mini album I posted a while ago. 'Rock Rock Rock' is co-written with Jon Langford. Released in 1986 on a small label called T.I.M. Records.
Carlton B. Morgan is finishing his book called 'Zen, Masturbation And Time Travel'. Sounds promising!
I once found a quote of Carlton where he stated that he doesn't understand why people say that Captain Beefheart's music is difficult listening. He wrote that 'No Jacket Required' by Phil Collins is a record difficult listening to!

Sing Carlton B. Morgan 12" (T.I.M. Records-12MT3-1986)
1. The Architect Was A Tall Man
2. Rock Rock Rock
3. Again The Devil's Music
4. Stargazm
5. Ape Thee Snake


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Collection Of Tracks

My last post before a short summer break. Here are some tracks that are missed on some anthology CD's or taken from compilations.

Ausgang - Solid Glass Spine
Taken from the double A side 7" Strip Me Down/Solid Glass Spine. This track doesn't appear on the Ausgang anthology CD.

The Danse Society - The Theme
Long, atmospheric track that appeared on the 12" version of 'Somewhere'. Doesn't appear on the 'The Seduction' CD which compiles all early and best releases. Two other songs were left out: 'There Is No Shame In Death' and 'Dolphins' but you can find that 12" on Wiel's Time Capsule (see link in sidebar)

Vex - Rushing To Hide
This track appears on the 'We Don't Want Your Fucking Law' comp. album released on Fight Back, a sublabel of Mortarhate.

Party Day - Borderline
This one appears on the 'Bites & Stabs' comp. LP released on Torment Records. Not featured on any other Party Day release.

Silent Scream - Shimmering
Also from the 'Bites & Stabs' comp. LP. Sounds quite different to their 7". Vocalist Anton and the keyboard player left the band so the bassplayer took over the vocals.

Monk De Wally De Honk - D-Day
Another track taken from 'Bites & Stabs'.

This Colossal Youth - Scissors-Stone
This one taken from the second compilation on Torment Records called 'Torn In Two'.

Masque - Seasons Changing
As above.

Another great band on both compilations is The Second Coming. Still looking for their 'The Return' 12", so I can post the complete discography.

HERE (new link)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Less Dance/The N.U.E. - Two Gether MLP

Split mini album of 2 Belgian cold wave/synth bands that I never heard of before. Sometimes you need to take a chance with buying rare records. And rare it is.
Less Dance is the more synth-oriented one although the band has the usual line-up of guitar, drums and bass.
The N.U.E. say they were inspired by Joy Division but they sound different and are absolutely no clone. The name of the band stands for The New Underground Entertainment.
Released on a small label called Broken Records. The only other release is the 'The Chrome/De Hufters' split 12".
Enjoy this rare piece of cold wave from Belgium.

Two Gether MLP (Broken Records-BR 1001-1982)
Less Dance - There's A Will
Less Dance - Lonely In A Woman
Less Dance - She Wished
The N.U.E. - A Funeral Birthday
The N.U.E. - Broken Window
The N.U.E. - The Days Arrive

Two Gether

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eton Crop - Gay Boys On The Battlefield 12"

Great follow-up of the 'Six Silhouette Romances' 12" which I posted a while ago. This 12" was released on a small label of Amsterdam called Bigger Bank Balance. The other release is the 'Well Up And Bubble' comp. LP.
More Eton Crop in the future.

Gay Boys On The Battlefield 12" (Bigger Bank Balance Records-Balance 1-1984)
1. Gay Boys On The Battlefield
2. Roger Troudman
3. He Didn't Say Anything

Eton Crop

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flue - One And A Half LP

Here's the first album of Dutch band Flue. Has been reissued on CD with extra tracks but in a ridiculously small quantity. Together with Mecano, one of the bands that rose from the Ultra movement.
'Jerome' also released as a 7" with a non-LP track 'Ugly People' on the B side (also on the CD version). Seems like it's a song about the bassplayer in which it states he has six fingers on one of his hands. The title track is a 10 minutes improvisation that has some kind of prog feel.
Produced by Dick Polak of Mecano.

One And A Half LP (Torso Records-Torso 336-1981)
1. Fancy Free
2. The Nose
3. Fridged
4. Jerome
5. Age A Wage
6. Feminine
7. Small Gods
8. One And A Half

CD is available again on Mecano's Mutant Jasz label.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Under Two Flags - Lest We Forget 10" / Masks 12"

UK Goth band who managed to release two records on Beggars Banquet sublabel Situation 2. Both releases have the 7", 10" as well as the 12" format. The 7" version leaves out the extended versions as 'False History' is the extended version of 'Lest We Forget', and 'The Day After Dub' the same for the 'Masks' song.
And that's all I know about Under Two Flags. Any extra info welcome.

Lest We Forget 10"
(Situation 2-SIT 27T-1983)
1. Lest We Forget
2. Drown Inside
3. False History

Masks 12" (Situation 2-SIT 32T-1984)
1. Masks
2. Early Sunday Morning
3. The Day After Dub

Under Two Flags

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rote Kapelle - San Francisco Again 12"

Cool indie noisepop from this Edinburgh band. They took their name from the German antinazi movement.
not much info to be found on Rote Kapelle. But if you like Shop Assistants or Janitors then you'll probably like Rote Kapelle too.
Their records aren't that easy to find but here's a discography. All releases on Marc Riley's In Tape label except the 'Big Smell Dinosaur' EP. I'm busy collecting them. Already have the 'It Moves...But Does It Swing?' MLP.
- Big Smell Dinosaur EP 7"
- These Animals Are Dangeroos 7"
- It Moves...But Does It Swing? MLP
- Fire Escape 7"
- San Francisco Again 12"
- No North Briton LP

San Francisco Again 12" (In Tape-IT054-1988)
1. San Francisco Again
2. Preacher Man Aural
3. You Don't Know
4. Fire Escape (Non-Dance Version)

San Francisco Again