Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cold September - Looking Up At Them At Me LP

It's not September but it's damn cold over here in Belgium for the moment.
Cold September was a new wave/deathrock band from Hollywood, CA. I didn't find any info but drummer Walt Phelan also played in punkband RF7.
There seem to be some bands this day with the same name but have nothing to do with this band.
The album was released on Azra Records, mostly known for releasing metal stuff, although the 12" of punkband Funeral was also released on this label.

Looking Up At Them At Me LP (Azra Records-A-2086-1986)
1. Seven Strangers
2. Veil Of Guise
3. The Truth
4. You Drive Me
5. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte
6. The Useless Ones
7. You're Too Much
8. The Meaning Of Life
9. Wake Up Eva
10. Looking Up At Them At Me

Cold September

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Short-Term Memory - Effect Of Excess LP

Synth wave band out of Kansas. Can't find any info.
Prior to this album, the band released 2 cassette albums: 'Every Head Needs Cleansing' and 'Lost In Gundam'. After the LP came the 'Guilty Pleasure' EP released in 1985.
All their output was released on their own Silly Poodle Music label with the help of local Kansas label Fresh Sounds Inc. (Mortal Micronotz, The Embarrasment,...).
They appear on a few compilations as well like 'The History Of Jazz' tape, 'On-Slaught No. 4' tape and 'SNX' 4xLP.
Found a MySpace page for ex-member Jim Skeel who is still busy making music.

Effect Of Excess LP (Silly Poodle Music/Fresh Sounds Inc.-FS 209-1984)
1. I Don't Care
2. Hungry Dogs (Run Fast)
3. I Think I'm Losing My Mind
4. Take Your Place
5. Out East
6. Banzai!
7. Effect Of Excess
8. Freedom
9. Page 64
10. Lullabye (Happy Industry IV)

Effect Of Excess

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Two - 2 X 2 12"

Two were formed in 1981 and were from West Drayton, a small town near London. They were a male/female duo although a third member played sax on this one.
Their first release is the 'Trace Of Red/Regime' 7" on Future Records. Then came the 'Waiting For Winter' 12" and the 'Dreaming Spires' LP, also on Future Records.
The '2 X 2' 12" is the band's last release, and this one was issued on Reflex Records (And Also The Trees label).
This 12" sounds more experimental than the more synthpop oriented 7". It's mostly an instrumental affair.
Never heard the other 12" and LP. All their records are quite hard to find nowadays.
Capa Nostra Syndicate posted the 7".
Tracks 1 & 2 ripped as one track. Track 4 has a news clip in Dutch dealing with a terrorist attack.

2 X 2 12" (Reflex Records-12 RE 7-1984)
1. Autumn Calling
2. Walechsa
3. Castles In Syria
4. Linen

2 X 2

Saturday, December 06, 2008

V/A Well Up... And Bubble LP

Thought that this album isn't that hard to find but I was quite wrong about this. Took awhile before I found a copy for sale.
This compilation is the 2nd release on small label Bigger Bank Balance. The 1st release is the 'Gay Boys On The Battlefield' 12" of Eton Crop.
Eton Crop also appears on this album. They were also responsible for this release as well. Most of the songs weren't released elsewhere back then, or are different recordings.
All tracks were recorded at Nickelodeon Studios in Amsterdam except for those of The Three Johns. Their first song is recorded live at Leeds University in 1984 and '666 Pack To Go is actually written by Carlton B. Morgan.
Claw Boys Claw offer their very early songs here. They became quite popular in the second half of the 80's over here with there wild garage sound.
Blue Murder is another Amsterdam band. They have a strong 60's sound. They were ex-Soviet Sex. Released quite a few albums, first on their own, later for WEA and Emergo. The band split in 1987.

V/A Well Up... And Bubble LP (Bigger Bank Balance-Balance 2-1985)
1. Claw Boys Claw - Pain
2. The Mekons - Flitcraft
3. The Three Johns - World Of The Workers (Live)
4. Blue Murder - Explanation
5. Eton Crop - Boy Meets Tractor
6. Blue Murder - The Castle Song
7. Eton Crop - Coca Colanization
8. The Nightingales - Surplus And Scarcity
9. Claw Boys Claw - Ha! Ha! Ha!
10. The Three Johns - 666 Pack To Go
11. The Mekons - Darkness

Well Up And Bubble

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cry Of The Innocent - Susan's Story 12"

One of those promising bands that went completely into oblivion.
Cry Of The Innocent were from the Birmingham area. My copy has a promo insert with alot of live reviews which are all very positive. They do get compared alot with early U2, but that's something that happened in the UK to some bands like The Chameleons as well (much to the dislike of Mark Burgess). Other state influences of The Stranglers, The Undertones or The Cure.
It's a bit weird that Cry Of The Innocent never released anything on a UK label. Their 1st single 'Still Forever' was released by themselves I guess. Think I only came across 1 copy for sale on the net. This 12" was released on an obscure one-off label in France. Both records are quite rare these days.
So what makes or breaks a promising band? You decide.

Susan's Story 12" (La Stillette Disques-Face 1/2-1983?)
1. Susan's Story
2. Someday Remember
3. Winter

Susan's Story

Fools Dance - s/t MLP

As requested, here's the 1st release of Fools Dance, the band formed by Simon Gallup. Can't help it but their sound does remind me to The Cure. First song 'The Priest Hole' has a Middle Eastern feel.
Personally I lost all interest in The Cure after 'Pornography'. I was quite disappointed when they released singles like 'Love Cats' or 'Let's Go To Bed'. Simon Gallup was probably too.
My copy is the Dutch pressing on Top Hole.

Fools Dance MLP (Top Hole-TH 22-1985)
1. The Priest Hole
2. Happy Families Waiting (At The Skylab Landing Bay)
3. I'm So Many (Talk Talk)
4. Sa'ha
5. The Don Diddy Song

Fools Dance (new link)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fools Dance - They'll Never Know 12"

Second release of this band featuring Simon Gallup of The Cure.
Fools Dance was founded by Gallup when he left The Cure. They released a 5-track mini-album in 1985 which had different pressings, 2 in the UK, but also licensed to Top Hole in The Netherlands and Contorsion in France.
The 'They'll Never Know' 12" is a bit harder to find these days. It was also released as a 7" omitting 'The Collector' and The Ring'. On the last song, Simon Gallup even does vocals. He doesn't play on the 1st song as the bass was played by J.J. Burnel of The Stranglers.
Someone probably already posted that first mini-album, if not I'm willing to rip and post it if you're interested.
Fools Dance split up after Simon Gallup joined The Cure back in 1985 so I guess this 12" is more of a posthumous release.

Fools Dance website
Fools Dance on Wikipedia

They'll Never Know 12" (Lambs To The Slaughter- LTS 22 (T)-1987)
1. They'll Never Know
2. The Collector
3. Empty Hours
4. The Ring

Fools Dance

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Corpus Delicti - The Joy Of Living 12"

The third and last installment of the Mystic postpunk releases is from Corpus Delicti. They were a 5-piece probably from the Hollywood area as well.
Corpus Delicti also released a 2-track 7" in 1985 which is a promo for their next album but as far as I know, this album was never released.
Not to be confused with the 90's goth rock band.

The Joy Of Living 12" (Mystic Records-M124520-1984)
1. Child Child
2. Memories Linger
3. Psycho On Saturday
4. Why's It Like This?
5. No Conflict

Corpus Delicti

Bone Cabal - Five Budget Cuts ! 12"

Here's the second of the Mystic postpunk releases. This one is the most accessible in sound. Bone Cabal were from Hollywood and this one was released in 1983. They also did a 7" in 1984 with the tracks 'Hollywood Cowboy' and 'Work' but I don't have this one.

Five Budget Cuts ! 12" (Mystic Records-MLP 124516-1983)
1. O Betulah
2. Welcome The Stranger
3. Falling Dollars
4. Voices On Fire
5. Serious Play

Bone Cabal

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Send No Flowers - s/t 7"

Postpunk with a goth touch from Send No Flowers. Band was probably from Liverpool. The seller wrote that even Ian Astbury rehearsed with them.
They also appeared on a few comp. tapes as "Index 2" and "Realities Vol. 1".

Send No Flowers 7" (Praxis-T.M.1-1982)
1. Playing For Time
2. Wall Of Convention
3. One More Day

Send No Flowers

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eleven Sons - s/t 12"

Mystic Records is mostly known for it's hardcore punk releases but this label also released some other stuff.
Eleven Sons were a postpunk band from California. This 12" released in 1983 is their only output.
I'll post some other postpunk releases on Mystic later on.

Scans of the insert included.

Eleven Sons 12" (Mystic Records-M124516-1983)
1. Slow Waters
2. Progress Denied
3. Unintended Consequences
4. A Painted Desert

Eleven Sons

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life In General - s/t 12"

Cool and obscure 12" of this Seattle postpunk band. They were formerly known as X-15.
5 rather short tracks on this one.
Nothing more to say so anyone who knows more is welcome to provide some info.

Update! Well someone provided a link for more info on X-15/Life In General. Actually , you can purchase X-15 recordings on CD Baby as well. Check it out here.

Life In General 12" (Panece Records-ZF001-1982)
1. Respite Lost
2. The Fog
3. Thats Life
4. Affliction
5. One Way

Life In General

Friday, October 24, 2008

Zshare links on a loop

It seems that all my old links run on a loop. I already made contact with Zshare to fix this problem. In the meantime, don't be afraid to ask for a re-up. I'm not going to re-up everything again; just too much work. So if you need anything, post a comment and I'll do my best to provide a new link ASAP.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Michal Turtle - Music From The Living Room 25th Anniversary Edition

I have some good news for those who enjoy the 'Music From The Living Room' album of Michal Turtle. Got a mail from Mike yesterday to let me know that he made a page with background info on this album with photos. You can also download the whole album as remixed and remastered tracks as well as an unreleased track: the 8+ mins. 'B Is For Bird'.
Unfortunately you can't place a comment over there, so please do here and let him know what you think of it.

You can find the page HERE.

Mike on Myspace.

Mike's general page.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Never Blue - Freak City 12"

Only record I know of Never Blue from Switzerland. Actually, I don't know anything about them. Found this one quite recently. It's not bad. Decent wave from 1985.

Freak City 12" (Bariton Records-Be 30-920-1985)
1. Freak City
2. Storm
3. Summer In Town
4. The Whale

Never Blue

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zshare under maintenance

As you already could find out, zshare is under maintenance already from Thursday. I really hope they can fix their problems very soon. I really don't want the same thing that happened to me like last year with quicksharing.

Here's some news.
Cherry Red finally released a sort of 'Best Of' of one of their most interesting acts from back in the day: Five Or Six. A pity there's only 10 songs on it so I hope there's more to come soon. It has the 'Another Reason' 7", the 'Pillows And Prayers' contribution and a few songs of the 'Polar Exposure' album and the Spanish release. Also 1 track from the 'Four Of...' 12".
Check it out here.

For the Ensemble Pittoresque fans: here's a blog run by ex-member Paulus Wieland with more insight on the re-releases. Seems he wasn't informed on all that. Check it out here.

Hope I can post something in the next days.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shock Headed Peters - Not Born Beautiful LP

As requested awhile ago. My first post here were the first 2 12"s of Shock Headed Peters. This album was posted on Are Friends Electric but this blog is long gone. Here's your chance to grab this masterpiece again.
Shock Headed Peters was formed by Karl Blake after the split of Lemon Kittens. He released a solo album 'Prehensile Tales' and then formed Shock Headed Peters. Other members included Ashley Wales from Five Or Six and The Fast Set, and Mark Rowlatt of Metabolist. Also guest appearance of Crystalle Quim, nom de plume of Diana Rogerson.
A very diverse album, not really in common with the post-industrial scene showing Karl Blake's fascination of 70's hardrock but taking it to a whole new level.
One of the best albums released in the 80's. Too bad this hasn't been reissued, although there's a CD version as well but I don't know when it was released.

Shock Headed Peters on MySpace.

Not Born Beautiful LP (èL Benelux-FIN 1-1985)
1. Say No To Funk
2. Ideal
3. Chalet D'Amour
4. Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog
5. Bad Samaritans
6. Parabola
7. Miserable Worm
8. Mon Repos
9. Wheel In The Bait
10. The Kissing Of Gods

Not Born Beautiful

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mome Rath - Apratima MLP

First album of this wave band from France. Mome Rath were from Paris and their 1st release is the 'Advising' 7" on Shin Produc. Then came a live tape on V.I.S.A./Androida Flux.
Mome Rath then signed to Garage Records and released the 'Sarasvati' LP and the 'Back In Paradise' 7" before splitting up.
Mome Rath comes from a nonsense poem 'Jabberwocky' written by Lewis Caroll as a part of his novel 'Through the looking-glass, and what Alice found there'.

Apratima MLP (Shin Produc-SP 05-1985)
1. Stranger
2. Some Words
3. The Sophisticated Lobsters Quadrille
4. Light Of Love
5. Called
6. Upright Image


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cecilia ± - The Other Side Of This Side LP

First release on Aztlan Records is a solo album of the late Cecilia ±. We know her for her work with Angel Of The Odd.
This album is spoken word/poetry. Except for one vocals-only track 'About Death' all tracks have very diverse music as background. So that makes the album an interesting listen. Also the album lasts about 30 minutes. Long enough to keep it interesting as well. Well there is one real song on it called 'Imaginary Man'.
Her 2nd effort was a cassette-only release which is the 3rd release on Aztlan. Anyone who has it?

The Other Side Of This Side LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1001-1986)
1. Speed Demons
2. Dancing The Widdershen
3. The Line
4. Laughter Through Madness
5. Crimson Red
6. The Colours Are Black
7. About Death
8. Monterey Park
9. Ouigi - U9 Riri
10. Dead Bottom
11. Balboa Island
12. Fire Vs Water
13. Sometimes
14. Imaginary Man

Cecilia ±

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Exile In The Kingdom - Freedom/Total Disorder 7"

Let's throw in some punk tunes as extra today.
No info to be found on the net and this 7" doesn't show up alot for sale as well.
For the Jon Langford (Mekons, The Three Johns) fans: sleeve artwork is done by him.
I found out about 2 more releases on this UK label: a 12" by the Pink Flamingoes and a 12" of The Palookas.

Freedom/Total Disorder 7" (Prophet Records-PROFEX 8-1984)
1. Freedom
2. Total Disorder

Exile In The Kingdom

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7"

Here's the 2nd comp. 7" on the Vinyl Drip label. Has 4 bands from Blackpool and area all within the postpunk/indie sound.
I think that only Sign Language released anything else (see post below).
Can't find any info on the other bands. Love 30 play an instrumental.
Blackpool Rox was also a punkzine done by Andy Higgins. He still runs it as Blackpool Rox II.

Got a comment from Sign Language member Laurence and he wants to upload tracks from their self-released tape if there's any interest.

V/A Blackpool Rox E.P. No. 2 7" (Vinyl Drip-V.D. 010-1983)
1. Sign Language - The Killing
2. Love 30 - Touchdown
3. Fifth Column - Laugh While You Can
4. Crack House - Jesus Loves You

Blackpool Rox 2

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sign Language - Belief And Other Propaganda 12"

Cool indie/postpunk from this Blackpool band Sign Language. This 12" was their only release and an early one on Fire Records. There's another song 'The Killing' that appears on the 2nd 'Blackpool Rox' comp. 7" issued on Vinyl Drip Records. I'll post that one in the future.
Sign Language formed in 1981 as a punkband but moved more to a new wave/postpunk sound over the years.
The band has reformed and occasionally do some low-key gigs.

Sign Language on MySpace

Belief And Other Propaganda 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 6-1986)
1. Belief
2. Look-Out
3. From Dream To Dream
4. Release

Sign Language

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Angel Of The Odd - Hiding From Fears LP

Another great album on Aztlan Records.
Cecilia ± does vocals on this album although she wasn't an original member. Found out that Angel Of The Odd did a 7" way back in 1985 called 'Man Of Perception'. This one has male vocals.
You can read more on Angel Of The Odd on Last.FM. You can download all their songs from there as well although in low bitrate. But the early 7" is definitely worth checking out. It's a rare one as well.
Band name comes from a short story written by Edgar Allan Poe.

Hiding From Fears LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1004-1989)
1. Slave
2. Sheila
3. Infinite Tunnels
4. August 8th
5. Lost Whispers
6. Dying Within
7. Tangier Wolves
8. Hiding From Fears

Angel Of The Odd

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Autumn Cathedral / Mute Angst Envy / Count Past 5

Thanks alot to an anonymous visitor for uploading the next three.
Here's some more Epithet-related bands.

First is the Autumn Cathedral cassette with early versions of songs that appear on the album posted below.

1. Soul
2. My Thoughts Fall In a Slow Cascade
3. The Sun Also Rises
4. Cabaret Grey
5. An Exo-Skeleton Prison

Autumn Cathedral

Up next is the Mute Angst Envy 'Archetype + Trust' CD. This one was released on 21th Circuitry Records in 1991. This release contains the 'Trust' 12" that was released on Epithet Records in 1990. The last 5 tracks are the ones originally on the 12". This CD (remastered) has recently been re-released so I urge you to buy it. Maybe I'll take the link down in a few days.

1. Taste Of Insanity
2. Pacifier
3. Ferocious Slumbers
4. Efficiency
5. All Shadows
6. Catacombs
7. Quiet Moments
8. Trust
9. Creep
10. The Bloodstained Ritual

Link removed. Buy the remastered CD.

Last one is the odd one here. A 7" single by powerpop/mod band Count Past 5. Not bad at all. Released on Epithet in 1987.

1. Bad Boys Of Brighton
2. Underwater Christmas

Count Past 5

And please also check Goutroy's blog as he posted some more Epithet Records stuff by Crimson Ivy. He also posted an almost complete Epithet Records discography.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Autumn Cathedral - Asleep Within Waves LP

A really great album of a band I know next to nothing about. They started around 1986 in San Francisco. A second album 'Amethyst Figurine' was recorded in 1991 but never released.
Seems that they took the bandname from a 17 Pygmies song. Great atmospheric wave.
This was released in 1989 on cult label Epithet Records out of Stanford CA. Their most wellknown release is the 'Trust' 12 of Mute Angst Envy.
I only have another record on this label which is the 'Spiritual Vision' LP of Crimson Ivy.

Autumn Cathedral on MySpace. You can buy this album and the unreleased one there as well. As MP3 I guess.

note: tracks 4 & 5 and tracks 8 & 9 ripped as one track.

Asleep Within Waves LP (Epithet Records-EPIC2-1989)
1. Sawn Asunder
2. My Thoughts Fall In A Slow Cascade
3. The Sun Also Rises
4. The Artist
5. Aquamarine
6. Elysian Fields
7. Soul
8. Cabaret Grey
9. An Exo-Skeleton Prison

Link removed as requested by Scott Martinez.
Get the album at Cauldron Soundwerx here.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Laughing Mothers - Tunnel/Cats Cradle 7"

Here's another obscure one. The Laughing Mothers were a UK postpunk band. Don't know exactly from where in the UK. They don't like to be called goth although they appear in Mick Mercer's Gothic History book.
Another track appeared on 'The Timebox' comp. album which also featured The Fifteenth, Thatcher On Acid, Blyth Power, ... The Timebox seemed to be a venue in London back in the day.

They have a Myspace page here. There are some unreleased songs you can listen to.

IMPORTANT!! the tracks are labelled incorrectly. Seems that the labels were printed in reverse. So 'Tunnel' should be 'Cats Cradle' and vice versa. Thanks to Robertzombie for pointing that out.

The Laughing Mothers 7" (Motherkare-MUM 1-1985)
1. Tunnel
2. Cats Cradle

Laughing Mothers

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grey March - s/t MLP

Don't know anything about this band. Grey March were from Baltimore, MD.
Some tracks are indierock with a 60's influence, others sound much darker.
Caught my interest when Goutroy was selling this. Could locate a copy somewhere else.
Any extra info welcome.

Grey March MLP (Unconscious Records-UNCONSCIOUS 001-1986)
1. Somethings Missing
2. Forced By Pressure
3. Vertical
4. Way Of The Cross
5. An Interesting Observation
6. Isle Of Quiet

Grey March

Saturday, August 09, 2008

V/A Awaken LP

A very interesting and diverse compilation released on a small label called Aztlan Records. Think it was run by Cecilia ±.
Factory describe themselves as Eraserhead-ian industrial angst.
Killerwail formed in 1984 and played with Minutemen, Wall Of Voodoo, The Cult,... Their second song reminds me of The Ex.
Anna Homler is a Los Angeles based performance artist who sings in a found language of tone and feeling. She collaborated with alot of artists, even in Europe. Check her entry at Discogs for more info.
Cecilia ± released an album of her own in 1986 and also did vocals on the Angel Of The Odd LP. Both also released on Aztlan and will be posted later. She sadly passed away some time ago.
Not alot to be found on Lizzie Wilcox. It's like spoken word over self-created music.
Twist Of Fate delivers 2 indie rock songs.
The Vampyre Garden is the goth band here.

The insert is included in the file. The tracks of Cecilia ± are ripped as one track.

V/A Awaken LP (Aztlan Records-AZT 1002-1987)
1. Factory -Carnivore
2. Factory - Vapor Lock
3. Killerwail - The Contrast
4. Killerwail - No One Way
5. Anna Homler - Karu Karu
6. Anna Homler - Santiago
7. Cecilia ± - Nana
8. Cecilia ± - My Little Boy (To My Little Boy That Never Lived)
9. Lizzie Wilcox - Sermonette
10. Twist Of Fate - Looking For Cyndy
11. Twist Of Fate - Back For More
12. The Vampyre Garden - Now He's Happy
13. The Vampyre Garden - Her Mirror's Lust

Awaken (new link)

Monday, August 04, 2008


Seems that Shareonall is inactive "for the moment". I'll replace all links this week. Only 7 posts so that should work fine.
First will be the Anabas & Tea House Camp 7"s as requested. The other ones are:
- Kafblau 12"
- Auscult 12"
- Brave New World LP
- V/A Complication LP
- Spasmodique 12"
- V/A Bouquet Of Steel LP
New posts will follow next week/this weekend.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP

Thanks to Tristan.Koreya for this kind donation.
Here's the quite rare cold wave/synth comp. LP released on New Wave Records from France.
The album has 5 bands each doing 2 songs.
I must admit I never heard of most bands here. Magnétique Bleu is the band Of Christian dezert, also known as DZ Lectric. The song 'Geister' also appeared on the 'Be Eclectic!'LP I posted a while ago.
Dazibao existed for quite some time and released a few singles, a 12" on New Wave and a few albums. This is the first time I heard them so I don't know which are interesting.
All the other bands only appeared on this comp. as far as I know.
Contrary to the label name, New Wave released mostly punk and hardcore records. Other wave acts are Norma Loy (1st 12") and Kronstadt.

As always, you can find alot of info on the French New Wave site.

V/A Le Cimetière Des Passions LP (New Wave-NW-011-1985)
1. Analoid - Désespoir Désespéré
2. Dazibao - L'Bent
3. Magnétique Bleu - Proxy
4. Near Death Experience - Le Pendu
5. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je T'Ecris D'Un Pays
6. Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Le Maudit
7. Near Death Experience - Except Me
8. Magnétique Bleu - Geister
9. Dazibao - Les Tambours Lointains
10. Analoid - Sans Issue

Le Cimetière Des Passions

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Neon Rome - New Heroin LP

I think this album was requested some time ago by Roman Empire. Finally found a copy as it doesn't turn up for sale alot.
A Neon Rome was from Toronto, Canada and existed from 1984 to 1987.
First I didn't have any info but a biography can be found on Punk History Canada.
An interesting fact is that their sound was inspired by playing a record of Psychic TV on the wrong speed. Also the band didn't have real songs so most of the tracks on this album were jams.
There is a second album recorded 'All The Children Are In' but I guess this was never released.
Singer Neal became disillusioned with all the success and took a vow of silence.
The 'New Heroin' album was released in Canada on Fringe Product but my copy is the French pressing on New Rose.

A Neon Rome on MySpace

New Heroin LP (New Rose-ROSE 111-1987)
1. Windowsill
2. The Magical Summer Of '85
3. You Should Fear Us
4. Society Rag
5. Islam
6. The Prayer
7. Cums A Wolf

A Neon Rome (new link)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Elephant Talk 7" / Flowers Of The Past 7"

Here's 2 lesser known goth punk acts. You can say that both bands were influenced by UK Decay.
It seems some members of Elephant Talk are in a retro '77 punk band these days but I can't remember the band name.
About the Flowers Of The Past title track: the correct spelling of 'Fuhrer' should be 'Führer'.
We just welcomed a kitten in our home but this little creature drives me nuts!

Elephant Talk - Ask 7" (Fragile-FRA 1-1983)
1. Ask
2. Burning Halo

Elephant Talk

Flowers Of The Past - The Fuhrer 7" (Memorial Records-MEM 1-1983)
1. Fuhrer
2. Medieval

Flowers Of The Past

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Flowers - Making The Bunny Pay MLP

Happy Flowers were formed in 1983 with two members of hardcore funband The Landlords. John Beers adopted the name Mr. Horribly Charred Infant and Charlie Kramer named himself Mr. Anus.
This mini album combines the first 2 7" EP releases of the band: 'Songs For Children' and 'Now We Are Six'. On the first one we find one of their best known songs 'Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid' which is the blueprint for all their later stuff. The other 2 songs are freak out noise stuff of which 'Requests' has a hilarious Duran Duran reference. All other songs deal about childhood angst written from the perspective of a child, which will become the trademark of Happy Flowers.
All later releases were on wellknown indie label Homestead. Can't imagine that these days an indie label would consider releasing records of bands like Happy Flowers. 'Cos this is noise punk to the bone, no overdubs, recorded live in the studio with alot of improvisation. Most of their stuff was recorded at Inner Ear Studios by Don Zientara who worked alot with bands from the Dischord label.

Their 1st full length can be found here.

Happy Flowers official homepage

Happy Flowers on MySpace

Making The Bunny Pay MLP (Catch Trout Records-CT 612-1986)
Songs For Children
1. Mom, I Gave The Cat Some Acid
2. Meadowlands
3. Requests
Now We Are Six
4. Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me
5. All My Toys Hate Me
6. Razors In My Apple
7. Hush Little Baby
8. The Vacuum Ate Timmy
9. Daddy Melted

Making The Bunny Pay

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Committee - Open Your Eyes 12"

Actually the full title is 'Open Your Eyes And Other Ways Of Saying No'.
Heard The Committee for the first time on the great 'Communicate!' comp. with live recordings of bands that played at the Thames Poly in 1984-85.
This is the sole release of the band. One of the early releases on the still going Fire Records.
Can't find any info but if you're into The Three Johns, you'll probably like this one too.

Open Your Eyes 12" (Fire Records-FIRE 4-1985)
1. Open Your Eyes
2. News From Nowhere
3. The Day Before
4. Fight The Good Fight

The Committee

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Doubting Thomas - Another Way Of Knowing LP

Here's another act on Biff Sanders' Motiv Communications label. Seems that Tom Dolan is the main member here. He was in the early line-up of Fourwaycross. Biff Sanders also played on this recording. And Beth Thompson delivers vocals on some of the tracks. She was also in Fourwaycross and later in Medicine.
Not to be confused with the Skinny Puppy side-project.
Alot of diversity here. Some songs have a strong 60's psyche feel while 'Mare Imbrium' is an instrumental soundscape. Another instrumental is 'Mare Nectaris' but sounds more experimental. Some tracks are based around the acoustic guitar while others are more electronic.
'The Bed' originally by Lou Reed.
The album comes with the third issue of Alternator Magazine (Prod 11) with artwork and prose of Tom Dolan, David Cunningham, Peter Haskel, Tim Power, Kathe Burkhart,... Sorry but didn't include it in the file. The format isn't A4 so it would take me alot of time scanning and joining the pages together.

Note: last 3 tracks ripped as one as these were too hard to seperate.

Another Way Of Knowing LP (Motiv Communications-Prod 6-1987)
1. Helen Keller
2. Fourteen Or Maybe 8
3. The Bed
4. Mare Imbrium
5. Bright As Afternoon
6. Crystal
7. Mare Nectaris
8. The Decay Of The Angel

Doubting Thomas

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ceilings Below - s/t MLP

Interesting wave band with an arty edge from Brooklyn, Ohio.
There's not alot of info to be found on them.
Released on Cleveland label After Hours Records, run by the band Home And Garden. This was an offshoot of Pere Ubu.
Other bands on the label are Radio Alarm Clocks, Terrible Parade, Primary Colours, Tag-Yr-It and Nightschool. Another interesting record on the label is the 'They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage' comp. album featuring punk, wave and indie bands from Ohio.
Les Black of Les Black's Amazing Pink Holes does vocals on 'Drone'.

Ceilings Below MLP (After Hours-ARCK 109-1986)
1. 7 98
2. Realism
3. Responsibility
4. Drone
5. Fellow Being
6. Sea Anguish
7. Sludge

note: tracks 1 & 2 ripped as one track.
Ceilings Below

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nervous Choir - 7" & MLP

Here's the almost complete discography of this Scottish goth band. They were from Aberdeen to be more precisely.
Can't find any info on the net about Nervous Choir and the records don't have release dates but they were active in the 2nd half of the 80's.
The 'Alsations' 7" was released on Cathexis (see Vazz) and the '1060 Hold Everything' released by the band itself.
A side of the 7" has two 8-track recordings, the B side has a stereo cassette recording and the last track is live.
They also appear on the 'Dreams And Desires' comp. tape on Pleasantly Surprised. Their contribution is the song 'Richard Killing'.

Alsations 7"
(Cathexis Recordings-CRN 5407-198?)
1. Alsations
2. Introducing
3. O' David
4. Tonight We Start On Witches

1060 Hold Everything MLP (Choir Cuts-NCC12.1-198?)
1. Al Johnson
2. The Privilege
3. The Quarry
4. Trash Trash Trash
5. She Crept Out
6. Daddy Says
7. Dada Version

Note: tracks 6 & 7 ripped as one track. Track 7 is a remixed version of track 6.

Nervous Choir

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dier - Hamer 12"

Dier was a Dutch rockband with an experimental touch. Released a few tapes before on their own Stichting Update Materials label. There's also a 7" called 'Mensen Praten'.
The 'Hamer' 12" is one of their more accessible works bordering on mathrock. Can't really compare them with anything else and I guess this won't be everybody's cup of tea.
6 songs of which most are under 2 minutes long.

More Dier can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music.

Hamer 12" (Stichting Update Materials-STÜM 011-1987)
1. Hamer
2. Sla Je Zus
3. Wolf
4. Werk
5. Nixandehanda
6. Dikke Jongens


Saturday, June 14, 2008

V/A Aural Fixation MC

One of the early cassette releases on Sound Of Pig. This tape label was run by Al Margolis of If, Bwana and released over 200 tapes, documenting the international experimental scene.
'Aural Fixation' compiles mostly acts from the USA, except for the Haters from Canada.
Savage Republic offer a live recording of 'Exodus'.
Schlafengarten brings us 2 tracks. Known for his collaborations with Psyclones.
Theatre Of Ice is more in a goth/postpunk direction.
Nice to see Smersh appear here as well. F/i offers a track from their early, more experimental period.
The other acts are not really known to me. Girls On Fire did a tape on the French Vita Nova cassette label.

For more info on Sound Of Pig, go the the Pogus site

V/A Aural Fixation (Sound Of Pig-SOP 6-198?)
1. Dreamhouse - La Cucaracha
2. Savage Republic - Exodus
3. Schlafengarten - Court Dancers
4. Schlafengarten - Another Green Baby's On Fire
5. Haters - Anti-Time Is The Opposite Of Time
6. Sleepless Knights - Psycho Durge
7. The Psychological Warfare Branch - We Are All Victims Of A War Not Yet Fought
8. Theatre Of Ice - You Are The Children
9. Smersh - The Meandering Profile
10. Girls On Fire - My Restrained Anger
11. F/i - Excerpt From "Y"
12. Chris Gross - Carry Me Back
13. Chris Gross - Wrong Song
14. Abstract Belief - Insidious Technique
15. Youth Hostel - Psycho-Drama Beach Party

Side A

Side B

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kafblau - Looking For Adventure 12"

First release of this Amsterdam wave band. They existed from 1983 to 1989. Couldn't find much info on the net.
This 12" was self-released. They did an album in 1988 on the Munich label called 'Music for Supermarkets'.
After the band split, some members started the band Rainy Days.

Looking For Adventure 12" (Kafblau-KB 001-1983)
1. Arabia
2. Looking For Adventure
3. Como's Pleasure
4. The Clock
5. Shades


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Brave New World - s/t 7"

As requested by Jove Moix, here's the 7" EP of Brave New World. Released in between the 'Initiation' album and the 'Noise From The Heart' LP. Shows the transition of the band from their punk origins to a weirder approach.
First 2 tracks are studio recordings and show the band's more punk sounding stuff. The B-side is a live track of so-so quality. But here you can hear the more noisy side of the band. Sounds more like an improvisation to me. Funny thing is that on the backsleeve this song is titled 'This Is Not Art' while on the record it has a different title. Probably to avoid any harassment by ludicrous groups like the PMRC or Moral Majority.

Brave New World 7" (Homemade Records-FBE 015-1986)
1. Scream
2. Barriers
3. The Sound Of Jesus Christ Taking A Shit

This Is Not Art

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brave New World - Noise From The Heart LP

Brave New World is a US punkband started in the early/mid 80's. They released a 7" and the 'Initiation' mini album which are punk in sound with elements of garage to hardcore..
The 'Noise From The Heart' album however shows the band in a different direction. It reminds me of No Trend. This was their last release as the band already fell apart.
All their records were on the Homemade Records label but carry Fartblossom Enterprizes cat.#'s.
Singer James Roebuck is in The Mission Creeps now (although their MySpace page disappeared).

Noise From The Heart LP (Homemade Records-FBE 016-1987)
1. Coming On
2. The Story Ends
3. E To E Flat
4. Hypnotist
5. The Parable Of The Shadow
6. Just Enjoying The View
7. Square One
8. Life In A Police State
9. Abyss Of Broken Souls

Noise From The Heart

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Anabas 7" / Tea House Camp 7"

Here are two singles of 2 lesser known goth bands from Leeds. Contrary to the more popular bands, no drum machines used.
First one is of Anabas. Can't find alot of info but it's nice female-fronted goth. I read somewhere that Flame On was set up by Ben Gunn after he left The Sisters Of Mercy, but I'm not sure.
Tea House Camp did only this 7" but also appear on the Tanz comp. 'Just Say Yeah'. Some members later in Dubh Chapter with Kev Mann.

Barricades/Dream Dance 7" (Flame On-FLAME 003-1983)
1. Barricades
2. Dream Dance


To Kill: Stab In Back 7" (Real Men Records-MEN 001-1985)
1. To Kill: Stab In Back
2. Poor Tom

Tea House Camp

Saturday, May 31, 2008

V/A Nosferatu Festival LP

Here's another repost from the gone PunchDrunk blog.
This concert lasted 2 days in March 1982. Here's a selection of bands that played there. Most of them from Denmark, but from Sweden and Germany as well.
Sorry for keeping it short but today my head feels like it's gonna explode.

V/A Nosferatu Festival LP (No Label-1982)
1. ADS - When I Was Younger
2. X Mal Deutschland - Allein
3. City X - Langtidsledig
4. Tina Talks - Tomorrow
5. War Of Destruction - Mens Vi Venter
6. Martin And The Martians - Frizzm And The Resplenders
7. Das Psycho - Something On Swedish
8. Fahrenheit - Dragon Slayer
9. Bollocks - You Don't Seem Real
10. Sods - 7000 SR
11. U.C.R. - Everything
12. Black Uniforms - Second Swedish Mistake
13. No Knox - Slagsang For Roere
14. Before - Whip On My Shoulder
15. Tee Vee Pop - Final

Nosferatu Festival

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Auscult - s/t MLP

Requested by some and here it is.
Until recently, this was one of the most mysterious releases to be found. I was attracted to it as people described it as gloomy postpunk/synth/wave. The album doesn't mention any names of bandmembers, label or song titles. On the back of the sleeve there's only "NYC 1986" mentioned.
Now there's alot more info on this release. The record's on eBay for sale right now (ends within 12 hours) by someone called Goutroy. I think his description is quite accurate:
When I say this is Iron Curtain related, I mean it literally. This is an extremely rare and virtually unknown 12" EP put out in 1986 by Steve Field's (aka the brains behind Iron Curtain) brother, Ken (who was also a founding member of Iron Curtain). This was the only record Auscult released. This record has given collectors a bit of a problem, as nobody knows who was behind this band. No insert was ever included (I opened this sealed copy). There's no record label (it was self-released). No band credits... nothing. The front says "Auscult", the back says "1986 NYC" and the labels on the record only say "1" or "2". I only know this is Steve Field's brother because he mentioned it in an interview on the minimal-wave website ( "Incidentally, my brother, Ken Fields formed a minimal band in NYC called "Auscult" and released a terrific record that is a true rarity." The full interview can be found here: As mentioned earlier, Ken Fields was one of the founding members of Iron Curtain along with his brother. He was also the one responsible for Iron Curtain's most well-known song, The Condos, in the form we're familiar with. It was originally a dirge-like song, but Ken reorchestrated it one night and made it into the minimal synthpop song we all know and love. Anyway, enough backstory, on to this record: You can definitely tell the brothers grew up with the same tastes. Take a song from the Condos EP by Iron Curtain, slow it down to 33 1/3, add vocals that sound like Steve Fields mixed with Ian Curtis, and that's what Auscult sounds like. Just like Iron Curtain, he uses a simple, repetitive drum machine, synths, and sparse guitars. The only difference is that Auscult is slower and MUCH darker, dirge-like, and depressive than anything Iron Curtain ever did. Even Tarantula Scream doesn't come anywhere close to the melancholy and gloom found here. If Iron Curtain was covering Danse Society's "There is No Shame in Death", it would sound pretty much exactly like the music here. Needless to say, you should probably own this if you don't already!

Now that the word is out that this record is Iron Curtain related, bids will get high I'm afraid. Glad I found a copy earlier this year (I was the only bidder!) 'cos I can't compete with the minimal synth collectors.
Thanks to Sorrow-Vomit for stirring up my interest a little more for trying to get this one.

This is dark, creepy stuff. Recommended!

Auscult MLP (No Label-1986)
1. Untitled
2. Untitled
3. Untitled
4. Untitled