Thursday, July 12, 2007

Less Dance/The N.U.E. - Two Gether MLP

Split mini album of 2 Belgian cold wave/synth bands that I never heard of before. Sometimes you need to take a chance with buying rare records. And rare it is.
Less Dance is the more synth-oriented one although the band has the usual line-up of guitar, drums and bass.
The N.U.E. say they were inspired by Joy Division but they sound different and are absolutely no clone. The name of the band stands for The New Underground Entertainment.
Released on a small label called Broken Records. The only other release is the 'The Chrome/De Hufters' split 12".
Enjoy this rare piece of cold wave from Belgium.

Two Gether MLP (Broken Records-BR 1001-1982)
Less Dance - There's A Will
Less Dance - Lonely In A Woman
Less Dance - She Wished
The N.U.E. - A Funeral Birthday
The N.U.E. - Broken Window
The N.U.E. - The Days Arrive

Two Gether


MIKKseria said...

hi curious
(this comment is not attached to this topic post.. sorry:)

found this magnifisent blog after a quest for "flue - vista" post since the internet invented:),
though i have the vinyl since 88or9
just wanted to see who is the "brave"
one to post the sweet sweet secret album:)

my little request (if possible to post the back cover and the gatefold if you have them)

tnx alot
and keep the curiousity spirit:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Curious! Nice post. It is always good to discover new old stuff. The N.U.E. are more my kind of sound from that period, but Less Dance are also OK. All the best!

Anonymous said...

I was trying to download this file.
But it does not longer work... :(

Curious Guy said...

Seems that mediafire deleted the file. I'll upload ASAP!

Anonymous said...

wonderful darkwave sounds!

well done-this blog rocks!

Anonymous said...

Incredible Rare Belgian Wave !!
I wonder if the others release on Broken Records by the Chrome/De Hufters is as good as this one,
anyone ??

Stathis said...

Hello again,

can you please repost this mini-LP?

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Curious Guy said...

Good choice Stathis. New link provided. Enjoy!

Stathis said...

Thank you very much