Thursday, January 10, 2008

Disappointed A Few People - Dead In Love LP

And yes, another donation by Eleni.
I only knew this band by name. I'm not very familiar with postpunk/wave bands from Canada.
Disappointed A Few People were from Montréal. Before this album, the band released a 7" called 'Fuck With Christ' in 1984.
'Dead In Love' was released on the Psyche Industry label, better known for records of punkbands like S.C.U.M., the Asexuals and No Means No. But it seems that the album was also released in Belgium on Play It Again Sam.
Eleni also gave me a link to member Ian Stephens, who was a poet and released some spoken word albums. He sadly died in 1996 of AIDS-related lymphoma.
The last track originally by French chansonnier Leo Ferré.

Dead In Love LP (Psyche Industry-PIR 011-1986)
1. Dead In Love
2. Soft Blue Veins
3. Lips Of The Cross
4. Teresa
5. Ecstasy
6. Idols Of Faith
7. Black Wine
8. La Solitude

Dead In Love


Mark Tidrick said...

Wow! I have been looking for this record for 20 years! I used to spike many a mix tape with their Fuck with Christ single.

Here it is:

Thanks so much!

Curious Guy said...

Thanks to Eleni for helping you out. And thanks to you for the 7" rip. I'll post it later if you don't mind. Very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Another one i almost forgot about. Great to hear this record again after more than 20 years!!
Speaking of "forgotten" canadian bands:
Here's a request:
A Neon Rome - new heroin LP
I recorded some tracks off their MySpace Site but the quality is sh***. Maybe someone has a copy of their record. I think it also came out in europe on french label "New Rose".

Thanks to everyone contributing to this - my favorite - blog!

keep on keeping on.


Anonymous said...

And thanks for the 7" too!!!

never heard of this one.

Mark Tidrick said...

Please post away! It is nice to finally give back (if only one little two song single) to you who have filled my hard drive with so much great music!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for the album for ages, since I gave away my vinyl copy.

I was fortunate enough to see them live in Quebec City in the mid-late 80s. Made a huge impression on me. Excellent band.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the MF link does no longer lead to a file …

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy! Unfortunately I've lost the sleeve scans.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

I was 19 years old with the world in front of me and my life ahead of me. The entire album is a musical masterpiece indicative of the times (alternative rock/new wave in Montreal circa early-mid 80s). The club scene and lifestyle of that era is reserved for the privileged individuals who got to live there at that time. Life has almost passed me by but the experiences of my youth during that epoch will follow me to the afterlife :)