Saturday, May 10, 2008

V/A Hicks From The Sticks LP

This seminal compilation album kindly donated by English Paul. There are a few pressings of this one. First editions originally on Antilles, also Rockburgh and later repressed on Ariola. In 1985, there's another pressing on Thunderbolt but the title has been changed to 'Future Shock'.
Airkraft: song taken from their only 7" released in 1980.
Expelaires: song taken from their 2nd 7". Has Craig Adams (later The Sisters Of Mercy and The Mission), David Wolfenden (Later Red Lorry Yellow Lorry), Carl Harper (later Girls At Our Best) and Grape (later 3000 Revs and Groovin' With Lucy)
Clock DVA: wellknown band with Adi Newton with records on Industrial and Fetish. Later members in The Anti Group and The Box. Clock DVA albums can be found on a few blogs.
Music for Pleasure: song taken from the first 7". More of them can be found on Mutant Sounds.
Nightmares In Wax: song from the 'Birth Of A Nation 7". More of them on Music..isms. With Peter Burns later of Dead Or Alive.
Ada Wilson & Keep In Dark: Ada Wilson was also in Tattoo Hosts Vision On! which released an album on Ambergris in 1980.
Modern Eon: song taken from the Pieces 7" EP. After a few 7"s they released the 'Fiction Tales'LP on Dindisc. You can find that one on Systems Of Romance.
Medium Medium: song taken from the 1979 7". Had a culthit with 'Hungry, So Angry'. John Rees Lewis & Nigel Kingston Stone later in C Cat Trance.
Radio 5: track taken from their only 7" on Rockburgh.
They Must Be Russians: One of the longer running bands here. Formed in 1979 and split up in 1986 with releases on Fresh, First Floor and Native.
Section 25: no introduction necessary. Legendary Factory band.
Art Failure: no further info I could find.
I'm So Hollow: great postpunk from Sheffield. One 7" and one album. Can be found on Annie's Animal.
Wah! Heat: early Wah! incarnation. Formed in 1979 by Pete Wylie, one of the Crucial Three members. Early Wah! is way underrated. Check the 1st album on L'Invitation Au Suicide.
Stranger Than Fiction: synthwave band with one 7" on Ambergris.
The Distributors: B-side of the 'Wireless' 7". One of the 1st bands on Red Rhino.

V/A Hicks From The Sticks LP (Rockburgh Records-ROC 111-1980)
1. Airkraft - Move In Rhythm
2. Expelaires - Sympathy (Don't Be Taken In)
3. Clock DVA - You're Without Sound
4. Music For Pleasure - The Human Factor
5. Nightmares In Wax - Shangri-La
6. Ada Wilson & Keep In Dark - Head In The Clouds
7. Modern Eon - Choreography
8. Medium Medium - Them Or Me
9. Radio 5 - True Colours
10. They Must Be Russians - Where Have I Seen You
11. Section 25 - After Image
12. Art Failure - Gimmick
13. I'm So Hollow - I Don't Know
14. Wah! Heat - Hey Disco Joe
15. Stranger Than Fiction - Immortal In Mirrors
16. The Distributors - TV Me

Hicks From The Sticks


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Fritz die Spinne said...

Cool Beans!

Art Failure I know very little as well, but I do have a song "In Vogue" from Messthetics #5

Grab this one track here:

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Glad I could be of service :)

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Once again, you (and english paul) have knocked another item of my musical wishlist.


Sheerinertia said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for posting this one! I posted the Nightmares in Wax EP (that was my very first post) and Modern Eon's Fiction Tales LP a long time ago- a big fan of that early Liverpool scene!

Anonymous said...

Thanx alot for this rare gem!

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Only just came across this post.

Art Failure were also from Nottingham. They started around the same time as Medium Medium, '78 or '79. MM did at least one show with them, in 1980 at Band on the Wall in Manchester.

Medium Medium

Fritz die Spinne said...

I was just listening to Hungry, So Angry album last week! I recall it being on WLIR here in New York.

I have the Art Failure 7" on my pile of vinyl to rip...

ROOKSBY said...

...And is that an otherwise unavailable Clock DVA (Mk.1) track? AWESOME!!! x

Anonymous said...

Legendary compilation. Essential listening, contains several favourite tracks of mine, e. g. the one by Clock DVA. Hope people will like this!

Paul Sands said...

this was a wonderful album...another "borrowed" from me back in the day that I never saw again

Garondal said...

I heard a lot about this epic LP, but I think the link is down, could you reupp it? ^^

djbethell said...

Please can you re-up. Have this on vinyl but sadly no longer a player to hear it on. Great blog btw, x

Curious Guy said...

It's not on my HD. Need to re-rip from CDR. Have a bit of patience. Thx.

Curious Guy said...

New link for Hicks From The Sticks. Enjoy!