Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bone Cabal - Five Budget Cuts ! 12"

Here's the second of the Mystic postpunk releases. This one is the most accessible in sound. Bone Cabal were from Hollywood and this one was released in 1983. They also did a 7" in 1984 with the tracks 'Hollywood Cowboy' and 'Work' but I don't have this one.

Five Budget Cuts ! 12" (Mystic Records-MLP 124516-1983)
1. O Betulah
2. Welcome The Stranger
3. Falling Dollars
4. Voices On Fire
5. Serious Play

Bone Cabal


cliff davis said...

Bone Cabal was from Riverside, CA. They were friends of friends but their names are long forgotten. I haven't seen anyone captivate an audience like their front man, and I've been going to gigs continuously for 30 years since I saw Bone Cabal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Cliff. Frontman was Jim Hardy, and I'm guitarist Mike Zaret. We're alive and well, and will be working on new tunes shortly.