Saturday, December 06, 2008

V/A Well Up... And Bubble LP

Thought that this album isn't that hard to find but I was quite wrong about this. Took awhile before I found a copy for sale.
This compilation is the 2nd release on small label Bigger Bank Balance. The 1st release is the 'Gay Boys On The Battlefield' 12" of Eton Crop.
Eton Crop also appears on this album. They were also responsible for this release as well. Most of the songs weren't released elsewhere back then, or are different recordings.
All tracks were recorded at Nickelodeon Studios in Amsterdam except for those of The Three Johns. Their first song is recorded live at Leeds University in 1984 and '666 Pack To Go is actually written by Carlton B. Morgan.
Claw Boys Claw offer their very early songs here. They became quite popular in the second half of the 80's over here with there wild garage sound.
Blue Murder is another Amsterdam band. They have a strong 60's sound. They were ex-Soviet Sex. Released quite a few albums, first on their own, later for WEA and Emergo. The band split in 1987.

V/A Well Up... And Bubble LP (Bigger Bank Balance-Balance 2-1985)
1. Claw Boys Claw - Pain
2. The Mekons - Flitcraft
3. The Three Johns - World Of The Workers (Live)
4. Blue Murder - Explanation
5. Eton Crop - Boy Meets Tractor
6. Blue Murder - The Castle Song
7. Eton Crop - Coca Colanization
8. The Nightingales - Surplus And Scarcity
9. Claw Boys Claw - Ha! Ha! Ha!
10. The Three Johns - 666 Pack To Go
11. The Mekons - Darkness

Well Up And Bubble


John said...

Belting album. Only sad I never got to see Eton Crop live. They were due to come over to Manchester to support the Three Johns for one gig I went to, but the ferry from Haolland was cancelled.

Nice Jon Langford artwork too.

Anonymous said...

This was a strange compilation. By the way. There are 3 copies left for sale on the discogs market of the last man in europe lp. They are going for 15 euros. 2 outta france, and 1 in Dortmund. I don't have a player, or I would send for them. You might want to snag them as someone had mentioned them previously.

Syd The Squid said...

cheers... i used to own this in another life... Mxxx

BuryWhatYouHeard said...

I love the music you upload,which is definetly my favorite style and I'm always been looking around, thanks for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

I saw on your wantlist ' A modest proposal' off of rosebud records. I have looked for that myself, as I wanted to see what else came off of that label. I have been very unsuccesfull. Now, Dr. Freakowitz has been contributing to the No Longer Forgotten Music' blog. He may know where to get some ogf the more obsucre stuff from that neck of the woods. It could never hurt to ask....

Curious Guy said...

Well I already asked 433RPM a while ago but he had never heard of them before. Only 500 copies made, fetching high prices on ebay so buying one is not an option for the moment. Let's hope one day someone can provide a rip of this album.