Saturday, January 17, 2009

V/A Ultraviolet LP

Here's a nice compilation album released in 1989. If you dig comps. like Viva Los Angeles 1 & 2, or The October Country then you'll probably like this one as well.
The first two bands are the most wellknown. The Abecedarians deliver a live track. Their first release 'Smiling Monarchs' was released on Factory in 1985.
Next is Drowning Pool. Their song is exlusive to this release.
Death Ride 69 is another band that is better known although it is the first time I heard them. Their song can also be found on 'The LP' LP on Flipside.
The other bands are mysteries to me. I found out that Man From Missouri released a 10" flexi as well. 3d Picnic released some CD's in the early 90's (if it's the same band).

V/A Ultraviolet LP (Sketch Records-SRLP01-1989)
1. Abecedarians - Laugh At Yourself (Live)
2. Drowning Pool - Edith, Hold Out Your Hand
3. 3d Picnic - In Their Eyes
4. X-1 Whiteman - During Moss
5. Electric-Cool-Aide - Blue Roses
6. Death Ride '69 - Green Gel Blue
7. Homeland - Eleven Is Waiting
8. Man From Missouri - Tundra
9. Prison Of Socrates - Sesso Fantasma



Anonymous said...

Thank you
ThAnk YoU

Rainy Day Sponge said...

This is a very nice and hard to find compilation. It's the fourth (and last, to my knowledge) covering the LA dark/psych/joy-division-influenced scene of the mid/late 80s.
If there's any interest for this scene, here are some links (only bands appearing in Ultraviolet - but there are several more)

Man From Missouri - Bwanger Tatalingus Debase (1990) (

Deathride '69 - The L.P. (1988) ( - the CD posted by Fritz Die Spinne

The October Country compilation (1988)

Drowning Pool's was also posted but d/l link removed because it was reissued (

Viva Los Angeles Volume 1 (1986) (

Viva Los Angeles II (2LPs, 1990) (was posted in old Lost-In-Tyme December 2006 -try anyone of the 100 Mirrors sites)

Curious Guy said...

Rainy Day Sponge, I was thinking about you when I posted this record, knowing you would comment on this. Thanks for all the links. I was a bit lazy searching for the posts :)
Gonna check out the Man From Missouri album. Anyone has that 10" flexi?

Anonymous said...

There are fantastic songs on here, does not sound like 1989 at all. Favourite right now is Drowning Pool. Too bad their link is gone ... Thank you very much for sharing! And thank you, Rainy Day Sponge, for the links! Keep on sharing this great music, please!

Rainy Day Sponge said...

Curious Guy: Man From Missouri is definately worth checking. As I understood from the comment of one of the band members in the original L-i-T's post, there was also a US release of this same LP (different cover) which had very limited distribution. I don't know anything about this 10'flexi, where did you found about it?
Oldskool: I've just included the groups and comps mentioned in CG's post. There are several more records from this scene posted in L-i-T, Phoenix Hairpins and other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand -- where did you include those groups and comps, in addition to your previous post here?

Curious Guy said...

RDS, someone is selling the 10" flexi on Gemm. The tracks are Epitaph, Accident, Cover Tailor and Ohms Way. The 1st three tracks appear on the LP as well.

Rainy Day Sponge said...

Curious Guy: apparently this flexi exists and contains the unreleased "Ohms Way". I fount a post in a forum where someone said that he had bought it from the group's drummer (through GEMM). A promo maybe? Who knows...Perhaps if someone from the band read this, could tell us about it. Man from Missouri was always a mystery...

Oldskool: It seems I wasn't very clear - what I meant was that in my first comment I provided links only for the bands mentioned in Phoenix Hairpins' Ultraviolet post. Obviously I couldn't include everything in a comment.
If you want to get further into the L.A. scene, start from the "Viva Los Angeles" comps and search for the groups you like: you can find several releases from them in blogland. Then try the side-projects, like the very good Doubting Thomas LP, posted in this very blog.

Anonymous said...

RDS, thank you again. I had mistaken your "just" as "right now" (typical German English-as-a-foreign-language problem), that's why I thought I had missed something. I know the Viva Los Angeles comps, but I will dig deeper. Have not listened to Doubting Thomas.

Longy said...

Hi Curious Guy, thanks for that link for the book. Looks pretty interesting. I've just stuck that SPQR up for you (jumps a couple of times mind you - sorry!)

Fritz die Spinne said...

I remember Drowning Pool being well sought when the PL was first released. They put out a 2 or 3 releases on Nate Starkman & Sons label, and a cd on C'Est la Mort that I lost to an old girlfriend.

I do have files of most of their stuff.

Fritz die Spinne said...

Oh yeah--I also have pretty much everything Death Ride 69 put out.... One release is on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Great Track from the Abecedarians-
That was a band that should have been bigger.
Anyone know what happened to them?
I have a cd by them called AB-CD.
Does anyone know if there is other stuff out by them there?
Thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

dear oldskool, you know where you can find "drowning pool"

Anonymous said...
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Rainy Day Sponge said...

Abecedarians - Other Side of the Fence (10' with early recordings) {} - I should have included this with the above links.
AB-CD collects most of their releases -Eureka EP, Resin LP and Smiling Monarch single (minus a few tracks).
If you want more, there's also "Live at the Roxy 11.09.1986" - you should have no trouble finding it :-)

Anonymous said...

About the bands 'Homeland' and 'Electric Cool-Aide', they both featured at one point Anton Newcombe, now of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. He sounds like he's singing for the Homeland track but not on the ECA one. I know he was kicked out for attacking a fellow band member, so it's likely a different person. Anyway, thank you for this compilation it's very good, especially the first two tracks!

Anonymous said...

thank you so much_piz

Unknown said...


Miss Moni said...

Thank you so much for this album, I've been looking for it everywhere!

entel said...

is there any thing else known about x-1 whiteman? I googled and found nothing anywhere.
Thanks for the link though great stuff.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

re: MFM
We used to hand out the flexi discs at shows and sold a few at local record shops. I still have 20 or so, I think Steve Hadley (MFM, Spinout, Acetone) has some too.
It's nice to see that you all are still enjoying those records.
T.Kelly Mason

Curious Guy said...

Hello T. Kelly, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment here. Much appreciated. I posted the MFM flexi as well. Also found the US version of the album a while ago.

Anonymous said...

oh yes. that was the same "Anton".
his real name was/is Tony.
(before he embraced his Europa links.
if any)
he was a complete idiot yet he was a dedicated one, i must say.
now people think he's genius?
shows anyone can fool everyone.
Art B. from MFM was also a later member of Destroy All Monsters and also played on R. Pettibon's "Super Session" with related characters.

Harold said...

so great!!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys , I just picked up this lp still sealed .The compilation ultraviolet postnuclear psyco acid sound , same one shown here . What's it worth ? haven't been able to find another one only here.
Thanks man , Billy