Saturday, October 24, 2009

Persian Flowers - s/t 7"

Second release on Fourth Dimension Records, a label that is still active these days.

Here's the description from their site:
The one and only release of this Wasted Youth/Only Ones-tainted psychedelic group from mid-1984.
So if you're into 80's guitar postpunk with a psychedelic edge then check it out.
I know that Michael of the Return To The East blog is interested in this one. Check out Michael and Miguel's blog as they post some very interesting and obscure stuff.
Fourth Dimension Records was intially set up by Third Mind owner Gary Levermore, together with people from the Grim Humour fanzine, but after this release he was no longer involved.

Persian Flowers 7" (Fourth Dimension-FDS02-1984)
1. Someone Else's Sin
2. Summer Of Love

Persian Flowers


NoRecords Records said...

If I can allow myself, maybe you can take a look, listen & download and published this :

thanks for them

see you

Unknown said...

thank you for this one .. they had an interesting and as you say pretty psychedelic sound, but are still angsty enough (as I suppose a lot of psych music is anyway) for me to fully get into... I hope there may be some nice surprises on the blog in a few days or so .. we shall see!! Thanks again for your kind words and support ... immeasurably appreciated. Michael

WayNe said...

Awesome blog my friend, want to trade links?

raul_dook said...

i love this. just what i am getting into. love your blog as well!

rhythmplague said...

Hey, long time follower of your blog... got me into tonnes of stuff, so thanks a million!

Any chance of a re-up on this one? Quite curious but unable to find it elsewhere.


Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!