Sunday, July 11, 2010

Insulin Reaction - Self-Gratification 7"

A quite different affair from this post-punkers. Read more on them on A Viable Commercial where you can find their 1st 7" and 'What's The Point' album.
Insulin Reaction used two basses instead of one guitar on their previous recordings but here, Tracy switched to guitar. Also Julianna Towns and Biff Sanders aren't part of the band anymore.
As you can guess by the label it's released on, there's a connection with The Veil. Well, James Christopher (AKA James Christ) did the production and Andrella managed the band at this point.
Although released in 1991 it's an interesting record if you're into the Cali postpunk stuff.

Self-Gratification 7" (Amdusias International Records-AIR 002-1991)
1. Self-Gratification
2. I'm Ready

Insulin Reaction


Unknown said...

Thank You P.H. for this post...I had no idea this even existed....I have the 7" w/ Witchfinder General & "Whats The Point" L.P. and youre right this is very different from the other 2 previosu releases..Thanks again F.K.

Unknown said...

Great post ... and a great weird band.