Thursday, September 23, 2010

Toylets - It's Like A Daydream, Exploding Again LP

Thanks to bX-59cppw for this generous gift. bX--59cppw won't continue updating his/her blog because of other priorities but will provide some stuff here or on fellow bloggers Capa Nostra Syndicate and Systems Of Romance.
Always wanted to score a copy of the Toylets album but never got around to do it. It's actually the easiest to find. This is off course the same band that released 2 singles as The Toilets, on Top Hole as well.
A pretty great album with a strong influence of The Cure.
The 'An Unspoiled Land' 7" can be found in the blogworld but I would like to hear their 1st 7" 'Boxjunction'. They also have 1 track on a comp. flexi with Social Security and Op De Koffie Band.
Top Hole was also responsible for the Qua Dance 7" and various records of The Visitor. Those can be found on No Longer Forgotten Music.

It's Like A Daydream, Exploding Again LP (Top Hole Records - TH 03-1982)
1. Labi
2. An Unspoiled Land
3. From One Second To Ninety Days
4. Ancient Places
5. Home
6. Sehnsucht
7. These Evenings
8. Marble Arch House
9. In Your Arms
10. It's Like A Daydream, Exploding Again



Ten Thousand Eyes said...

Hello my friend, I haven't heard The 'Toylets' yet, but it sounds promising.
Recently posted Guler's "The Salt on my Face", the blog's contributor The Unspeakabe found it and sent it to me. I just saw it on your want list, and wanted you to know that you can find it on Ten thousand eyes blog.

Anonymous said...

James Von Sutekh said...

Hi, I've added a link to you on my blog.
You might like to check it out:

TheBossInTheWall said...

Neat. Was you have anything for The Photos?(UK rock? post punk? band?). As you might imagine searching for "The Photos", or the one song I've heard "My Life Story", yields A LOT of results and anything for the band specifically is lost amongst it all.

robby said...

Thanks for this unspoiled treasure.

Chip said...

Awesome! Can you identify the last three tracks in this archive? they are labeled as Toylets and are in the same folder but are titled "track 13, track 14, track 15" and all other tracks from the listing are accounted for. are these cd bonus tracks? non-album b-sides? they're great and id love some info on them.

Curious Guy said...

Chip, that's very strange. I downloaded the file again but only found the tracks on the album, not those extra tracks.

Haute Cinema said...

Awesome album. Experimental at times, but really melodic with a cure-esque vibe. recommended!

Alice Malice said...

Could you please reupload it, the link is dead :( Would be very grateful.

Curious Guy said...

New link. Enjoy!