Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mode/IQ - The Coward / The Lonely Street Walker 7"

Another gift from bX59-cppw.
This is actually a great 7" of this NY band. First release of Mode/IQ that went to release another 7" in 1983 and the 'Mind/Soul' mini-album in 1984. The mini-album can be found on A Viable Commercial. Check that album as well although it has more of a synth influence. This 7" sounds more new wave/postpunk so I like it a bit more.
Anyone out there who can hook us up on the 2nd 7"?

The Coward / The Lonely Street Walker 7" (Modern Mode Music-MIQ.013-1981)
1. The Coward
2. The Lonely Streetwalker


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