Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kommunity FK - Close One Sad Eye LP

As requested by Sheerinertia. Seems that the rip floating on the net is of pretty low quality so here's my own rip (320).
The second album of Kommunity FK is a more polished affair than 'The Vision And The Voice' album but as good as this one.
The first album has been re-released in 2006 on Mobilization Records. 'Close One Sad Eye' was put on CD in 1993 on Cleopatra Records. Both the vinyl and CD version are way out of print.
Many of you already heard of Kommunity FK and for those who don't; there's a lot of info to be found on them on the net. Official band page here.

Close One Sad Eye LP (Independent Project-IP 015-1985)
1. Something Inside Me Has Died
2. The Other World
3. Debauchery
4. Junkies
5. Trollops
6. The Vision And The Voice
7. Haunt
8. You And Eye
9. They
10. Noob

Close One Sad Eye


James Von Sutekh said...

Great to have a better quality version of this, but IMHO it still remains the weakest of all their albums, the brilliance of "Something Inside Me has Died" notwithstanding, and probably explaining why, unlike "Vision and the Voice" it remains in re-release limbo.
A much better bet for this period of the band is the download-only Kommunity FX: Live at The Krypt album.

Sheerinertia said...

DL'd happily- Much thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

True, not everything on this album is outstanding. But "Something Inside Me Has Died", "The Other World" and "Junkies" are. And the rest is still *great*. This record has always been one of my favourites.

Brant Graff said...

that's interesting. for me, a teenager in the 80s, close one sad eye will always be THE GREAT KFK album. in any case, thanks again curious guy!

RC said...
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RC said...
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RC said...
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Unknown said...

Great Post! I have this on CD…the cleopatra release but i will probably download anyways. vinyl quality is always better. I would also recommend the Live at the Krypt album if your interested in their earlier material. KFK plays show from time to time however their sound is more industrial. Most goths and deathrockers are praying for them to do an entire set of this album with a full band.

Curious Guy said...

Thanks for the appreciation.

retro vinyl said...

great blog !
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tooyoung said...

This album is great, I think it is much better than The Vision and the Voice. Excellent bass and drum sound. I noticed that the opening guitar on Debauchery is very similar to the opening guitar on Theatre of Hate's Nero. Maybe this was an influence on the more 'tribal' sound.

Noob is a pretty sweet song.

SeqMan said...

Thanks, I will check this out, was about to launch into this as one of my LP restores, but maybe this will save me some time, my LP of this was not in the greatest shape...

So, Curious, I have to ask, as a noob to your nice niche here did you take your name from LPD song of the same title (one of my all time faves)

Maybe some of my details LP restores would be of interest, maybe we should crosslink?

Curious Guy said...

Yes I took my name from the LPD song. Don't follow them these days anymore. Very much into The Maria Dimension.
If you think you can add some interesting records, feel free to contact me at:

Daniel said...

Thanks for this.